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LactiFresh is a gel that consists of organic compounds that help maintain the normal bacterial flora of the intimate organs and protect against infections. The gel can be used by any woman, and without fear of any side effects during the treatment - the formula is completely safe and thoroughly tested. It has received only positive reviews from women and has a promotional price, and you can read all about it in the pinyin article. Check out the full composition of this gel, how it works and what people who have already used LactiFresh to improve their intimate health are saying.

LactiFresh Price

At what price is LactiFresh sold? Where can it be purchased?

LactiFresh intimate hygiene gel

Gel for intimate infections boasts a high-quality composition and an affordable price. This, however, only applies to purchases made on the manufacturer's website, as this is the only place where official distribution is carried out. LactiFresh has not been introduced in pharmacies, nor can it be ordered through Allegro or Amazon - the listings that appear in these places are mostly sales of worthless fakes.

The price of LactiFresh will be lower when you order a larger package. When you buy two packs, the third pack comes with a free pack, while when you buy three pieces of gel, there are as many as three free packs in the shipment, so you get a supply of gel for a whole six months.

Ordering LactiFresh does not require prepayment and you can pay the entire fee only when picking up the package. The package is delivered either by courier or by Polish post, yet another option is to place the package in a parcel box. The packaging does not reveal its contents in any way, and no one will know what is in the box.

Where do intimate problems come from and how can LactiFresh remedy it?

A woman's reproductive organs are at risk of infection at all times. Contrary to appearances, it is not only the lack of hygiene that promotes infections, because too frequent washing of the intimate area, especially with strong chemical preparations, washes out the good bacteria and dries out the mucous membrane. These actions disrupt the bacterial flora that maintains the desired level of vaginal acidity, and then fungi and pathogenic bacteria can thrive.

To solve this problem, you need a product that fights bad pathogens and at the same time restores good bacteria. LactiFresh accomplishes this task, as it replenishes the lack of lactic acid, which is the main component of a woman's healthy genital bacterial flora. It's also worth remembering that the pH of the vagina can change from cycle to cycle, either during pregnancy or during menopause, so it's also advisable to use prophylactically to respond to imbalances right away and protect intimate areas from pathogens.

LactiFresh fights women's intimate infections

What ingredients were used to create LactiFresh?

LactiFresh's formula is uncomplicated and is based on two active ingredients, which are aloe vera and lactic acid. Their choice is not a coincidence, because it is these two substances that play an important role in genital hygiene and maintenance of intimate health. Lactic acid ensures that the vaginal pH is appropriately acidic, in the range of 4.6-4.5, which is considered optimal for the body. If there is enough lactic acid, the risk that an infection will develop, discharge will occur, and intimate areas will have a foul odor decreases. Lactic acid lowers the pH and increases protection against harmful bacteria much more effectively than any synthetic ingredient.

LactiFresh has natural ingredients

The second active ingredient is the juice of fresh aloe vera leaves. Aloe vera is used to accelerate healing and tissue regeneration. It gently moisturizes and provides a pleasant feeling of freshness in intimate areas. It quickly soothes irritation, relieves burning and itching in the genitals, fights bacteria and fungi. It also serves as a protective agent against abrasions and irritation of the skin or mucous membranes. With the help of aloe vera, the body can also strengthen the skin's natural protective barrier.

Product NameLactiFresh
Product typeIntimate hygiene gel for women
Women's opinions⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 100% positive
Ingredients of the gel🌿 natural: lactic acid, aloe vera
The possibility of buying the gel at a pharmacy?Not
Manufacturer Page▶️

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LactiFresh reviews

How do women who use LactiFresh rate the gel's performance?

"I wasn't convinced about this gel, because I have a history of experience with these types of preparations, and they were practically always negative. Yet LactiFresh surprised me on the plus side. First with the smell and consistency, because after applying it I really felt fresh. It's a very gentle gel, after which you don't have to worry about an unpleasant odor. Another plus I give for the fact that infections have stopped recurring."

"LactiFresh gel comes in a convenient package with a dispenser, so there is no problem with its dosage and application. The gel is applied quickly and after a while you can already feel a pleasant refreshment. After intimate infections, not a trace. The package actually lasted me a month and I can only regret that I didn't order a larger package right away."

"For a long time I could not find a good intimate gel for my problems. LactiFresh quickly fell to my liking. It doesn't irritate, is gentle on the skin, doesn't cause allergies, and relieves any discomfort after a short while. During the time I've been using it, I haven't experienced any infections and finally got rid of the bad smell from my intimate area. The consistency of the gel is perfect, it doesn't leave marks on underwear, and you can use it before sex."

"In my opinion, LactiFresh works perfectly for irritated intimate areas. Previously, what I would not do, I always felt how dry and unpleasantly tight the skin was, but after the gel, the intimate area is well moisturized, there is no discomfort, burning or itching. I rate the effectiveness of the gel highly, because it dealt with everything that bothered me, and after using it I can feel fresh for almost the whole day."

Does the LactiFresh treatment need to be supervised by a doctor?

LactiFresh works quickly and effectively

Taking care of intimate health is a good idea to consult a gynecologist, but just in the case of LactiFresh this is not required. The gel is not dangerous, and it is enough to read the entire product leaflet before the first application, especially regarding possible contraindications and proper use. Only pregnant and breastfeeding women need to go to the gynecologist, because although the gel has tested, safe ingredients, in this unique condition it is better to be sure that the doctor sees no contraindications to additional treatment.

How to use LactiFresh properly?

The gel's packaging is a small bottle with a pump, which makes it easy to dispense the gel for application. The gel is squeezed onto clean and dry fingertips, and immediately spread over the intimate areas. However, the gel should not be inserted inside the vagina, but only applied to the outer areas. Once the gel is absorbed, it should not be washed off like intimate cleansers - LactiFresh is also designed to moisturize the intimate area.

Application of the gel is repeated daily, once or twice, depending on your needs. Regular use will quickly give the desired results, and although improvement should occur after just a few days, it is worth extending the treatment - LactiFresh can be used daily for many months.

How does LactiFresh affect a woman's intimate health?

LactiFresh soothes and calms women's intimate zone

The main problems associated with intimate health are infections. They do not always have a very serious course, but even these short and relatively mild infections can be troublesome, and over time they develop into something more serious. All the more reason to react when the ailments are more serious, as neglecting them will have health consequences.

After using LactiFresh, the pH of the intimate area stabilizes and reaches the right level. The lactic acid contained in the gel contributes to the following. intimate infections subside and the body defends itself much better against them. In addition, the gel removes unpleasant odor, which is very often due to disrupted bacterial flora. Aloe vera gel has a soothing and calming effect, which allows to eliminate irritation of intimate areas, reduce redness, itching and burning. Intimate places are less likely to suffer from infections and embarrassing symptoms thanks to the treatment.

What is the reasoning behind using LactiFresh?

LactiFresh is a tested, hypoallergenic product developed in the European Union. It was approved for sale on the basis of independent studies confirming its effectiveness and safety of use. The gel does not contain aggressive, synthetic ingredients that could irritate the intimate area, but works precisely to eliminate similar symptoms.

LactiFresh is a natural method to restore the physiological pH of the reproductive organs. The gel is better than pills and much gentler than competing preparations, so women with sensitive skin can also use it. It strengthens the natural protective mechanisms, making it harder for harmful microorganisms to get in and cause an infection.

Does LactiFresh have proven effectiveness?

The effective performance of the product is not just a manufacturer's claim. How the gel actually works was proven during independent consumer research on a large group of women of different ages. For every woman who used LactiFresh, it was the gel that proved to be the best solution to vaginal odor and recurrent infections. The vast majority of women admitted that they noticed an improvement after one week of use.

LactiFresh has made the vagina healthier and less prone to infection. It also provided optimal lubrication, which solved the problem of a dry and irritated vagina. The benefits of the gel treatment also include. improving the quality of sexual life, because by better lubrication and soothing abrasions, the satisfaction felt during sex with a partner increases.

For whom is LactiFresh gel intended?

The symptoms that LactiFresh gel helps with are:

  • vaginal odor
  • dryness and irritation of the intimate area
  • burning and itching
  • recurring intimate infections

Ailments of this type can have various causes, but usually have to do with compromised bacterial flora and too high vaginal pH. It is quite difficult to fix this without any support, which is why a gel was created that quickly removes the symptoms and causes of the problems. The great advantage of LactiFresh is that the application of the gel increases the amount of lactic acid in the vaginal area, which helps to restore the optimal level of acidification of the reproductive organs.

It's a good idea to start using LactiFresh when you often feel a lack of freshness in the intimate area and a bad smell. The product does not have a spermicidal effect, but it is strongly moisturizing, so it will help increase sexual satisfaction and avoid painful abrasions. You can also use it simply as a preventive measure, so that the bacterial flora remains at a healthy level at all times.

Are there contraindications to treatment with LactiFresh gel?

People under the age of 18 are not allowed to use the gel. Contraindication to the treatment is hypersensitivity to the components of the gel, but otherwise LactiFresh is not allergenic. An allergy test should be carried out before the first application of the gel, on a small piece of skin - if there is no rash and redness, it is a sign that the product can be used without fear of side effects.

What are the results of using LactiFresh?

LactiFresh intimate hygiene gel
  1. LactiFresh gel eliminates unpleasant odor from intimate areas
  2. treatment provides hygiene and optimal care of the genitals
  3. The vagina and its surroundings are well moisturized and protected from abrasions
  4. Gel soothes irritation, removes itching and burning in intimate areas
  5. the feeling of freshness lasts for a very long time
  6. intimate area regeneration improves


Does LactiFresh help with intimate infections?

The gel takes care of restoring the normal pH of the vagina, so you can eliminate intimate infections and protect the body from their recurrence. The gel provides lactic acid, so it does not serve only to mask the symptoms, but acts on the causes of the infection.

Is it possible to buy LactiFresh at a pharmacy?

LactiFresh is not available in pharmacies, including online ones. It can easily be ordered online, and you don't need a prescription to buy it.

What are the ingredients in the gel and what do they consist of?

The formula of LactiFresh is very simple and organic. Lactic acid and aloe vera leaf extract are responsible for the action. These ingredients restore balance in the bacterial flora of the vagina, soothe irritation and eliminate bad odor.

Can LactiFresh cause harm?

There is no risk of side effects when applying the gel, but you must always do it according to the manufacturer's recommendations. People with allergies to the listed ingredients should not use this gel, and pregnant women are advised to consult a doctor.

What kind of women is LactiFresh for?

The gel is suitable for women who are at least 18 years old. The use of the gel will prove useful in situations when intimate infections, vaginal odor, burning or itching are troublesome.

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