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No one is happy to see wrinkles, but is it possible to remove them other than during a painful procedure? The manufacturer of Eternelle Gold Day cream gives a chance for such a painless solution. The cream naturally smooths wrinkles, and the rejuvenating treatment can be done at home. However, does it really give lasting results? =>> Effects of application HERE

Eternelle Gold Day what is it?

Eternelle Gold Day nourishing cream

Eternelle Gold Day is an effective cream for wrinkles and young-looking facial skin. It naturally stimulates skin cells to produce collagen. The cream has been called the elixir of youth due to its effectiveness. The formula of this cosmetic was created to restore and maintain a youthful appearance and keep the skin elastic and smooth.

Old age is inevitable. Skin loses its natural firmness at a very young age, although initially these effects of aging are not yet visible to the naked eye. Time cannot be completely turned back, which does not mean that rejuvenating methods are completely ineffective. The trouble is that most of these methods are either very expensive or highly invasive, which involves the risk of serious skin damage.

As the manufacturer assures, Eternelle Gold Day cream combines safety with high effectiveness. It is a cream with a modern formulation, completely different from competing preparations, made entirely of natural ingredients with scientifically proven properties. Treatment with Eternelle cream lasts for several weeks, and it is a much better way to get a smooth complexion than Botox or a facelift.

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Price❗❗ Promotion
Feedback5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Product typeRejuvenating Face Cream
Possibility of shipping abroad✅ Yes
EffectivenessConfirmed by research
Ability to buy from a pharmacy or drugstore?Not

How fast does the Eternelle Gold Day cream work?

Of course, wrinkles will not yet disappear after the first application of the cream, nevertheless Eternelle Gold Day is considered to have a very rapid effect. The best results are obtained when the cream is used together with Eternelle Fine Eyelifter Eye Serum. From the manufacturer's description, it seems that a mere one week is enough to make the skin radiant and fresh again, without discoloration, under eye circles and minor imperfections. In two weeks you can already get rid of most fine facial wrinkles and crow's feet. The manufacturer gives one month to get rid of all wrinkles and furrows.

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Can anyone use Eternelle Gold Day cream?

Eternelle Gold Day effectively rejuvenates

Eternelle Gold Day is a cream for women. The treatment can be started at any age, after the age of 18, but the skin is most vulnerable to wrinkles after the age of 45 upwards where menopause is imminent, but this is a river topic and if it concerns you too, I refer you to the portal fully dedicated to the topic of menopause=> . Now back to the cream you need to know that.

Eternelle Gold Day Cream has a safe formula and can be used on any skin, including sensitive, dry, problematic skin. Those undergoing dermatological treatment should consult with their doctor whether it is possible to include an additional cream in their daily care.

Eternelle Gold Day is for wrinkles, but it can also be used when the skin is still young - the ingredients in the cream slow down the aging process, so with preventive application wrinkles will appear much later.

What ingredients does Eternelle Gold Day cream have?

  • Caviar extract

A modern ingredient called plant-based retinol. It works the same way, but is much gentler on the skin, with no irritation or side effects. Firms the skin And destroys free radicals that attack tissues. It increases collagen production and also smooths those deep wrinkles and lines. It has strong regenerative properties.

  • Collagen

It sharpens facial contours, tightens the skin and lifts drooping cheeks. It fills in wrinkles, moisturizes, prevents dryness of the skin. Accelerates the regeneration of damaged skin cells.

  • Dimethicone

Extracted from jania rubens seaweed, natural, plant-based taurine. Restores skin elasticity, smooths wrinkles, stimulates collagen production, which slows down skin aging. It has a brightening and refreshing effect and evens out skin tone.

  • Glycerin

It has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes irritation, cleanses and tightens pores. It removes free radicals. Improves skin elasticity and moisturizes it strongly.

  • Gold

Another natural ingredient that reduces smooth muscle tone, thus protecting the skin from the formation of deep wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Retinol

A derivative of vitamin A with strong moisturizing properties. Its main task in the cream is to deliver the vitamin to all skin cells, tightening and smoothing the skin.

What is the effect of Eternelle Gold Day cream?

The formula of Eternelle Gold Day cream provides the skin with very valuable ingredients, which are hyaluronic acid and collagen. That's not all. The cream stimulates the body to produce new natural collagen fibers on its own, which increases skin density, improves facial features and sharpens its oval. The skin is no longer flabby and wrinkled.

The next stage is to improve skin color. Under the influence of active ingredients of the cream discolorations disappear, the complexion is no longer dull, dark spots under the eyes are eliminated. The complexion becomes radiant, looks fresh and young.

An important area of action of Eternelle Gold Day cream is also the fight against free radicals. They are dangerous to the human body and accelerate its aging, so the cream's ingredients remove free radicals and create a protective barrier.

Eternelle Gold Day reviews price action, forum

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The biggest benefits of Eternelle Gold Day Cream:

  • increased production of collagen fibers
  • Smoothed out wrinkles and furrows
  • accelerated skin regeneration cycle
  • sharpened oval face
  • No discoloration or bruising under the eyes
  • The skin is well moisturized and oxygenated
  • Additional protection against free radicals and external factors

Is Eternelle Gold Day cream safe?

Strong rejuvenating effect brings to mind ingredients whose high efficacy is bought with certain side effects. The manufacturer of Eternelle Gold Day assures that there is no such thing in this cream. The ingredients quickly bring improvement, but do not affect the structure of the skin. Only in people who have allergies to certain ingredients, skin irritation can occur - for such women this is not an advisable treatment.

It is not recommended to use Eternelle Gold Day cream during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Eternelle Gold Day Cream - how does the application look like?

The first step is to cleanse the skin before applying cosmetics. Cleansed skin absorbs active ingredients better and regenerates faster, but you should use only safe, mild products for washing your face.

Eternelle Gold Day cream for wrinkles effects of use effectiveness

The second step is the application of Eternelle Gold Day cream. It's nothing complicated, the cream has a light texture and spreads well over the skin. The cream must be spread all over the face, especially where wrinkles are visible. The cream should not be rubbed hard, just gently massage it in and let it absorb. Once this application is done and the cream is absorbed, an additional moisturizer can still be applied.

And This Is How It Looks In Real Life

Eternelle Gold Day Cream must be used for at least 30 days. The application is repeated in the morning, following exactly the same instructions. And it is best to use the cream at night for evening care Eternelle Gold Night.

Eternelle Gold Day Opinions

What are the comments about Eternelle Gold Day cream?

For a great many people, the most important thing is not the manufacturer's assurances, but the opinions of female customers. It is the comments of female users that perfectly show whether a cosmetic does what it is supposed to do according to the advertisement. In the case of Eternelle Gold Day cream, the reviews are exceptionally promising, as the majority of female customers rate this cosmetic positively, as you can read in the comments:

"I'm ashamed to admit it, but I was prompted to quit cigarettes not by the specter of cancer, but by the nightmarish wrinkles on my face. I stopped smoking, however, this did not make the wrinkles magically disappear. I had to do something about it. It fell on Eternelle Gold Day, because this cream was praised by probably all my female friends. I didn't believe that anything other than plastic surgery would help my damaged skin, but the cream worked. You can hardly see anymore that I ever smoked!"

"My mother developed wrinkles very quickly, so I took great care of my complexion to prevent the same thing from happening. It was only partially successful. The wrinkles occurred a little later and were quite shallow, but they were there, in much greater numbers than in my female peers. I was afraid of Botox, moreover, after such treatments the face looks very unnatural. What is different after Eternelle Gold Day cream, which I started using. Wrinkles smoothed out after two or three weeks, the complexion rejuvenated, even dark circles under the eyes disappeared. I highly recommend it."

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How to order Eternelle Gold Day cream?

Eternelle Gold Day cream can be found on various sites, as it is an increasingly popular cosmetic, but the manufacturer warns against fakes. The original cream is sold only on the official website, and you should place your orders there - a short online form is used for this. It is possible to pay on delivery.

Eternelle Gold Day Price

What is the price of Eternelle Gold Day cream?

Eternelle Gold Day Price, promotion, manufacturer's website

Eternelle Gold Day Cream can be purchased at a very good deal as low as -50%, but it should be noted that outside the promotional period the price of the cream increases. Such large discounts are offered only by the manufacturer, so it is worth looking into its official website.

What is Eternelle Gold Day?

It is an anti-wrinkle cream

Is Eternelle Gold Day cream effective ?

Numerous opinions and assurances of the manufacturer confirm the high effectiveness of the cream

Do I buy Eternelle Gold Day cream at a pharmacy ?

No, the cream is only available on the manufacturer's website

How to use wrinkle cream ?

A detailed description of how to use and apply the cream can be found in the product reviews above

How much does Eternelle Gold Day cost?

The price as well as attractive promotions are listed on the official website of the cream's manufacturer.

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  1. Girls, tell me what results you have after using this cream Eternelle, does it really work and is it effective ? There are more and more wrinkles on my face, I've tried many creams but every day in the mirror I see the same thing, I'm looking for this wonderful cream for wrinkles - is this the one? Please let me know

    • Eternelle cream is simply sensational. For the first time in my life I write a positive opinion about an anti-wrinkle cream. Therefore, if you have wrinkles and want to get rid of them - I recommend, if you do not have - it makes no sense

  2. It is not the cheapest cream considering that I invested in 3 packs, now I am waiting for the shipment - we will see - I hope that eternelle is a wonderful cream for wrinkles as they write on the website

      • Well, there are no independent opinions on the Internet. All (actually not many) are those on the sites advertising the cream. There is also nothing about the effect on the skin in the long term

  3. Girls, how quickly did you notice changes after using eternelle cream, especially facial wrinkles because I have the biggest problems with it

  4. My face looks like it's been treated by a beautician - smooth and beautiful 🙂 I'm really happy with this eternelle cream and I'll be honest, it wasn't the first cream I used !!!

  5. Oh God, have all the women gone crazy over this cream? I couldn't resist myself and ordered it, I'm waiting for the shipment to see if this miracle really works as they say in the reviews

  6. Kasia, I'm not crazy about it yet, because I don't have it yet, but this will probably change soon, as all women praise it so much 🙂 .

  7. How long does it take for a cream to be shipped, last time I ordered a cream for wrinkles I waited almost two weeks, because of this coronovirus everything is prolonged. How does it look like with eternelle where they send it from Poland or somewhere abroad

  8. I'm also tempted to get the cream, wrinkles are my bane, only 40 on the neck, and wrinkles like a woman over 50, it bothers me terribly and I would like to at least a little smoothing out the worst wrinkles

  9. I just ordered this cream after reading reviews from satisfied ladies. On Tuesday this "miracle" will already arrive to me.
    I have just finished talking to a representative of the company who called me. I was very positively surprised - a professional consultation, a detailed interview about my skin needs. Nice and professional. I am skeptical about such advertised perfections, but I decided to take a risk and invest in this cream.
    There is, however, something that raises a slight doubt in the veracity of the opinions presented here. Why none of the satisfied people wrote that one cream is not enough, that you need two - for night and day?
    I also ordered this night cream, and it's more than double the cost, because the night serum is more expensive. Have you also used both creams? The advantage is that during the use of Eternelle do not have to spend money on toners, masks or other cosmetics, because during the treatment you can not use anything else. Why has no one here mentioned this? Of course, I will write about the effects of using Eternelle for me in the near future.

    • Hello.I am going to be tempted to buy the creams.Please write if anything has changed in the appearance of the skin in these six months?I am very curious if you recommend🤔.

    • Mrs. Gusiu I see that in July last year you ordered eternelle cream, I wanted to ask you about the effects and whether you need to use this cream all the time or how often. I intend to order it but I'm curious about your opinion because your comment interested me.

  10. Well, I am finishing my second pack of three. The cream is very nice to use, with a subtle scent. It absorbs very nicely. As far as the anti-wrinkle effect is concerned - good. The cream tightens the skin nicely for 2-3 hours, then the skin becomes smoother. The consultant promised a constant improvement of complexion and gradual elimination of wrinkles - which after three months of treatment will last for several years. After two months, I don't see such big changes. I applied the cream according to the consultant's recommendations, but we can't cheat age.

  11. I am pleased with the results of using this cream eternelle, but the truth is sad and time can not be cheated and we have to reckon with the fact that the wrinkles will always come back and nothing will change that - it's best to reconcile with the inevitable, as they say time can not be cheated

  12. And why don't you talk about the fact that you shouldn't use hyaluronic acid in the fall and winter, and this cream, according to the description, contains such acid.

  13. Hello , sincerely to you who added a comment on July 16, 2021 , can I ask for your opinion what effect after using these creams.

  14. My first on-line shopping and I found a cream for wrinkles, today I ordered and I am waiting for the shipment, we will see how the reviews relate to reality, my face is very resistant and it will not be easy, I hope that this anti-wrinkle cream will meet my expectations

  15. I ordered and invested in this cream and since I am 50+, I started to get irritated by wrinkles, although I don't have that many. Immediately a lovely lady called, had a downright wonderful conversation about my skin and more - a sea topic!!! Then it was said that the day cream works great with an extra serum at night - of course, extra charge. Then another persuasion that if I take the treatment for 1-2 months, there will be a discount!!!! I DID. I used the creams alternately for a period of 2 months. Well, both day and night creams moisturize very well, do not cause allergies, do not irritate the eye area and I am allergic.

  16. Hello.
    The day before yesterday I received a set of day and night creams. I haven't started using them yet because I want to finish the creams I'm currently using first (not many left). Together with the creams I was supposed to receive a book. Unfortunately, there was no book in the package. I am a little disappointed. I tried to call the lady who talked to me, by the way she seemed to be very professional, but now she is not answering the phone. There was another phone number listed in the package. I will still try to call. I will post an opinion about the creams after a month of use.

  17. Can I buy the original ethernele cream on ebay? I bought it and it came in a blue box and blue packaging and in the pictures it's black

  18. I would like to order the cream but I live in Scotland, please advise me how to do this as I don't see a shipping option to the UK 🙁

    • I know from experience that in such a case with various products that do not have shipment to a particular country, they just send it to pl to the family, and then it is either shipped or forwarded

  19. Purchased, as usual I let myself be persuaded to get a larger package for better results, we will see how it will look in practice, this is not my first wrinkle cream, however I was persuaded by all the positive reviews that are circulating on the internet, well I will check on myself the effectiveness of this wrinkle cream and I will let you know

  20. After two months of using this cream for wrinkles, the skin became more elastic and wrinkles smoothed out, the biggest difference I see when it comes to facial wrinkles and in the eye area, here is the biggest improvement, however, this does not change the fact that wrinkles will not get rid of no matter what


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