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NovuVita Vir tablets is a supplement designed for men who want to increase their chances of becoming a father. Male fertility can become impaired for various reasons, which of course makes it very difficult to get pregnant. It doesn't have to be a permanent deterioration though, because with the right supplementation fertility can be improved and thus you can finally make your dreams of parenthood a reality. Is NovuVita Vir such a supplement?

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What is NovuVita Vir?

NovuVita Vir - fertility pills

It is difficult for many couples to get pregnant and this also applies to young people who theoretically should not have any problem with it. In men the most important thing is the quality of semen, that is the number and motility of sperm. For health reasons or as a result of an inappropriate lifestyle the number of sperms capable of conceiving can decrease drastically, which is why it is so important to take care of a good physical condition and an appropriate diet when trying to have a child.

It is also often recommended that both partners take additional supplementation of missing micronutrients to increase the chances of pregnancy. Usually, such supplements vary in their composition, and NovuVita Vir is a formula designed with men in mind. It has a rich composition, so you can improve your reproductive health and increase sperm production within a few weeks. In the pills there are components responsible for the course of spermatogenesis, that is the process of formation and maturation of sperms. The supplement also increases the body's immunity, because frequent infections impair the functioning of reproductive organs and make conception difficult. NovuVita Vir also increases the physical efficiency of the male body, increases male libido and prevents erectile dysfunction.

NovuVita Vir reviews

"My wife and I had been trying to get pregnant for several months, but nothing was working. My wife had been thoroughly tested, so it was clear that it wasn't her fault. I also decided to get tested and unfortunately, our fears were confirmed - poor sperm quality. However, the chance was still there, I just had to take on more. I decided to take NovuVita Vir, because this supplement has everything I need, i.e. folic acid, vitamins, zinc, selenium. After less than three months of supplementation, my wife finally announced that she was pregnant."

"I couldn't believe that at my age one could have such fertility problems. Especially since I seemed healthy, nothing was wrong with me, no erectile dysfunction. The doctor prescribed vitamins and if that didn't help, we were to think about further treatment. Instead of taking several different pills I chose NovuVita Vir, just because of the rich composition. I changed to a healthier diet, gave up alcohol completely and took the supplement every day. It worked. Just a few more weeks and I'll be a father."

"I felt the benefits of taking NovuVita Vir very quickly. After just a few days I gained energy, my higher libido returned, I just felt much better. But most importantly, the supplement affected my fertility. After a few months of unsuccessful attempts and waiting for a miracle, finally our desire came true. My wife is now pregnant and everything is going on without any complications."

What are the effects after using NovuVita Vir?

NovuVita Vir - quick effects of application

NovuVita Vir is a great support for the male organism. With each consecutive dose the body receives necessary vitamins and minerals, which contributes to increased sperm production. The tablets also have an effect on hormonal balance, in particular on the concentration of testosterone, which is extremely important for male fertility. The supplementation results in smooth spermatogenesis, and the sperm produced by the male body are healthy, strong and very mobile, so that their chances of quickly combining with a woman's egg cell increase.

As the manufacturer emphasizes, NovuVita Vir are only body-friendly ingredients, without strong chemicals or toxins that can cause side effects. Their purpose is solely to enhance fertility and generally improve the condition of the body.

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What is the composition of NovuVita Vir tablets?

  • Folic acid Quatrefolic®

In the context of pregnancy, folic acid is one of the most important micronutrients. It is recommended to take folic acid supplements before pregnancy, so that it can perform its function from the first day of fetal development. Folic acid is responsible for the proper development of the child's nervous system and it is also responsible for organogenesis. Thanks to NovuVita Vir, the concentration of folic acid in the body increases, which translates into better motility of sperm and an improvement in fertility by up to 50 percent.

  • L-Carnitine

It is an ingredient that improves semen quality. It has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the hormonal economy, increases the concentration of testosterone. It protects cells from oxidative stress.

  • Zinc

An element essential for proper functioning of male reproductive functions. It stimulates testosterone production and stabilises its level, increases libido, strengthens erection. It is responsible for sperm quality and motility. Participates in DNA and protein synthesis.

  • Selenium

Another important element for male fertility, responsible for the production of healthy, strong sperm with high motility. It takes care of the proper testosterone metabolism. Increases libido and affects erection.

  • Coenzyme Q10

A very powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals so that reproductive cells do not degenerate. It improves the quality of sperm and strongly contributes to the proper functioning of spermatozoa. It has a strengthening and protective effect on the genitourinary system.

NovuVita Vir - natural ingredients
  • Rosehip extract

A rich source of vitamin C, a natural antioxidant. Protects cells from damage. It acts as a diuretic, removing harmful toxins from the reproductive tract. Increases immunity.

  • Carrot extract

It provides many antioxidants and is also a source of iron, phosphorus and copper. It has anti-inflammatory properties, accelerates regeneration of the body, prevents cell degeneration. It increases the number of valuable sperm cells in semen.

  • Vitamin B12

Regulates hormonal balance, increases testosterone production, improves fertility. Ensures proper metabolism of homocysteine, which means cells can develop and regenerate properly. Supports the cardiovascular system.

  • Vitamin E

It is essential for the body to produce adequate amounts of hormones. Protects cells from oxidative stress. Supports the immune system, gives energy. Regulates the work of reproductive organs.

  • Vitamin B6

Increases testosterone levels and is responsible for proper DNA structure. Regulates blood pressure and supports heart muscle function. It is important for the nervous system. Takes part in many metabolic processes and increases magnesium assimilability in the body.

  • Vitamin D

It is needed for the body to absorb sufficient amounts of calcium and phosphorus. It supports the development of the bone system and increases immunity. Thanks to it, the body maintains a high level of vitality. It takes part in sperm production and improves semen parameters.

How does NovuVita Vir work?

Decreased fertility can have various causes. Fortunately, these are not always serious or irreversible changes - in many people difficulties in getting pregnant are the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, which also weakens the reproductive functions. A poor diet, stimulants and lack of exercise can upset the hormone balance, and the supply of key microelements is far too low, which is why the quality of semen deteriorates - there are fewer sperm, they are weak and not very mobile, which makes it impossible for them to successfully join with an egg cell.

NovuVita Vir can change that. The supplement supplements vitamin and element deficiencies. It increases the desire for sex and prevents erection problems. It contributes to an increased production of testosteroneIt has a positive effect on sexual function. It also ensures that the male body can cope better with infections, it also destroys free radicals that impair healthy cells and damage fertility. Thanks to the capsules, the metabolism of homocysteine proceeds in a correct manner, and there are no disturbances in the synthesis of DNA, proteins and amino acids. An important area of action of the pills is also support for the psyche.

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Is NovuVita Vir a safe supplement?

The formula of NovuVita Vir consists of over a dozen active substances. However, as you can read on the manufacturer's website, these are only components safe for health, necessary for maintaining fertility at the right level. NovuVita does not cause side effects, although it is not recommended for people who are allergic to the ingredients listed in the leaflet. The dosage is adjusted in such a way as to support sexual functions of the male body, however, without harmful influence on other organs - the pills do not damage the liver and do not raise blood pressure.

Who is recommended to use NovuVita Vir?

NovuVita Vir - how to use it properly?

NovuVita Vir is a supplement just for men. The composition is designed to provide the most important micronutrients for fertility. With NovuVita Vir you can get pregnant faster and the supplement does not require a prescription from your doctor, you just need to order the tablets when you start thinking about having a baby. You can start taking NovuVita Vir tablets at any time as the supplementation does not require any additional preparation. It is an ideal solution for every man who is trying to have a baby but despite all attempts no conception takes place.

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What are the benefits of NovuVita Vir?

Treatment of infertility often begins with lifestyle changes and the use of good supplements, and only when this fails are pharmacological agents used. Natural supplementation is beneficial because it does not contain synthetic ingredients that interfere with natural processes in the body. NovuVita Vir simply provides important microelements, thanks to which the production of new sperms increases and they have much better parameters.

How should I take NovuVita Vir tablets?

The success of the treatment depends on whether the supplement is used according to the manufacturer's recommendations. NovuVita Vir must be taken daily for at least one month - one pack of the supplement contains 30 capsules, so it is enough for a basic fertility support cycle. NovuVita Vir tablet is taken once a day, after a meal, and sipped with water. It cannot be a meal replacement, but only a supplement to a daily healthy diet. It is not recommended to combine NovuVita Vir with supplements of similar composition, because this may cause overdosing of some vitamins or elements.

What are the benefits of NovuVita Vir tablets?

Systematic intake of NovuVita Vir means that in a very short period of time fertility improves and so does the chance of rapid conception. NovuVita Vir tablets regulate the hormonal activity of the male body, improve the quality of semen and ensure the correct course of spermatogenesis. The supplement is safe for health, made of proven ingredients, and provides such important micronutrients as zinc, selenium and B vitamins.

NovuVita Vir Price

NovuVita Vir - attractive price

What is the price of NovuVita Vir?

The manufacturer offers promotions on their website when you buy more than one pack, and if you order 3 packs at once - the fourth is added for free.

Where can you buy NovuVita Vir?

NovuVita Vir tablets are not available in pharmacies. Their sale is carried out exclusively online, and the most reliable place to conduct transactions is the manufacturer's website. Here you can count on the lowest prices for NovuVita Vir, as well as full guarantee of quality and authenticity of the product. In addition, it is also possible to order other products of this manufacturer in promotion. You can pay for NovuVita Vir in advance or on delivery, but the latter option is reserved for domestic shipments only.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are fertility pills?

NovuVita Vir was created for men who have problems with fertility and who would like to have children. The composition of the tablets is designed to improve the quality of sperms.

What are the expert opinions on NovuVita Vir?

Studies have shown that regular, guided supplementation with NovuVita Vir can increase the chances of conception by tens of percent.

How to use NovuVita Vir?

The manufacturer recommends taking 1 capsule a day, preferably after a meal and with a lot of water. Before using, it is best to carefully read the recommendations attached to the package and do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Can NovuVita Vir tablets be bought at a pharmacy?

No, the original tablets are only available on the manufacturer's official sales page.

Is it possible to ship internationally?

Yes, but the manufacturer stipulates that payment must be made upon ordering.

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  1. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for a few good years now, but with no effect, in our case it's already desperation, especially since in the Polish state it's hard when it comes to these things. I have purchased a kit for my husband and myself, we will see what comes of it, it can only get better

  2. Recently my husband did semen tests privately, it's not that expensive at all it came out to about £120 and the results were the next day, interestingly I sent these results to my gynecologist who said he had everything in order so now we are moving on to the next step which is a more thorough examination of myself, because the basic tests I also have ok.

  3. I have tests done and it comes out that I am healthy and the density of sperm and their viability is also ok, my partner also has positive results- so we are looking for some solution that will help us in this hard case , we came across these pills after reviews and actually success after treatment with these pills we decided to buy it

  4. As a guy, you need to know that your sperm is responsible for offspring and fertilization, so it's worth knowing certain things about it such as. Nowadays our bodies are learned almost exactly. However, scientists don't always manage to find out everything. Both male and female bodies hold many secrets. Some things, although learned many years ago are still foreign to ordinary laymen. We are talking, for example, about sperm. In fact, all about sperm few men know. If they were asked what it is, for what purpose it is produced, in fact, only a few would be able to give comprehensive information. And, most importantly, in full accordance with the truth. Often, in fact, there are many invented stories concerning this secretion. To this day, many men are convinced of the wonderful properties of sperm, some even magical and completely unrealistic. And just as it was once believed that sperm was an indication of a man's potential and strength, many are now convinced that this belief is true. In fact, it is unclear who cares that such can be said legends about sperm still exist. It is difficult to understand. After all, it cannot be due to lack of access to real knowledge. That is in abundance. The only thing that does not change is only the fact that sperm has always aroused curiosity, especially among scientists who have been studying it in depth for centuries. Among other things, they have already perfectly understood the mechanism of its production, how its specific taste and smell for each man is created. Because it should be noted that sperm is an individual matter, each man differs in some way in this regard. The only thing they have in common in this regard is that sperm contains sperm. But here, too, there are significant differences. In one sperm there are more of them in the other less. Why this happens is to this day a concern for many men, but also for doctors. Especially when a man cannot conceive a child naturally


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