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Foot Trooper is a preparation for fighting foot and nail fungus. This is a very troublesome condition, hard to cure, but the manufacturer assures that its preparation brings quick relief and eliminates the causes of ringworm, so there are no recurrences. The treatment method is based on natural ingredients, so it is a treatment suitable for any person, including as a preventive measure. What is the effectiveness of this solution?

What is a Foot Trooper?

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Foot Trooper is a preparation created by Swiss scientists. It contains concentrated, natural substances with healing properties. As the manufacturer assures, after the first application you can expect such effects as:

  • Relief of itching and flaking of the skin
  • reduction of sweating
  • get rid of bad smell

When the treatment is over, the person using Foot Trooper should notice:

  • full recovery of damaged nail plate
  • improve skin condition, including on heels and between toes
  • No recurrence of infection

When to use Foot Trooper?

The product has a comprehensive effect and helps eliminate a wide variety of problems associated with fungal infections. Here are the most common symptoms that Foot Trooper can deal with:

 Foot Tooper works on nail discoloration
  • destruction of the nail plate and change in its shape
  • nail discolorations
  • nail plate detachment
  • cracking of the nail plate
  • keratoses
  • unpleasant foot odour
  • excessive sweating
  • flaking
  • blisters on feet

How quickly does Foot Trooper get started?

As you can read on the manufacturer's website, Foot Trooper works practically immediately, from the first application. After about 14 days of use, the skin on the feet begins to heal, the cracks in the interdigital folds and the skin on the heels disappear. In the following week, regeneration of the nail plate occurs, including in the invisible part. Depending on how the treatment goes, a special protective barrier develops over a period of one to three months, making the skin resistant to new fungal infections.

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Why do you need to treat foot and nail fungus?

Ringworm should never be taken lightly. It is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a health problem - the skin has been attacked by dangerous microorganismsThese weaken the immune system and may lead to exacerbation of chronic diseases. In virtually every case where ringworm goes untreated, complications arise in the long run and it becomes increasingly difficult to get rid of the condition.

The most common complications of untreated ringworm are excessive foot sweating and very unpleasant odor, brittle and yellow nails, discomfort when walking, flaky skin, painful skin cracks on the heels, recurrent fungal infections, ulcers, deep fissures in the skin, abscesses, and nail loss.

How does Foot Trooper work?

Foot Trooper effects forum composition

Regardless of the course of ringworm, it is always caused by fungal cells. The most common strain attacking the feet is the fungus candida albicans causing candidiasis, also known as thrush. The effectiveness of the product lies precisely in the fact that it destroys the fungal spores and does not allow them to spread further over the skin and other organs.

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Foot Trooper takes the form of a spray that penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and inhibits the multiplication of fungal spores. This is a continuous, sustained process, and the product additionally forms a hydrophobic coating that gives a "sarcophagus effect" - the infected skin surface, treated with the spray, is not exposed to moisture or other factors that weaken the treatment. Active substances persist for a longer period of time in the cells, which creates a strong protective barrier that increases resistance to infection.

In summary, Foot Trooper's comprehensive operation includes:

  • creation of a moisture-proof "sarcophagus" layer
  • deep penetration of active ingredients responsible for destruction of fungi
  • action at the cellular level
  • permanent destruction of mycosis foci
  • protective barrier

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Foot Trooper Ingredients

  1. Serin- They clean and disinfect the infected area. They stop the process of fungal multiplication. They eliminate symptoms such as itching and burning of the skin. Accelerate skin healing.
  2. Honey extract - They stop the proliferation of pathogens. They nourish and moisturize the skin. Reduce perspiration and reduce odor.
  3. Lemon oil -Create a protective layer against bacteria and fungi. Strengthen the structure of the nail plate.
  4. Clotrimazole - Strengthen the immune system. Help treat chronic fungal diseases. Restore the nice, healthy appearance of foot skin.

How to use Foot Trooper

1 Spray the spray on cleaned and dried skin. Also spray the nails affected by ringworm. The product is immediately absorbed and does not leave an oily film.

(2) Place the finger guard on the infected areas. Thanks to the shield, a microclimate will be created to increase the efficiency of the product and the active ingredients on the surface of the skin will not evaporate.

Capacity 30ml
PricePromotion -50%
Product formSpray

Effects of Foot Trooper:

  • nice, well-groomed feet
  • smooth skin without cracks or discoloration
  • healthy, shiny nails with an even plate
  • pleasant smell
  • full comfort during movement

Is Foot Trooper different from other ringworm preparations?

Foot Trooper is, of course, not the only formulation to combat ringworm. According to the manufacturer, however, it has a visible advantage over them. First, it does not act superficially, but at the cellular level, destroying fungal spores. Second, the preparation creates a so-called "sarcophagus effect," which enhances the action of the active ingredients.

Foot Trooper penetrates the deepest layers of the skin and so strengthens the immune system that there is virtually no chance of reinfection.

The effectiveness of the product has been confirmed by clinical studies. A great number of them have been conducted, at independent research institutes, and each test has confirmed that Foot Trooper helps against ringworm and protects against dangerous infections.

Foot Trooper is recommended by specialists and dermatologists. It is also recommended as a preventive measure.

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Opinions about Foot Trooper

"If someone catches ringworm once, he or she agonizes over it later, even for several years. Most remedies don't help at all, because they only relieve the symptoms, in turn, these strong drugs have their side effects. I had the same thing. I rubbed my feet with some gel from the drugstore, but it only helped half-heartedly. However, I was afraid of stronger remedies, but luckily the doctor recommended Foot Trooper. I finished the treatment six months ago and no recurrence." Eve

"I go to the pool a lot, which, as you know, promotes the development of ringworm. I took care of hygiene, walked in flip-flops, but somehow I still got infected. How much I struggled with ringworm! What I healed a little, it came right back, at one point I just had to stop going to the pool. My feet looked terrible, cracked, smelly, it was embarrassing to wear sandals or walk barefoot on the beach. A friend convinced me to order Foot Trooper. I used for almost three months and my feet now look like from a commercial. Smooth skin, no cracks and calloused nails. I don't know of any other remedy that is as effective." Malwina

"I got ringworm at work. I have to walk all day in heavy shoes, no matter how hot it is outside. My feet started sweating terribly, then the blisters between the toes got worse, the skin started cracking and peeling. I used various ointments, even took some medication, but not much changed. The dermatologist suggested that I buy Foot Trooper. I was surprised at how quickly it worked, and most importantly that it was able to prevent recurrences. The feet even after many hours at work are not sweaty, the skin looks good, and there are no worrisome symptoms. I can in good conscience recommend this solution to everyone." Michal

Foot Trooper Price

How much does a Foot Trooper cost?

Foot Trooper is at a discounted price of 50%

When ordering Foot Trooper now, you can take advantage of a 50 percent discount, so you pay only half the original price. However, this is a temporary offer, until the promotional packs run out.

Where to buy Foot Trooper? Pharmacy, Manufacturer's website

Online pharmacies or auction sites are not good places to buy Foot Trooper. The manufacturer does not sell the spray in these places, so they are nothing more than fakes that do not work at all. No service sells the spray because the manufacturer itself distributes it, so if one expects a guarantee of quality and safety, one must place an order on the official website.

Foot Trooper FAQ

What is a Foot Trooper?

This is a product designed to combat foot and nail fungus.

Who can use Foot Trooper?

Any person who is struggling with a fungal infection. The manufacturer does not list any contraindications, except for allergies to the spray's ingredients. You can also use Foot Trooper prophylactically, for example, if you often go to the pool or sports activities.

How long do you have to use the foot fungus spray?

A minimum of one month, for the best when the treatment lasts three months, because then the product completely combats the source of the fungal infection and creates such an effective protection that re-infection does not occur.

When can you expect the results?

According to the manufacturer, improvement occurs after the first application. The change is the cessation of itching of the skin and reduction of sweating. With each passing day, the appearance of the skin improves, i.e. cracks and keratoses disappear, the skin does not continue to peel. In two weeks, the nail plate can be rebuilt. A protective barrier forms within one to three months.

Is Foot Trooper sold by prescription?

Doctors often recommend Foot Trooper to their patients for fungal infections, but this product can be purchased without a prescription. A doctor's consultation is also not needed, although of course anyone can see a doctor before treatment.

Can I buy Foot Trooper at a pharmacy?

No, the manufacturer has not decided to put Foot Trooper in pharmacies. It is not possible to purchase the product anywhere other than the official website.

How does Foot Trooper work on ringworm?

During the treatment, the fungi are destroyed and lose their ability to multiply. The fungus does not spread through the skin and does not attack subsequent nails.

What are the symptoms that indicate tinea pedis?

Ringworm is easy to recognize because it quickly gives very annoying symptoms. Skin infected with fungi peels, is red, cracks, thickening, blisters, ulcers appear on its surface. Fingernails turn yellow and crack. Unpleasant odor of feet also appears.

Can Foot Trooper cause side effects?

According to the manufacturer's assurances, you do not have to worry about side effects during the treatment. The composition of the product is completely natural, there are no chemical boosters, dyes or preservatives. The treatment is completely safe for health.

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  1. The problem with foot fungus is one of the biggest problems nowadays , it often stems from the fact as my dermatologist said when I was with him some time ago that people do not take care of their feet at all and there are cases that they know that they are going to an appointment and the doctor will look at the feet and they still come with dirty feet, normally until I could not believe what he told me

  2. Ringworm is not so easy to get rid of, I know because I myself struggled for several months before I got rid of this pesky thing completely, I recommend a good podiatrist to take a look at it, they have a lot of knowledge and experience after all they watch these feet every day


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