Cardione For Hypertension - what is its composition, is it effective, what kind of specialist opinions can be found on the Internet, what price, how much does it cost

Cardione is a supplement with which you can get rid of hypertension and take care of the good condition of the entire cardiovascular system. These are tablets made of natural ingredients, and their properties concern precisely the regulation of blood pressure, prevention of atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke. According to the manufacturer's information, it is a supplement with the highest effectiveness confirmed by studies, also suitable for people who have very high hypertension. How does Cardione work and when is it worth starting such supplementation?

Where does hypertension come from? When to take Cardione?

Many people do not treat hypertension as a disease. What is worse, they consider this symptom to be simply one of the inevitable ailments associated with age. Meanwhile, hypertension is a cardiovascular disease, and a dangerous one at that, because if left untreated, it can lead to kidney damage, vision loss, stroke and myocardial infarction. Cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, are the most common cause of premature death.

Causes of hypertension may be genetic, although doctors point out that it is mainly lifestyle that is responsible for heart problems. Hypertension is promoted by obesity, smoking, overuse of salt in food (it raises the concentration of sodium in the blood, which damages the heart), sedentary lifestyle, which reduces the efficiency of the body, excessive stress.


Cardione can be taken at the first sign of hypertension as well as a preventive measure if, for example, you are obese, elderly or have a family history of heart disease. Symptoms indicating the development of hypertension include recurring headaches, a worsened sense of wellbeing, weakness, repeated nosebleeds, stabbing or tightness in the chest. It is always advisable to have your blood pressure checked to ensure that it is within the prescribed limits. Hypertension is indicated when blood pressure is higher than 139/89.

How is the treatment with Cardione tablets carried out?

The effects of Cardione are multi-step. Importantly, Cardione is not just a supplement that masks symptoms, which usually means that such a supplement must be taken all the time to maintain good performance. Cardione tablets have ingredients that affect vital processes responsible for heart function and blood circulation. During treatment, blood pressure is lowered and heart rate regains its normal rhythm.

There is no hypertrophy of the heart chambers or deformation of the blood vessels, the heart muscle can work normally and there is no disturbance in blood flow. Cardione also improves blood viscosity and blood composition.

cardione composition, effects on hypertension

Cardione's next area of action is protection against complications. Very dangerous for the cardiovascular system, as indeed for the whole body, are atherosclerotic lesions. Atherosclerosis comes from excess bad cholesterol, which, thanks to Cardione cholesterol returns to proper levels. No deposits are deposited on the walls of the vessels, and the veins and arteries are of normal, undiminished size, so blood can circulate freely. In addition, Cardione strengthens blood vessels, increases their flexibility and resistance to damage.

Can Cardione treatment be a health risk?

Using Cardione as directed you can avoid complications, including the worst ones such as heart attack or stroke. However, the positive effects will only occur with the correct dosage of Cardione, so do not increase the dosage of this supplement on your own. People who are allergic to the ingredients of Cardione cannot carry out this treatment due to the risk of allergic reaction, but for others Cardione is completely safe. Studies have shown that Cardione applied as directed does not cause side effects, there are no harmful ingredients in the formula, and it is not addictive.

What is the composition of Cardione tablets? Ingredients

Omega 3 is the first ingredient in the formula. These are fatty acids that make the brain and heart work well. They prevent atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. They are extremely beneficial for people recovering from heart attacks or strokes. The second ingredient is nettle extract. It is known for its cleansing and diuretic properties - it supports the kidneys and helps lower blood sugar levels. Nettle lowers blood pressure and activates processes responsible for creating new red blood cells.

The next ingredient is hawthorn extract. This plant has been used for years as a natural remedy for the heart, as it stabilizes heart function, helps in the treatment of tachycardia, improves circulation. Hawthorn also has cleansing properties - it removes atherosclerotic plaques from the blood vessels and prevents the formation of clots.

The rest of the Cardione formula is a vitamin complex that strengthens the heart. Riboflavin is the vitamin responsible for optimal oxygenation of the body and increasing the number of red blood cells, it also has a good effect on the nervous system, preventing anxiety. Thiamine improves the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids, strengthens the heart muscle, and improves the efficiency of the body. It also has rejuvenating and regenerating properties, so thanks to it the blood vessels remain in good condition longer.

Vitamin B6 helps remove atherosclerotic plaques and lowers the high cholesterol. In addition to improving circulation in the head area, it is good for concentration and intellectual abilities. The last ingredient in the Cardione formula is vitamin B12. It has strengthening properties, is responsible for good sleep and mental capabilities, and improves the quality of blood vessels.

Research confirming the effectiveness of Cardione tablets

How do you know that Cardione are as good for hypertension as the manufacturer describes? The effectiveness of this supplement has been clinically proven in a study involving more than 200 people with diagnosed hypertension. During the course of the treatment, it was observed that in more than 80 percent of the subjects the attacks of hypertension disappeared already after the first three days of the supplementation. Regular intake of Cardione reduced the blood pressure of almost 100 percent of the subjects to a level of approximately 130/90.

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Specialists confirm that just Cardione is the right supplement to lower blood pressure naturally. It is better than strong medications, which do not need to be taken in all cases. Cardione works quickly and gently, has no side effects, renews blood vessels and strengthens the heart muscle. According to doctors, it is advisable to reach for Cardione as soon as possible, and then the treatment will take less time and be less troublesome.

How are Cardione tablets dosed? Use of

One cycle of Cardione supplementation should last at least 30 days. If necessary, the supplementation can be extended. The manufacturer assures that the use of Cardione does not affect the effect of other medications taken by the patient, but if you are unsure about such a combined treatment, you can see your doctor for a consultation.

Cardione tablets are taken one capsule each in the morning and evening, always before meals. The tablets are sipped with water. With very high hypertension, it may be necessary to repeat the supplementation cycle, but do not take more tablets at the same time.

What are the benefits of taking Cardione?

Cardione is the only over-the-counter supplement that permanently normalizes blood pressure using only natural methods. In addition to lowering blood pressure, Cardione also affects proper cholesterol levels, which prevents atherosclerosis. Has a positive effect on the elasticity and strength of blood vessels. It is extremely effective in preventing heart attacks and strokes.

Cardione is an excellent natural preparation for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Here it is worth mentioning that coronary heart disease is the leading cause of mortality, and the most common cause of death is stroke or heart attack. By taking Cardione you can avoid complications, improve your health and strengthen your heart.

What are patients saying about Cardione's effectiveness? Feedback

I knew I had hypertension, but I kind of downplayed it. Eventually, I felt so bad that I had to do something about it. I took various heart tablets and although my blood pressure did go down, I also had a lot of unpleasant side effects. Only Cardione helps me because it lowers my blood pressure and does not cause any additional symptoms." Monica, 51 years old

My dad had a heart attack and I wanted to avoid it. My hypertension was already high enough that diet alone was not enough, I still needed a supplement. I chose Cardione, because it doesn't contain any chemicals and its ingredients really help my heart. After one cycle, my blood pressure was no longer elevated." Darek, 42 years old

"I wish I had heard about Cardione earlier, I would have avoided taking dozens of completely ineffective medications. The pills I was taking before either didn't help or made me feel bad. With Cardione you can get rid of high blood pressure in a very simple way, without side effects, within a few weeks. When I don't measure my blood pressure, it is always normal and I feel great." Teresa, 61 years old

Price179 zl
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Number of tablets per pack30 pieces

How much does a pack of Cardione tablets cost? Price

cardione price

Cardione has a very carefully designed composition and high doses of active ingredients, which is why it is more expensive than many ordinary heart preparations. Because of this high quality composition, Cardione is a very good supplement for improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system, so its price is fully justified, which is also confirmed by the comments of patients themselves. In addition, now you can take advantage of an extremely attractive promotion, in which the price has been reduced by half, from 358 zł to only 179 zł.

Where is Cardione sold? Pharmacy, Manufacturer

The manufacturer takes great care to maintain the high quality of this supplement, hence the fairly limited distribution and lack of Cardione in pharmacies. The supplement is only officially sold through the manufacturer's website, and is not listed on Allegro or Amazon, so offers outside of certified distribution are almost always fakes.

The application is left on the manufacturer's website - in the form you give only your name and phone number. For further information, the operator reports, and after agreeing on the details of the transaction, the package with Cardione tablets is sent to the specified address. Payment is on delivery, so you do not have to worry about your money and the legality of the transaction.

Are hypertension pills effective ?

Yes, they help to regulate blood pressure and to function normally on a daily basis

Can I buy cardione at the pharmacy ?

Unfortunately no, this product can only be purchased from the manufacturer's website

Is cardione safe for health?

It is a supplement made only from natural ingredients, if you are unsure about taking the pills, contact your GP first.

Do you ship pills overseas ?

Cardione is sold in many European countries and there is no problem with shipping abroad

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  1. What are your results after using cardione tablets, are they effective and did you do results after using them for example after a month? I've been using different types of preparations with varying results, as you probably know there is a bit of it on the market and as for the effectiveness it varies, I would not like to throw money down the drain. I've read reviews on other sites and forums and they praise these pills very much, I'm curious how it looks like for you?

  2. I recommend, if you have problems with cholesterols and elevated blood pressure, it worked well for me, two months of use, although prophylactically I continue to take these pills to myself because I still have one more pack,

  3. One of the best products that really helped me, the only thing for frank is the price, now it's all these drugs so expensive, but what one does not do for health.

  4. Well, you need to take care of the heart is the basis, it is a muscle that works for us around the clock and can not have breaks, in our case, a break means death so it is better to get examined after 40 at least once a year eat properly and also exercise then the heart will thank you for a long healthy life


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