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What is keramin cream ?

Keramin cream for tinea pedis. It is available without a prescription and stands out for its mild, natural composition. However, it has a very high effectiveness when it comes to fighting ringworm, and according to the manufacturer, this treatment should not entail any negative side effects. The application of the ointment is very simple and works in every case, no matter how developed the disease is and what form it takes. How exactly does keramin cream help to get rid of this extremely bothersome and embarrassing disease?

How do you combat ringworm? Is keramine the right solution?

Tinea pedis is an infectious disease caused by fungi of the genus dermatophytes. The species responsible for the development of the disease are more than a hundred, but according to the manufacturer, keramin is able to fight every type of fungus that attacks the skin and nails of the feet. Mycosis can appear in different parts of the body but it develops most often on feet. Why?

Fungi need special conditions for further development, first of all heat and moisture, and walking practically all the time in shoes, feet are not well cooled, they sweat, and air exchange hardly takes place. It is not a coincidence that in those parts of the world where you walk mostly barefoot or in light sandals, cases of tinea pedis are recorded much less.

keramin cream for tinea pedis

Contact with disease-causing fungi does not always end in infection, as the skin defends itself quite well against similar threats. Nevertheless, when the skin is damaged and the immunity is not strong enough, the likelihood of developing ringworm increases.

keramin works very well in removing ringworm. The preparation penetrates deep into the skin and fights the very source of the disease. It is suitable for use both in those acute forms of ringworm, and in chronic infections that recur seasonally. After the main treatment is over, you can continue to use it, as the remedy also has a preventive role - it strengthens the skin, improves immunity and prevents further infections.

Keramin reviews

What do people who use keramin say? What kind of opinions, comments it has on the forum of specialists

"What I didn't do to get rid of mycosis... Various ointments, creams, steam packs, herbal compresses. There was an improvement but only temporary and then the symptoms came back. I avoided doctors because I was afraid that I would immediately get some antibiotics, but when nothing helped it seemed that I could not avoid those antibiotics anymore. My last chance was keramin, which was given to me by a friend. The cream worked for me too and I wish I had known about it sooner."

"I used Keramin for about a month. Although I had pretty severe ringworm, that was all it took for the disease to disappear. Now I am not ashamed of my feet, and I use the cream prophylactically, so I have not experienced any recurrence."

"I work in the fire service, wearing built-up, heavy boots is a daily occurrence in my line of work. Preventively I used something there for ringworm, but eventually I got sick. On the internet I found Keramin, made of natural ingredients, which quickly convinced me. Since then, this ointment has been a permanent fixture in my medicine cabinet."

Keramin cream Price

keramin price, how much does it cost, where to buy

How much does a pack of keramin cost? The price of keramin has been reduced and you can purchase it on promotion. One pack should be enough for about a month of use, depending on how advanced the mycosis is. You do not have to pay for the ointment in advance - buying directly from the manufacturer gives you the option of cash on delivery, but only for domestic orders.

Keramin cream safety, contraindications

Can keramine be dangerous to your health? Treatment of ringworm can be done in several ways. Often such patients are given oral medications, which can cause certain side effects that are very detrimental to health. Antibiotic therapies are also a threat, because they also destroy the healthy bacterial flora. A much better solution in the case of tinea pedis is topical treatment, i.e. covering the affected skin with ointment of a special composition.

keramin action, safety use

keramin cream boasts a safe, gentle formula for the skin. It does not aggravate irritation, cause pain, or slow down wound healing. The use of this ointment is completely safe and free of side effects, and treatment can be carried out without medical supervision.

Can everyone use keramin cream?

Keramin is unlikely to be given to children unless a doctor is consulted beforehand to treat ringworm with it. It is also discouraged to use the ointment during pregnancy and breastfeeding, which is a standard recommendation for all drugs or supplements. There is only one contraindication for use and it concerns possible allergy to the ointment's components, which, however, concerns very rare cases - the plants used in the product are not allergenic.

How do you know when it is the right time to use keramin ointment? Ringworm is very hard to miss, in fact it always gives clear symptoms. It usually attacks the soles of the feet, which is manifested by a white, chalky coating on the surface of the skin, and often develops in the space between the toes. A symptom of tinea pedis may also be large keratoses of the skin, especially on the heels, to this the skin of the feet has a tendency to redness, burning, itching, may crack and excessive peeling.

Often mycosis passes from the skin to the nail plate, which is also immediately noticeable - nails begin to split and crack, they become yellow, their surface thickens, around the nail the skin may be red and slightly swollen.

How to use keramin antifungal cream? Instructions for application

Application is trivial. Apply a small amount to the affected skin and spread gently, allowing it to dry completely. Keramin cream can be used daily, but only in the amounts allowed, which is described in the leaflet. The ointment has no irritating ingredients, so even when the skin is cracked and peeling, you can apply to the affected areas, but without rubbing, so as not to aggravate the symptoms. The product has a pleasant, light consistency and a nice smell, does not stain clothes, does not cause allergies.

You can use Keramin regularly, also after curing mycosis - applied on healthy skin, it will act as an additional protection against infections and new development of mycosis. It is worth to combine the application of the cream with other remedial measures, such as wearing good quality socks, buying airy shoes and keeping feet dry. veniselle cream.

How effective is the treatment with keramin?

Keramin ointment has already been appreciated by very many patients. During the consumer research also managed to confirm that it is an effective solution for almost every case of tinea pedis and even dermatologists are happy to recommend it to their patients.It helps at every stage of tinea development, it is also effective when the infection attacks the nails.

Keramin Composition - What ingredients does Cream for ringworm contain?

What is in the formulation of keramin ointment? The three main active ingredients of the formula are: hemp seed oil, ginseng, purple willow bark

Selection of these ingredients is the result of many years of research on mycosis and methods of its treatment. It has been confirmed that some plant extracts, in properly selected doses, remove the causes of mycosis and accelerate its treatment, giving very good and, most importantly, lasting effects.

  1. Hemp seed oil made its way into keramins because of how well it does cell regeneration and fighting infection in tissues. In addition, the ingredient has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, provides nutrients, soothes irritation and accelerates skin healing, making it softer and smoother.
  2. Willow bark extract eliminates foci of infection, fights fungi and stops the development of the disease. It has analgesic effect, relieves burning and itching of the skin, thanks to it the feet regain proper color and the skin becomes smoother. Willow bark prevents skin keratosis and improves the structure of the nail plate.
  3. Ginseng extract has similar effects, i.e. it fights pain, removes fungi causing infections, improves skin regeneration. Additionally, it has a positive effect on blood supply to the skin and fights free radicals. It is also important for the immune system, which significantly reduces the risk of reinfection with fungi.

How Does antifungal cream work, does it really fight ringworm?

The key task for keramins is to remove the source of infection and eliminate all disease-causing fungi, just as fungostop+. The cream does this effectively, yet gently, so that no adverse reactions of the body occur during the treatment.Reduces redness and irritation of the skin, also makes it stop peeling and cracking.

keramin cream composition, all ingredients

Keramin is also a preventive action, it reduces sweating of feet, which is one of the factors contributing to the development of mycosis. It does not allow keratoses to appear on the skin, smooths and softens the skin, improves the appearance of toenails.

Keramin cream Effects of use, results

Why is it worth using keramin? What effects does the treatment give? Tinea pedis needs to be treated not only because feet affected by it look unattractive. Untreated mycosis can spread to other organs and often such infections aggravate symptoms of other diseases, for example asthma or diabetes. Thanks to the cream feet regain nice look and you don't have to be ashamed of walking barefoot or in open shoes anymore. Foot perspiration decreases, unpleasant odour disappears, skin is smooth and pleasant to the touch, it does not dry out, crack or become thick on the heels.

Keramin is able to remove all types of disease-causing fungi. It stimulates the biological renewal of cells, so the skin on the feet quickly becomes soft and without any damage. The same is true for the nails - ringworm can attack the nail plate, but it limits the extent of the disease and eliminates microorganisms that destroy healthy tissue.

Where to buy keramin cream ? Pharmacy, manufacturer's site

Keramin is not available in pharmacies. Can you buy it on Allegro or Amazon? Yes, although it is unlikely to be an original, but a counterfeit. You can have a guarantee of authenticity only by placing an order on manufacturer's website, which can be done at any time.

Product NameKeramin cream
Pharmacy Availability No
Side Effects No
How much does it costManufacturer Promotions
Evaluation⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
Delivery Time✓ 1-3 days
StoreOffer keramin

How long do I have to wait to order from keramin?Is keramin sold by prescription?

It is a cream based on natural ingredients, completely safe for health and therefore available to everyone without a prescription.

Can I get a product for tinea pedis at the pharmacy?

It is a cream based on natural ingredients, completely safe for health and therefore available to everyone without a prescription.

What you get from using an antifungal cream

Keramin removes foot fungus, both from the skin and from the nails. It can also be used prophylactically, as protection against ringworm.

Who can apply

Any person 18 years of age or older, except pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Does keramin have a natural composition?

Yes, there are only plant-based ingredients in the ointment: hemp oil, ginseng, and purple willow bark.

Can there be any side effects ?

No side effects have been found to occur with proper application of keramin ointment.

How long do I have to wait to order keramin cream?

The cream packet is shipped right away, so it should be there within a few business days.

Can I pay for the product on delivery?

Yes, but only if the package is delivered within the country.

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