Celleasy Perfect Body Serum - price, where to buy, effects, composition

Celleasy Perfect Body Serum is a product with a unique composition, which gives much more benefits than just moisturizing the skin. With its help you can model a more shapely figure and, above all, get rid of cellulite. It is a convenient, non-invasive method of smoothing the skin, ideal for women of all ages, regardless of the extent of cellulite changes. How does such treatment proceed and is the final effect really fully satisfactory?

Product NameCelleasy Perfect Body Serum
Price and availabilityPromotion on Manufacturer's website
Female opinions about the productPositive
Contents of the packageSerum and Chinese bubble for massage

Celleasy Perfect Body Serum Price

Celleasy Perfect Body Serum - price, how much does it cost, where to buy

Where to order Celleasy Perfect Body Serum and how much does it cost?

The manufacturer warns against ordering Celleasy Perfect Body Serum on sites other than the official one - fakes of this serum are becoming more and more frequent, and only in the manufacturer's store there is a guarantee of buying an authentic product. The price of the serum depends on the package.

Celleasy Perfect Body Serum is currently on a very good promotion, especially when you buy more than one pack, plus delivery is free. The biggest savings of 25 percent is when you order the biggest package of the serum. It contains four packs of serum, including one free of charge from the manufacturer. Delivery is also free. Regardless of the number of packages purchased, each customer also receives a Chinese massage bubble. The original product can only be ordered on the official website of the manufacturer.

Why is Celleasy Perfect Body Serum a good way to fight cellulite?

Cellulite is considered to be extremely difficult to eradicate, which is true if you do it the wrong way. Ordinary, drugstore creams and lotions do not have a strong enough composition to completely remove cellulite, while stronger preparations often irritate the skin and even help lead to more serious side effects. Less invasive methods considered to be effective do indeed give good results, but they are time consuming and demanding.

Celleasy Perfect Body Serum is a product with exceptional properties. It works extremely hard on cellulite, but it does not affect the skin and it can also be used for sensitive, vascular and very dry skin. The serum works comprehensively - it reduces orange peel, stimulates cell regeneration, paccelerates fat burning. It also has a strengthening effect - it warms up the skin and improves the condition of blood vessels. The result is not only smoother skin, but also a slimmer figure.

Celleasy Perfect Body Serum - orange peel

Unlike invasive cosmetic procedures, there are no health risks involved in using the Serum. This serum applied simply to the skin, does not interfere with its structure and does not contain anything toxic in its composition. You can perform the treatment yourself, at home, without the risk of anything going wrong during the massage. Carefully selected active ingredients, all of plant origin, are responsible for the effectiveness of Celleasy Perfect Body Serum. They are in highly concentrated doses, and their properties have been confirmed by many studies.

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For whom is the Celleasy Perfect Body Serum treatment suitable?

Cellulite forms in the subcutaneous tissue. It is an abnormal distribution of fatty tissue, which in the initial phase is visible only after squeezing a fold of skin, but over time deepens to such an extent that it can be seen with the naked eye on the body. It may arise as a result of hormonal changes during puberty or pregnancy, and is often the result of poor diet and low physical activity. The bad appearance of the skin is also influenced by stimulants such as alcohol or cigarettes. www.Celleasy.com

Cellulite occurs in almost all women. Of course, it does not always have a strongly developed form, but it is not at all uncommon in young and slim girls either. In its milder form, cellulite is the easiest to eradicate, but the Serum promises to reduce even extensive, highly advanced orange peel. Celleasy Perfect Body Serum slows skin aging and protects against the recurrence of cellulite, and because it has strong moisturizing properties, it also works well on other skin imperfections.

The serum can be used at any age, but only as recommended by the manufacturer. You can reach for this serum when cellulite is still practically invisible, precisely to prevent skin changes and maintain optimal skin firmness.

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How does Celleasy Perfect Body Serum work on the skin?

Cellulite is formed by enlarged fat cells, but importantly, it is not always related to being overweight - the enlargement of adipocytes is due to excess sugars and salt in the diet, so you can be very slim and have orange peel at the same time. Cellulite damages the structure of the skin tissue and in order for an anti-cellulite treatment to be truly effective, these changes must be reversed. Celleasy Perfect Body Serum does just that. It rebuilds deformed cells, improves cell metabolism, removes toxins accumulated in the skin. Additionally, it strongly moisturizes, which slows down skin ageingIt improves its elasticity and stimulates collagen production.

Thanks to Celleasy Perfect Body Serum, blood and lymph circulation improves, thanks to which the skin is properly nourished. This stimulating effect also influences fat burning, therefore during the treatment the volume of fat tissue in the most problematic parts decreases.

Celleasy Perfect Body Serum - effects

What are the properties of the ingredients in Celleasy Perfect Body Serum?

All ingredients are in high doses, and the formula is designed to destroy cellulite while protecting the healthy structure of skin tissue. This is made possible by the unique properties of the ingredients in Celleasy Perfect Body Serum.

The ingredients found in Celleasy Perfect Body Serum are:

  • cottonseed oil
  • hot bell pepper extract
  • caffeine
  • lemon extract
  • Centella Asiatica extract.

Cottonseed oil is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids and tocopherols. It has a very strong antioxidant effect, and free radicals are a serious threat to the condition of the skin and its youthful appearance. Cotton oil also contains a lot of vitamin E, which is known for its rejuvenating properties - it perfectly moisturizes the skin from the inside, provides elasticity and optimal hydration. Cotton oil also helps with inflammation and is distinguished by its low comedogenicity.

Celleasy Perfect Body Serum ingredients

Caffeine It stimulates lipolysis, which helps in weight loss. It accelerates blood circulation and stimulates lymph flow, which makes the cells well nourished and gets rid of toxins faster. Caffeine reduces swelling, removes excess water from the body and effectively fights free radicals. Similar stimulating properties are also found in hot bell pepper fruit extract. This ingredient provides capsaicin, which warms up the skin, increases fat burning and has a draining effect. By improving blood supply to the skin, hot peppers help to strengthen the skin and increase its elasticity.


Asiatic centipede is an ingredient which stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. These are natural substances responsible for elasticity, density and smoothness of the skin, and since their production decreases with age, Celleasy Perfect Body Serum prevents those adverse changes. Centella also has strong moisturizing properties, improves cell metabolism, and acts anti-inflammatory. It strengthens blood vessels and prevents deformation of fat cells. The last ingredient is lemon extract. It has brightening properties, which allows to remove from the skin unsightly discolorations, in addition, it provides vitamin C, which stimulates collagen production and fights free radicals.

How effective is Celleasy Perfect Body Serum?

Cellulite can be removed and Celleasy Perfect Body Serum proves that with the right product it doesn't have to be a tedious process that takes weeks. The progression of the treatment depends on how advanced the cellulite is and if the skin does not look very bad yet, one cycle of treatment is enough to smooth the body. For larger changes, it is worth using the Serum longer, according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Celleasy Perfect Body Serum works with almost 100 percent effectiveness. It helps even on severely damaged skin, and the vast majority of women who have used this product are very satisfied with its performance. The manufacturer recommends additional actions - it is worth changing some eating habits and increase activity, which stimulates cell regeneration.

Using Serum regularly, after a few weeks of treatment, you will notice that the skin is smooth again, and the circumference of the thighs and buttocks can be reduced by up to 5 cm.

What are the effects of a treatment with Celleasy Perfect Body Serum?

The main purpose of Celleasy Perfect Body Serum is to remove cellulite. It manages to do this in just a few weeks, and without invasive, unpleasant treatments or very expensive preparations. The serum also has slimming and shaping properties. After the treatment the silhouette is slimmer, looks better and the skin is no longer flabby and dry. Good effects are visible regardless of age, and this preparation can successfully replace other body care products.

Celleasy Perfect Body Serum - effects

After the treatment, the skin retains its rejuvenated appearance for a very long time, it ages more slowly and cellulite does not recur. You can repeat the treatment with Celleasy Perfect Body Serum from time to time, which will allow you to enjoy attractive, firm skin for many years.

The main benefits of the Serum are smoothing the skin, restoring firmness and elasticity, reducing fatty tissue and deeply hydrating the skin. And according to clinical studies, after about four weeks you can reduce the circumference of your thighs and buttocks by nearly five centimeters.

How should I use the Celleasy Perfect Body Serum?

Celleasy Perfect Body Serum should be applied to the skin daily for a minimum of four weeks. It is advisable to take a shower before applying the serum and only then apply a not too thick layer of Serum on clean, dry skin. Massage the preparation with gentle, circular movements to stimulate circulation.

An additional anti-cellulite treatment is the use of a special massage bubble. It is attached free of charge to each order of Celleasy Perfect Body Serum and is used for individual anti-cellulite massage. The bubble reduces cellulite and has a slimming effect, it can also be used on those parts of the body that are not affected by cellulite, but have too much fatty tissue, such as the abdomen. The bubble is also able to remove stretch marks. A detailed description of how the massage should be performed can be found in the leaflet - follow these guidelines and the final results will be more than satisfactory.

Celleasy Perfect Body Serum - Opinions

What do the women on the forum who use Celleasy Perfect Body Serum say?

"No lotion has worked on my cellulite. I bought a really expensive cream once and there was some improvement, but not enough to make it worthwhile to keep using it. I heard about Celleasy Perfect Body Serum from a friend, who tested it on herself so I could evaluate the results live. And for me it ended the same way - no cellulite."

"I have been using Celleasy Perfect Body Serum for over a month now. My skin is already very smooth, and I had really big cellulite. I also see that my thighs have slimmed down a bit, although I haven't done anything else, it's all due to this serum."

"I have been fighting cellulite since high school. I envied my friends for their smooth skin because I was ashamed to expose my legs myself. Fortunately, I found Celleasy Perfect Body Serum and it completely cured my complexes. My skin is almost perfect now, without any lumps."

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  1. The only serum of its kind that I have come across so far, it really works in various aspects when it comes to women's skin, no matter if your skin has cellulite or maybe it is dry and its condition needs improvement, this celleasy cream will help you perfectly. Just the texture and the way your skin feels after using the serum even after a few hours shows that it is really worth the attention.

  2. Why did I find this serum only now, it works wonders, until I stopped using other body creams that I used before and I only use this one at night and sometimes even twice a day

  3. I recommend, I recommend, I've used it before, now I'm buying it again because it works great for me as a daily skin care product

  4. How does celleasy work when it comes to dry skin ? My problem is that despite the daily care of the skin it is still dry, even creaming after an hour the skin returns to its original state, in addition, often peeling, so it is worse than I thought, do you think that this serum will work


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