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For the care of damaged feet, the recommended solution is FixHeel cream. This is a cream that has received many positive reviews. It mainly helps with dry and cracked skin, in addition to protecting against infections. It works quickly and is a very effective product, yet it mainly has natural, gentle ingredients in its composition. Who is recommended to use it?

Product typeFoot cream
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What is FixHeel?

FixHeel works on cracked foot skin

Very dry and cracking skin on the feet is a problem that most adults struggle with. Sometimes this affliction occurs only periodically, but more often it is a chronic ailment that is really difficult to deal with. It's a big aesthetic problem, because cracked and rough heels don't look very attractive, but it's usually followed by a lot of discomfort as well, because the cracks on the skin hurt and are attacked by bacteria, leading to bacterial growth. The damage often doesn't even have time to heal, because when putting on tights or socks, the skin is further irritated.

Many people mistakenly approach the removal of calluses and rough surfaces on the skin. They usually then use strong grinders, pumice stones and harsh scrubs, but this only gives relief for a while and immediately afterwards the skin is in an even worse condition. Keratoses, dryness and cracks mean that the skin on the feet does not function properly. Mechanical abrasion, as it were, forces the skin to produce even more thickened epidermis, and with too much abrasion, wounds simply form on the skin. Much better results come from proper care, which involves moisturizing and softening the skin. This is exactly what FixHeel cream offers. After its application skin begins to smooth out, regains softness, and the damage can quickly recover thanks to the supply of valuable nutrients.

FixHeel reviews

What are the reviews of FixHeel?

"My heels looked terrible. Rough, perpetually cracked and to top it off, yellow. Whatever I did, the skin wouldn't get smooth, and after many treatments the heels even cracked even harder. That's why I switched to FixHeel. The cream moisturized the skin well, quickly smoothed the heels, and the epidermis no longer tended to keratinize. Finally, I'm not ashamed to walk around with exposed feet."

"My feet were quite badly damaged. Cracked heels bothered me the most, because every time I got dressed in the morning the material would pull the skin, and sometimes so badly that blood would fly. I didn't pay much attention to skin care, and yet it turns out that for feet it's worth investing in such a cream. As soon as I started using FixHeel, the problem disappeared completely. Now nothing bothers me, and my heels look very well cared for."

"I was making the same mistake as many people. For calloused heels, I used strong scrubs and used a grater every day. But what I removed from the epidermis, the thickening came back, and it got worse. I read a little about removing this problem, and it occurred to me that I was getting down to it from the wrong side. That's how my treatment with FixHeel began. The cream didn't rub anything off, but only strongly moisturized the skin, and very quickly there was an improvement thanks to it. The heels smoothed out perfectly, stopped cracking, took on a natural color. The best treatment I have encountered so far."

Who is recommended to use FixHeel cream?

FixHeel is a cream suitable for men and women. It helps in every case, and the main causes of bad foot skin are:

  • diabetes, during which the skin is more susceptible to infection and dryness
  • dry and improperly cared for foot skin
  • too frequent and very intensive removal of keratinized epidermis
  • Vitamin B5 deficiencies
  • Wearing tight shoes and unventilated socks
  • insufficient hydration of the body
FixHeel moisturizes the skin of the feet

FixHeel Cream rebuilds skin damage, nourishes and smooths. It is applied in the same way as ordinary foot creams, only that its action is much stronger. It is worth reaching for the foot regeneration cream when the ailments are already strongly aggravated - using this cream you can avoid more serious, invasive methods of skin regeneration.

What is in the composition of FixHeel?

  • Squalane

Deeply moisturizes the skin and improves moisture binding in the cells. Rebuilds the skin's protective layer and defects in its structure. It has soothing and regenerative properties, accelerates the healing of cracks and other damage on the feet. Softens the skin and evens out its color.

  • Hydrolyzed keratin

Replenishes skin tissue defects, strengthens the skin and stimulates regeneration. Has a softening effect, restores the natural tone of the skin, smoothens, soothes irritation. Eliminates keratoses and does not allow them to reappear. Moisturizes the skin very well In every layer of it.

  • Olive oil

It is an ingredient that perfectly moisturizes and lubricates the skin, forming a natural protective barrier on it. Olive soothes irritated skin, accelerates its regeneration and wound healing. It has a strengthening effect on blood vessels, which improves the distribution of nutrients to skin cells. It smooths the skin and gives it a nice, healthy look and a pleasant-to-touch surface.

FixHell has a vegan composition
  • Panthenol

It has soothing, nourishing and regenerating properties. It helps maintain moisture in the skin. It has an analgesic effect, accelerates wound healing and keeps the skin in good condition. Soothes redness and inflammation.

  • Glycerin

It has a strong moisturizing effect. It softens the skin very well and removes keratinized epidermis. Protects the skin from damage.

How does FixHeel work?

FixHeel is a great alternative to scrapers and mechanical removal of keratinized skin. It is a moisturizing cream with an exceptionally powerful action, making it skin becomes smooth and soft Already after the first few uses. However, the properties of the cream do not end with just moisturizing. There are many nutrients, squalane and keratin in the cream, which helps to regenerate the skin and rebuild even those larger tissue defects.

After using FixHeel, wounds on cracked foot skin heal much faster, and infections do not spread to other areas. The cream does a good job of protecting skin that is particularly prone to damage, such as those suffering from diabetes. The cream prevents infections, and works similarly to Foot Trooper spray Removes harmful bacteria, has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Keeps heels smooth and soft to the touch, without cracking, thickening or severely dry skin.

After how long do I see the results of using FixHeel cream?

FixHell perfectly moisturizes the skin

The effectiveness of the product can be noticed very quickly. Already after the first application of the cream you feel quite a bit of relief, because it soothes skin irritation and moisturizes it strongly. After a few days, the keratinization of the skin on the heels decreases, the hard skin becomes softer and you can feel that the feet are smoother, look better and do not cause discomfort. According to the manufacturer, after one month at least these major problems with cracked skin should have already been eliminated, but it is worth using FixHeel as a daily skin care product to keep the skin in good condition.

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How to use FixHeel cream?

There is nothing complicated about using the cream. The cream is simply applied to the skin and rubbed in gently, and a slightly thicker layer can be given in particularly dry and cracked areas. It's best to apply it right after bathing, when the skin is clean and absorbs the cream's ingredients well, but if necessary FixHeel can be applied to the feet at any time of the day, whenever such care is needed. As much as possible, it is allowed to apply the cream several times a day, which will speed up the whole process of skin regeneration.

FixHeel does not leave greasy marks on clothes or spread an unpleasant odor like many other regenerative ointments. Every few days you can make a nourishing mask with it. A larger amount of cream is applied to the feet, then still put on special foil socks, so that FixHeel will not rub off, but will be fully absorbed. Thus prepared mask will nourish and lubricate the skin of the feet very well.

What are the effects of using FixHeel cream?

  • smoother, softer and more pleasant to the touch skin on the feet
  • No keratinized skin on the heels
  • optimal hydration of the skin
  • faster healing of wounds and cracks
  • additional protection against infections

Where does cracked skin on the heels come from?

Feet are highly vulnerable to various types of damage. Abrasions and corns often appear on the skin, and due to lack of proper ventilation, the feet sweat heavily and dry out, which leads to keratinization of the epidermal layer. The thickened epidermis easily cracks, which hurts, and every time you put on socks or shoes, it irritates the skin damage anew. Underestimating this problem only ends up with more and more serious ailments and pain. But a lot of harm is also done by improper foot care, primarily mechanical abrasion of the damaged epidermis.

Rather, to improve the condition of the feet, it is important to moisturize the skin and stimulate its regeneration. FixHeel lubricates the epidermis well and retains moisture in the tissues, helps heal wounds on the feet quickly, provides keratin, which is a building block for the skin and ensures its proper condition. Regular use restores smoothness and softness to the feet, the skin no longer gets so dry, does not crack and has epidermis of proper thickness.

Is it safe to use FixHeel?

FixHeel is a cream made from natural ingredients. It contains no allergens and can also be used on delicate and sensitive skin - nothing in the cream causes irritation, but rather accelerates healing and soothes inflammation. The product can be used by the elderly and people with diabetes, although for very serious wounds and severe infections it is worth consulting a doctor beforehand.

Why is it worth reaching for FixHeel cream in particular?

FixHeel is a cream made of natural ingredients, very effective in action, tested by doctors. It is primarily used for regeneration of damaged and cracked heels. There are several valuable active ingredients in the cream, which provide building blocks to the skin tissue so that it can regenerate well. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, which inhibits the development of infections, for that it accelerates the healing of wounds on the feet.

Where can you get FixHeel cream? Does it come with a prescription?

The treatment is safe for health, and the cream does not require any special preparations and can be taken without consulting a doctor. The cream is not prescription and you can start using it at any time, just read the leaflet. FixHeel cannot be bought in a pharmacy or drugstore, but only on the manufacturer's website. The cream is shipped no later than the next business day after the order is placed. The package is discreetly packed and does not reveal its contents.

FixHeel Price

FixHeel is available on the manufacturer's website

If one orders one pack of FixHeel, its price is quite high. Two packs, bought at once during one order, cost a few percent cheaper. When ordering three tubes of cream, the fourth pack comes with a free pack. The third set is included in the biggest promotion and is the most worthwhile to order. Shipping cost is added only when ordering one package, shipping a package of at least two is free. You can pay for your order on delivery or in advance.

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  1. Great relief for my tired feet, works very well on the cracks and irritation between the toes, in 3 weeks the skin on my feet has healed and softened very well, became soft

  2. I have a problem with cracked skin on the heels is terribly annoying and annoying, I have used various creams to moisturize and to soften the skin on the heels but it did not work, it is time to try this fixheel since it specializes in this type of problem, ordered, waiting for shipment


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