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Halluxeal is not an ordinary foot care cream. It is a preparation that nourishes and regenerates the skin, but also deals with the removal of hallux. This is a unique solution, because it is rare to use this type of solution for hallux, but the manufacturer ensures that the ointment is very effective and fulfills its purpose. What makes it such a good product and who can use it?

Product NameHalluxeal
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Expert evaluationRecommended product
User reviews⭐️ Positive
How much does it cost❗ ❗ ❗ Promotion
Cream composition🌿 Natural
Is it possible to ship internationally?Yes
Is it available at a pharmacy?❌ None

Halluxeal Price

At what price is Halluxeal available?

Halluxeal - Price, how much does it cost

By placing a normal order you can buy one package of Halluxeal. This option is the most expensive one, therefore it is recommended to order larger packs, which give at least a few percent savings. If you buy two tubes at once, you get a discount, and if you order three packs, the fourth pack is added to the package free of charge, which significantly lowers the unit price of this product. You can also buy additional supplements from this manufacturer as part of the promotion.

What is Halluxeal?

Halluxeal is a uniquely formulated cream, but while the formula is powerful in its effects, the treatment has no side effects and is 100 percent safe for health. As you can read on the manufacturer's website, the ointment can permanently eliminate a smaller hallux, as well as reduce the size of these large degenerative lesions. The ointment works differently than toe correction devices, but that by no means means means inferior effectiveness - the results can be just as good, if not better.

The advantage of Halluxeal is that the treatment can be conveniently performed at home and it will not affect your normal activity in any way. Removal of the ailment comes down to lubrication of feet with the cream and the only thing you have to watch is to regularly apply the ointment to problematic areas.

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How does Halluxeal work?

Halluxeal - effects and application effects

Hallux valgus is a foot deformity that involves the toe having a crooked alignment. This does not look aesthetically pleasing, but the appearance of the feet is not the only problem. Hallux simply hurts, makes it difficult to walk, the foot does not align properly, and this also affects the functioning of other joints and postural defects. The curvature of the toe also causes inflammation in the joint, which increases the pain, and in addition in the place of curvature appears redness, local warmth and burning. Hallux valgus does not disappear on its own, it always requires treatment to reverse the changes, and Halluxeal is one of the recommended solutions.

The cream's formula affects the foot's cartilage, thanks to which the formation of hallux valgus does not occur, and if it is only in the development stage, Halluxeal can reverse the deformation and the hallux disappears. In case of the larger hallux, which were formed long time ago, the cream partially reduces their size and causes pain and inflammation elimination.

When is it worth reaching for Halluxeal cream?

Halluxeal - when and how to use

Halluxeal has a healing effect, although of course it will not bring full improvement in every case. However, if the halluxes are fairly small, it is possible to get rid of them thanks to the application of the cream, especially when they are just developing. It helps to reduce the size of the hallux and is recommended for all people who experience pain and difficulty in normal movement due to curvature of the toe.

It is also a great option for those looking for a preventive solution - Halluxeal helps everyone in the risk group, because you have to remember that hallux can have a genetic basis. By using hallux cream, you can prevent foot deformity and increase the protection of the skin on your feet.

Opinions about Halluxeal

"I previously thought that hallux valgus only bothered women because they wore high-heeled shoes. However, they also got to me and I must admit that it's a terribly tiring ailment. At the beginning I managed somehow, but with time walking made me tired, I couldn't place my feet normally and even in the morning I felt strong pain and numbness. After using Halluxeal, I managed to get rid of the pain within a few days, and now I can see that the deformations are slowly disappearing. And I was already afraid that I would not avoid surgery."

"I don't wish hallux valgus to anyone, it's something horrible, and who has never suffered from it doesn't know how much it interferes with everyday life. Feet hurt constantly, whether you're standing or walking, and resting doesn't really make much difference. Halluxeal has, without exaggeration, changed my life. After several applications, the ailments have significantly diminished. I can wear shoes normally, I can walk for a long time, in the morning I can move my feet without any problems. I am glad that I bought a larger supply of this ointment right away."

"I have had hallux for several years. They hurt when I walked, but somehow I got used to it, because I thought there was no way to remove it except through surgery. And I was afraid of surgery, because if something went wrong, it would be even worse than now. Meanwhile, it turned out that the symptoms of hallux valgus can be reduced with a cream. I discovered Halluxeal a bit by accident, but I'm happy that I did. My feet look completely different, the pain is almost gone, and I've gotten rid of the corns that kept popping up because I placed my feet crookedly."

What is the composition of Halluxeal Ointment?

  • Hydrolyzed keratin

It is an ingredient with a special effect, supplementing defects in the structure of the skin tissue. It also affects the development of cartilage and blocks the formation of growths, so there is no formation of hallux. It has antibacterial properties, protects against the development of fungal infections. It softens corns, improves skin elasticity, strengthens the epidermis.

  • Squalane

An ingredient with strong moisturizing and softening properties. It is a natural emollient that protects the skin from moisture loss. It forms a barrier against dangerous microorganisms. It restores the proper balance of the skin, stabilizes sebum secretion, blocks excessive peeling of the epidermis.

  • Olive oil
Halluxeal - natural composition olive oil

It deeply moisturizes the skin and slows down its aging. It has soothing properties, relieves inflammation and skin infections, protects against cracking and irritation. It strengthens blood vessels and stimulates circulation, so the skin is better oxygenated and receives more active ingredients. Softens corns and removes swellings.

  • Panthenol

Moisturizes and rebuilds epidermal damage. Removes corns and other skin changes. Stimulates intensive tissue regeneration, supplements the defects in the skin tissue, accelerates wound healing. It has antipruritic and antibacterial properties. It soothes inflammation and rebuilds the skin's protective barrier.

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How to use Halluxeal ointment correctly?

Before application feet should be thoroughly washed and dried. A thin layer of cream is applied on the so prepared skin and gently massaged in. Halluxeal is for bunions, but it should be used on the whole feet to ensure good skin care. The cream should be applied daily, at least once, but if the problem is more serious, the application can be repeated more often until the expected effect is achieved. After application, the cream is absorbed very quickly and you can get dressed almost immediately. It is not recommended to wash the skin of the feet for at least several dozen minutes after application of the ointment, because it may unnecessarily weaken its effect.

Can Halluxeal be dangerous to your health?

The manufacturer ensures that the formula of the cream has been developed with utmost care. Each ingredient has proven properties and it is known how it behaves when applied to the skin. The finished Halluxeal formula has also been tested for safety and tests have not shown any side effects during the treatment. However, the cream is not suitable for allergy sufferers - those who are allergic to the ingredients in the ointment must discontinue the treatment and use another solution for hallux.

Is Halluxeal a good method to get rid of hallux?

The treatment of hallux valgus is usually very troublesome and requires time-consuming rehabilitation. This is the case with surgeries, which only seemingly instantly remove the bunions, because after the surgery a several-week convalescence period begins, so it takes quite some time before you actually start to feel the improvement. With Halluxeal it's different, because even though you have to wait a bit for the improvement, nothing changes during the treatment, you can go to work and indulge in other usual activities in the same way. It is also less troublesome than wearing corrective devices, which have to be put on the foot for at least a few hours, so it is also a troublesome method hindering everyday activities.

Halluxeal - hallux cream

Halluxeal works safely and its effectiveness is confirmed by opinions of satisfied users as well as by opinions of specialists. It restores good condition of the feet, cares for the skin, reduces the extent of deformations and acts prophylactically to prevent the formation of new hallux.

For whom is Halluxeal ointment intended?

Halluxeal is suitable for people who already have hallux or are predisposed to their formation. The risk group includes people with a family history of hallux valgus, people who wear high heels or too tight shoes, people with flat feet and other foot defects, people with weak ligaments. Hallux valgus cream is suitable for both men and women, regardless of age and deformity development.

What effects can I expect from Halluxeal?

Halluxeal removes pain in the feet caused by bunions and other degenerative changes. It alleviates deformities and reverses their extent, contributes to the removal of inflammation and stimulates the regeneration of damaged tissues. It can remove small hallux and reduce the size of larger toe deformities, and the course of treatment here depends on individual factors. The ointment works best with fresh problems, when the cartilage is just developing and the adverse changes have not yet set in.

Halluxeal also cares for the skin of the entire foot, making it perfectly moisturized, elastic and free from irritation. It also effectively removes corns and calluses and prevents skin cracking, also on heels. Thanks to good skin nourishment, calluses and other defects hindering walking are not formed on it.

Where to place orders for Halluxeal cream?

Halluxeal - where to buy?

Halluxeal is only available for sale online. You can not get it in a pharmacy or drugstore, it is also not recommended to place orders through Allegro or Amazon. The manufacturer does not sell on these sites, so most likely such an offer applies to a fake, and not to the original cream with a valuable composition. In addition, the manufacturer does not take responsibility for ointments purchased outside the official site and does not accept returns.

The purchase process begins with filling out a form with your personal information. This information is necessary for the realization of the order and is fully protected, so you don't have to worry about it falling into the hands of unauthorized people. Next, you need to choose the Halluxeal package and select the purchase and delivery option. You don't have to pay for the cream upfront, although then the shipping costs are a bit lower. The package is packed in such a way that nobody will guess its content. Delivery to your home address or to a parcel machine is possible.

What is Halluxeal?

Halluxeal is an ointment for hallux, made of natural ingredients. It helps eliminate foot pain caused by bunions, cares for the skin and prevents the formation of new deformities.

Do I need a prescription to purchase Halluxeal?

Halluxeal is an over-the-counter ointment. It can be purchased on the manufacturer's website.

What is in the Halluxeal cream?

The ointment contains only ingredients of natural origin. These key active ingredients include squalane, panthenol, olive oil and hydrolyzed keratin.

How often do I need to use Halluxeal cream?

Halluxeal is intended for daily use.

Does Halluxeal help with bunions?

The cream can remove these smaller hallux, plus it very quickly relieves the symptoms associated with degenerative changes in the feet.

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  1. I'm 35 years old and my hallux valgus is already bothering me, it's not phenomenal yet, but it's visible to the naked eye which bothers me a lot, I don't feel comfortable with it. On top of that they hurt and this is again due to the fact that these deformities or growths cause discomfort and rubbing in the shoe, so I won't wear every shoe anymore, because then it's only worse. I'm taking the plunge before it's too late, it should already be a lesson for me how my mother agonized with hallux valgus and is still agonizing because she didn't do anything about it.

  2. I wish I had found this preparation sooner, maybe it would have been done without surgery, now I'm over the worst is now rehabilitation and waiting for it all to heal. And, of course, all the shoes to be replaced, it was the doctor himself who told me that the old shoes are no longer worn and all should be replaced. We will also see how my life will improve in practice, because with hallux valgus it was a nightmare not to mention that my feet looked so terrible that I couldn't look at them myself and I was ashamed, all the time I wore shoes to cover these imperfections, as of course I found shoes to fit at all which was also not easy so you can imagine how advanced stage these hallux were, that's why it ended with surgery

  3. Will such a cream for hallux valgus help with a large curvature of the toe ? In my case, this growth is large and hurts terribly, especially during my favorite walks, which I have 3 times a week, footwear must also be properly selected soft otherwise it presses even harder on the toe and there is more pain.

  4. I am terribly annoyed by my hallux, not only do they ruin my shoes and make walking very uncomfortable, but they also cause irritation and abrasion of the epidermis, which causes even more pain, I ordered halluxeal to see if it really works as they write

  5. Please tell me how long one pack of halluxeal lasts, because I do not know how much to order,what are the exact recommendations there when it comes to application ?

  6. For me it helped a lot to remove the thickening I had on both sides of my foot, for that the consistency and efficiency is ok, I immediately recommend taking more than one tube, despite the efficiency I used 2 times a day so logically it was depleting twice as fast 🙂


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