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Levicose is a product that aims to remove varicose veins and spider veins. As assured by the manufacturer, the treatment should work at any stage of varicose vein development, and it also helps with such ailments as a feeling of heaviness in the legs or leg swelling. You don't need a prescription to start using the gel, as it is made with only natural ingredients. How does it help with varicose veins? www.levicose.com

Levicose Price

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How much can you buy Levicose for and where to order?

The lowest price of Levicose is offered by the manufacturer. Current rates can be checked at any time on its website, there is also an order form. Quite often the gel is available on promotion, and the discounts reach up to 50 percent. The gel is not available in pharmacies and drugstores, however, there are its offers on Allegro or Amazon - the manufacturer points out that outside the official sale, these are only fakes.

What is Levicose?

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Varicose veins are the result of venous insufficiency. As a result of hypertension, veins lengthen and widen, and in some places, twists form that can be seen on the surface of the skin as bloody nodules. Ruptures and deformations of smaller vessels create smaller spider veins. Varicose veins form mainly on the legs. Why. The blood reaching the legs has to get back to the heart later, but if you sit or stand for a long time, there is a problem with pumping the blood upwards, the valves become weaker and weaker, but the blood pressure increases. As a result, some of the fluid is retained in the legs damaging the vessels - this causes not only varicose veins, but also swelling, pain, feeling of heaviness. Check out our other recommended product for varicose veins called Neoveris.

How to fight it? Certainly a diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants is helpful, as well as physical activity, which stimulates circulation. It is also worth reaching for a supplement, which quickly relieves tired and swollen legs, in addition contributes to the removal of varicose veins. Levicose strengthens blood vessels and activates regeneration of venous valves. It improves the functioning of the circulatory system, i.e. directly affects the causes of varicose veins, which is why it is considered to be an exceptionally effective product improving the condition of legs.

What are the ingredients in Levicose

Levicose is distinguished by its rich composition and high doses of active substances. However, it is a completely natural composition, using mainly the healing properties of plant oils. The formula affects the structure of blood vessels, pleasantly soothes the skin and relieves irritation, and ingredients such as:

  • Troxerutin

It is a rich source of valuable fatty acids: omega 6 and omega 3. Thanks to them, the heart can work more efficiently, blood vessels are protected against deposits and atherosclerotic plaques, blood pressure is stabilized, there is no inflammation.

  • Chamomile extract
Levicose - natural ingredients

Pleasantly cools, reduces swelling, soothes inflammation. It helps a lot with swollen legs and pain caused by circulatory disorders. It has antiseptic effects, prevents infections, destroys free radicals. It is rich in vitamin C and A, it also provides iron, magnesium and calcium. It prevents varicose veins.

  • Buzzard

It strongly moisturizes and soothes irritations. It stimulates the regeneration of damaged veins, restores their proper elasticity, prevents the formation of congestion and clots. Removes swelling and improves blood and lymph flow.

  • Chestnut extract

It removes swelling, soothes irritation, accelerates the treatment of varicose veins. It strengthens the circulatory system. It has analgesic properties. It contributes to the increased production of collagen.

How does Levicose work?

The first stage of Levicose's action is felt very quickly, as soon as the gel is applied to the skin for the first time. The gel reduces the extent of swelling and accelerates lymph absorption, also relieves pain and a feeling of heaviness in the legs. The ingredients do not allow clots to form on the walls of blood vessels, thanks to which blood flows more freely, the functioning of venous valves also improves. This is the second stage of treatment - veins become stronger and more flexible, so they are not threatened by deformation and varicose veins do not form.

Levicose doesn't just focus on preventing varicose veins, however. It can also contribute to the reversal of these changes, and even when the varicose veins are already strongly visible. It is also effective in smaller spider veins, accelerating their absorption. Thanks to the gel, veins are less fragile and do not undergo deformation. In addition, the gel removes inflammatory foci - infections are quite common with varicose veins and are one of the causes of venous insufficiency complications. It is also important that it moisturizes the skin well, as this also has an impact on the effectiveness of varicose treatment.


Who can use Levicose?

Varicose veins mainly affect women, but men can also use this product if they have a problem with venous insufficiency. Levicose is recommended at any stage of the disease development, it is also recommended to be used prophylactically by people who are in the risk group. Varicose veins are threatened mainly by people over 40 years of age, especially women, but also by people who lead sedentary lifestyle, are overweight, have heart problems and high blood pressure. Smoking also contributes to varicose veins formation.

Levicose may be used from the age of 18. The gel helps with spider and varicose veins, leg swelling, feeling of heaviness, pain caused by venous insufficiency.

Is Levicose effective?

Levicose - effects

The plant ingredients used in Levicose have research-proven effects. Here they form a unique formula, which further improves their natural properties. Used regularly, according to the manufacturer's recommendations, the gel is able to remove varicose veins and improve comfort - unlike many preparations of this type, the action does not end with the alleviation of unpleasant symptoms, but with the removal of causes.

The effectiveness of Levicose was confirmed during tests involving a group of people with varicose veins. As it turned out, after about two weeks of use, the varicose veins significantly decreased or disappeared completely. However, the manufacturer recommends combining the use with a proper diet and, above all, with physical activity. Read here how to get a good diet.

About Levicose

"In my family almost all women sooner or later had varicose veins. I know that it is an unpleasant ailment which in time can develop into an even more serious disease, therefore I have been taking great care of my legs since I was a child. Now I use Levicose prophylactically. I have a sedentary job and it is known that it is one of the greatest threats to the condition of legs and often at the end of the day my legs were burning, swollen and red. Since I have been using the varicose vein gel I feel lightness in my legs, my skin is smooth without any spider veins."

"I got varicose veins because of work. I didn't really care about it at first, until I found out that there could be some health complications from it. That's how my treatment with Levicose began. I also use a gel to reduce the varicose veins and prevent their further development, and so far it looks really promising. The varicose veins have reduced and my legs don't hurt."

"I was very ashamed of my varicose veins because it really does disfigure the legs, not to mention the discomfort it causes. I had heard about varicose vein removal treatments, but somehow it scared me and I preferred to start with something gentler. Levicose is a skin lubricating gel, which is the perfect solution for me. Most importantly, it was very effective as I watched with amazement as the varicose veins became less and less visible. She is really happy with the effect."

How to use Levicose?

Levicose comes in the form of a gel that you apply to the skin on your legs. It can be applied only to those areas where the varicesBut it will give better results if you apply it to the whole surface of the legs. The gel should be gently massaged into the skin, for about five minutes. The gel should be applied twice a day, for example, in the morning and in the evening. The gel is applied on clean, dry skin and washing this part of the body should be avoided for at least an hour so that the product is not removed prematurely.

Levicose is a mild preparation, but there are people who are allergic to plant oils. To find out that the treatment will not cause any unpleasant allergic reactions, use the gel first on a small piece of skin and wait 12 hours. The absence of a rash on the skin means that it is a completely safe preparation for us.

What are the effects of using Levicose?

  1. legs become light, without the unpleasant feeling of heaviness
  2. swelling and redness on the skin of the legs subsides
  3. legs are less tiring, no burning, no numbness
  4. improves the condition of blood vessels
  5. spider veins and varicose veins are no longer visible

Why reach for Levicose?

Levicose - how much does the gel cost

Levicose is a very good product for people who would like to get rid of varicose veins quickly and safely. After application, the gel cools pleasantly, reduces swelling and even decreases pain in legs. It has a regenerative effect, so damaged and weakened veins can quickly recover and proper circulation in legs returns. The gel moisturizes the skin well, so you can use it instead of the usual leg lotion.

This is a very good alternative to surgery - applying Levicose gel does not hurt and there is no risk of complications. The treatment can be done at home, on your own - the only thing you need to do is to follow the instructions carefully.

Is Levicose safe for health?

The manufacturer states that Levicose is free of side effects if you use the gel according to the instructions on the package. Allergic reactions are only possible in people who are allergic to the plant ingredients, however, this happens extremely rarely. The gel is suitable for sensitive and problematic skin, and can be used by all adults.

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  1. I read so much about this cream for varicose veins that I decided to order it, I am waiting for the shipment, we will see what the effects will be, I will share with you here

  2. In my case, walking in a dress and skirts to the knees became persistent, then it was the most visible varicose veins and all kinds of spider veins or cracks on the skin. After a month of using lavicose there are no more spider veins and how it will be with varicose veins we'll see later, so far I can see improvement but they are still there

  3. I also wanted to test this gel for varicose veins, but after a visit to the doctor and a consultation I decided that there is no point, because the state and appearance of my varicose veins is so advanced that I can not do without surgery, anyway, if your girls problem is not so serious, it is worth trying everything just to avoid going under the scalpel, good luck

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