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TPenaxim ablettes are a modern dietary supplement, recommended for men who want to enlarge the size of their penis effortlessly. The pills contain a lot of natural, highly concentrated ingredients, which is supposed to ensure high effectiveness of this product. What is it like in reality? Does Penaxim give good results and is it a product worth recommending?

Where to Buy? ▶️ Official sales page
Contents of the package30 capsules
Composition of tablets100% natural
Can Penaxim be purchased at a pharmacy?Not

Why use Penaxim?

Penaxim is a safe product for men

How much men care about penis enlargement is evidenced by the number of preparations available on the market. By the way, these are not just pills or ointments, but also various mechanical devices, treatments, surgeries, exercise plans. The manufacturer focused on safety, hence the form of pills, the taking of which is no dangerous interference with the body. The product, by the way, gives more than just an increase in penis size, because during this supplementation you can also improve the quality of your erections, prolong intercourse and experience more intense orgasms.

Using Penaxim is a good way to overcome one's complexes resulting from poor bed condition and too small penis size. There is no denying that sex is of great value in everyone's life, and avoiding it precisely because of complexes only leads to an increase in mental health problems and weakens relationships. It can help prevent such dramas and regain the joy of sex.

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Penaxim reviews

"Am I satisfied with Penaxim? Well, sure. Two weeks of supplementation, and I couldn't believe my eyes. The pills actually enlarge the penis, and the condition grows."

"Penaxim has saved me from another embarrassment. I've gained a lot in self-confidence, I'm not ashamed to undress in front of a woman, and sex itself has also greatly improved."

"I have not found anything better on the market. The pills give the promised effect, the member really gets bigger. And it also helps with erections."

Who is Penaxim for?

Penaxim gives quick results

It is a supplement exclusively for men. You have to be over 18 to start supplementation, and the manufacturer assures that the effects can be felt really quickly. The effects of Penaxim will benefit both those men who just want to increase penis size, as well as those who want stronger erections, increased sexual performance and extreme sensations with their partner.

How does Penaxim work?

To change the size of the penis, you need to increase the volume of the cells that make up the corpora cavernosa - it is mainly to these places that arterial blood flows when an erection occurs. When one takes Penaxim, much more blood flows into the corpora cavernosa, which pushes the cells apart causing permanent enlargement. This is how, after a few weeks or so, the penis gains an extra few centimeters.

This mechanism of more intense blood flow is strongly associated with erection. Blood flows because nitric oxide is released - its role is to dilate blood vessels and stimulate receptors responsible for the formation of an erection. With Penaxim, the body produces more nitric oxide, meaning it's easier to achieve an erection and have sex longer.

Penaxim takes care of premature ejaculations. The supplement simply increases control over erections and ejaculations, making the pills a very effective solution to sexual dysfunction. The supplement has a stimulating effect, increases libido and improves the intensity of sensations, making physical contact with your partner take on a whole new dimension.

What are the effects of Penaxim pills?

Penaxim also affects stronger erections
  • lengthening the penis by up to 8 cm
  • stronger erection
  • no more premature ejaculations
  • higher libido
  • more intense orgasms

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What is in the composition of Penaxim tablets?

In Penaxim there are well-known ingredients, but in quite different proportions and higher concentrations. This, the manufacturer assures, gives excellent results and thus surpasses competing formulations of similar composition. The formula has been carefully prepared by specialists, and each ingredient used has scientifically proven properties for erectile enhancement and penis enlargement.

These ingredients are:

  • L-arginine

It is an ingredient that increases the release of nitric oxide. It reaches nerve endings close to the corpora cavernosa of the penis, causing intense cell enlargement and stretching of the skin. Under the influence of this ingredient, the amount of testosterone increases and the physical performance of the body increases. Fertility and semen quality are also improved.

  • Ground mace

It is a well-known, proven to work natural remedy for sexual disorders. It combats premature ejaculations. It stimulates very strongly and helps to achieve a strong, long erection. It adds vitality, is beneficial for the nervous system, regulates the endocrine system, combats the effects of stress.

  • Ginseng
Penaxim consists of only natural ingredients

It is hard to find a more effective natural remedy for potency. Ginseng is great for erectile dysfunction, stimulates, gives energy, has rejuvenating properties. It has a good effect on the work of the cardiovascular system. Increases the concentration of testosterone. Supports the nervous system. Increases the amount of nitric oxide released and improves the dilation of blood vessels in the corpus cavernosum.

  • Maca root

Boosts libido, increases physical stamina, gives energy for action. Greatly improves semen quality and increases sperm motility. Helpful for erectile dysfunction. Improves circulation and provides important amino acids, including arginine.

  • Ashwagangha

Improves potency, increases libido, has an erection enhancing effect. Has the effect of increasing the size of the penis. Cleanses the body of toxins, has a relaxing effect, supports the immune system.

  • Citronella

Increases sexual desire. Increases sexual performance, adds energy. Blocks the conversion of testosterone into the harmful form DHT. It is helpful for prostate problems.

  • Zinc

It positively affects potency and libido and ensures normal testosterone levels. It also contributes to increased sperm production.

  • Selenium

It participates in the normal course of spermatogenesis, thus improving sperm quality and affecting erection.

Is Penaxim a safe supplement?

Penaxim is safe for health

Penaxim is recommended not only by the manufacturer. Its use is also recommended by doctors themselves, who confirm that the pills have a beneficial effect on erection and can contribute to permanent enlargement of the penis. It is a supplement free of side effects, although it is necessary to read the leaflet before starting the treatment - allergy to plant ingredients is a contraindication to use .

The formula has been tested in specialized laboratories and no harmful substances have been found in the pills. Instead, it has been proven that using Penaxim gives good results and you can even gain more than seven additional centimeters when it comes to penis size. It is a certified agent, approved for legal sale, and approved by the medical community.

Compared to other methods for penis enlargement, Penaxim is definitely a more favorable solution. The supplement is not hazardous to health and is not an invasive procedure, so as such it does not carry the risk of complications or serious damage. It also outperforms expanders - these are complicated devices to use, not always fully safe, and difficult to hide from others. The treatment is discreet and can be done at home.

How to use Penaxim correctly?

Penaxim is a supplement for enlarging the size of the penis and improving sexual performance. It is not an ad hoc remedy and regularity is very important here - the pills should be taken every day, as recommended by the manufacturer. The pills are taken once a day and are taken about half an hour before intercourse or just in the evening if you do not plan to be sexually active that day. The dosage should not be increased.

The manufacturer stresses that Penaxim does not interact with alcohol, so it will not weaken the effect of this supplement. Importantly, however, alcohol abuse has a negative impact on sexual form, and you may find that the treatment will not give as good results as when you exercise greater restraint in devouring high-alcoholic beverages.

When do you see the effects of using Penaxim?

Penaxim first effects after 2-3 weeks

As announced, penis Should enlarge after 2-3 weeks of using Penaxim tablets. The size can change by 8 cm, but this already depends on the individual predisposition of the body. As for the improvement of erections, the wait for the effects is even shorter, after the first capsule there should be a noticeable change. It is recommended to continue the treatment at least until the completion of one package.

Penaxim Price

Where can Penaxim be purchased?

Penaxim is gaining popularity, so it can be found in various online stores, Allegro or Amazon. But the manufacturer notes that it does not take responsibility for products sold in this way, so in all likelihood they will be fakes. So where can you find the original? Only on the manufacturer's website. There you can conveniently and quickly place an order, the transaction is completely safe and discreet, and the package with the pills should reach the addressee within a few days.

How much do you have to pay for Penaxim?

Penaxim is on promotion on the manufacturer's website

Compared to other penis enlargement products available on the market, the price of Penaxim may seem high, but the manufacturer often offers various promotions on its sales page, lowering the price by up to 50%. However, it should be remembered that the offers are limited in time or until the product batch runs out, so it is worth taking advantage of it as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Penaxim safe for health?

A specially selected blend of naturally derived ingredients accelerates the release of nitric oxide, resulting in increased blood flow in the corpus cavernosum, without causing side effects, making the product safe for health.

What is the composition of the product?

The formula of the pills is made up of only natural ingredients such as L-arginine, mace, ginseng, maca root, ashwagandha, citronella, zinc and selenium.

Will anyone find out that I am using a product for penis enlargement?

Tablets are shipped in a specially protected package that does not reveal its contents. The shipment is sent to the address specified by the buyer, or you can order a package to a parcel machine and pick it up yourself.

What is the content of the package and how many days of treatment is enough?

One package of Penaxim contains 30 capsules, which is enough for a month of treatment, as the manufacturer recommends using one capsule a day.

Does Penaxim affect fertility?

No, Penaxim pills are not a contraceptive.

Is it possible to order the preparation abroad?

Yes, however, you have to pay for shipping when placing an order.

Is Penaxim available at a pharmacy?

No, you can only buy the original product from the manufacturer's sales page.

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  1. Well I haven't heard about it yet, and for the last weeks I've been searching for something for myself and I've gone through these different pills for enlargement as well as different creams and gels every measure, now just a question which one to choose and which one will give results like they write on these sites? Anyone here have any experience and can recommend something that works and works?

  2. This is the first time I'm tempted to buy a product of this type, because a small penis is a big problem for a guy, and I say this from the perspective of my own experience, in addition, it's all in the mind and it's hard to live with it, knowing how the matter looks and after my private experiences, I don't even approach girls because I'm afraid. Penaxim is my last chance then it's probably surgery if it doesn't work

  3. Will enlarging the penis also straighten it a little in this way ?Has it helped anyone ? Recently I wrote an email to a certain gentleman specialist who answered my question like this:
    The size and shape of the penis is a very important issue for many men, who, regardless of their age, consider this detail of their anatomy to be extremely important. Therefore, if it happens that a man has a curvature of the penis, it is a cause of considerable psychological discomfort and uncertainty for the man in his contacts with the opposite sex. Is it rightfully so? First of all, it should be made clear that a slight curvature of the penis is absolutely nothing strange. Such a phenomenon affects most men, with the curvature visible only during erection. As long as the curvature of the penis is not the result of any mechanical injury or medical condition, and, in addition, it does not interfere in any way during sex, you should not worry about it at all. In case of doubt on this issue, a man can, of course, discuss the matter with his partner, ask her if the curvature of the penis somehow negatively affects her sexual experience. In principle, however, such a situation is not a big problem. Everything changes when the curvature of the penis is the result of some disease, or is so significant that it makes it virtually impossible to have normal sexual intercourse. In such a situation, it is necessary to solve the problem surgically - usually a small part of the whitish sheath on the opposite side of the curvature of the penis is simply cut out. This should usually help. It is worth adding that the curvature of the penis can be removed only by surgical intervention, there is no other way.

  4. I don't know where you guys got this penaxim from but it's sensational, I hope these results I've achieved will last, the only problem is that it also raises libido terribly and I crave sex like never even when I was younger and full of testosterone I didn't want it that way

  5. I can confirm the product works when it comes to enlargement, which I can say after my current treatment, which has already lasted 2 months and I have one more pack to use, plus it also affects potency, I just feel like having sex much more often and end up knitting when the woman is not around.


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