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Promicil is a preparation for tinea pedis. It is becoming increasingly popular and gaining more and more positive reviews, which is due to its very effective action, confirmed by both studies and numerous comments from satisfied users. It is a cream with a natural formula, with a healing and regenerating effect, so that the feet quickly return to form and gain additional protection against the recurrence of ringworm. Where does this effectiveness of Promicil come from and to whom is its use recommended?

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What is Promocil?

Promicil fights foot fungus

Ringworm is a serious condition, to the point of being very bothersome and embarrassing. Its cure is often problematic and drags on for months, which is why Promicil was created, a modern cream preparation capable of removing more than 350 different types of fungi that attack the skin of the feet. The cream works comprehensively, and the most important thing is that it does not focus only on the symptoms of ringworm.

The use of Promicil helps reduce itching and flaking of the skin on the feet, which is a very typical symptom of this condition. The cream also takes care of the nails, which are also affected by ringworm. Thanks to it, you can get rid of foot sweating and unpleasant odor, and irritations and wounds on the skin heal very quickly and well.

Promicil reviews

"I fought with foot fungus for a terribly long time. What the skin somehow managed to heal, the infection returned. The ugly skin could be concealed in shoes, but the smell continued, unfortunately. I kept using some deodorants to mask the smell, but the effect was unfortunately only half-hearted. I had heard about ointments for ringworm, but I had no idea which one would be best. I trusted the opinions of others and chose Promicil. It worked great, there is no trace of ringworm anymore."

"I don't know where I caught ringworm, but I quickly felt that something was wrong. My feet suddenly began to itch heavily, the skin was often irritated and red. What scared me the most was the smell, because despite taking care of my hygiene, my feet smelled terribly bad. I quickly ordered Promicil. After a few weeks, the skin regained its natural appearance and pleasant smell. This is really a very effective product for fighting ringworm."

"Mycosis started quite innocently in my case, and at first I thought maybe it was some kind of allergy to fabrics or I was just using the wrong skin care products. But it got worse and worse. My feet were unpleasantly burning, a white residue appeared between my toes. I no longer had any doubt that it was an infection. I bought Promicil and after a few days it began to improve. To be sure, I ordered another pack and the ringworm was cured completely."

Who is Promicil for?

Promicil works effectively on burning and itching feet

Foot fungus is increasingly being called a disease of civilization. It is especially prevalent in developed countries and is usually associated with the fact that we walk in full footwear most of the time and are often in public places, and ringworm is a contagious disease, transmitted not only from person to person, but also simply from the environment. It is possible to become infected through touch, but much more often ringworm is transmitted indirectly, for example, when using the same objects as an infected person, or by staying together with sick people in a swimming pool, sauna, beauty salon, fitness club. Even walking barefoot on grass or the beach can end in infection if fungal spores are present on such ground.

Fungi feel best in warm and moist environments, so full, unventilated footwear and socks made of artificial fibers can also contribute to the development of the disease. Of course, not every contact with the spores of the fungus automatically ends in the disease, because our body knows how to defend itself against them, but seasonal weakness or damaged skin on the feet is enough for the microorganisms to get inside and cause an infection. Regardless of where and how we contracted ringworm, Promicil cream will be the right remedy to combat it.

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Symptoms typical of tinea pedis are:

  • persistent itching and burning of the skin of the feet
  • moist, white-covered skin between the toes
  • rash, blisters, ulceration on the skin
  • rough, badly cracked and thickened skin
  • Intense peeling of the skin on the feet
  • thickened and yellowed nail plate
  • Increased sweating and foot odor

Why use Promicil cream?

Ringworm is never a purely aesthetic problem. It is a dangerous disease, but unfortunately many people neglect it or try to cure it with home remedies. Such methods are often counterproductive, because, for example, soaking the feet in various solutions accelerates the spread of bacteria, abrading the calluses further increases the production of additional layers of epidermis, and treating wounds or blisters with strong alcohol-based preparations does not disinfect anything and does not kill germs, but only irritates the skin and impedes regeneration.

Ordinary ointments will not help with ringworm, but there are several effective active ingredients in Promicil with proven effects. Ointment stops the progress of foot disease And has a healing effect. The skin becomes so strengthened that there is no recurrence of symptoms. The cream is able to remove all the spores of the fungus that caused the infection.

When to start using Promicil cream?

Preferably as soon as possible, at the first symptoms indicating the development of ringworm. This is usually indicated by severe, constantly recurring itching of the skin, especially between the toes, where the skin of the feet is usually the moistest and least ventilated. At the next stage of ringworm, the feet sweat more and more heavily and smell very badly, and the skin tends to flake and is often red. In the advanced stage, painful sores and cracks of the skin, blisters, purulent discharge appear on the feet, which adds to ringworm a bacterial infection. In the last stage, ringworm attacks the nails, the treatment of which is even more complicated and time-consuming. However, if treatment is not undertaken, ringworm will spread to other parts of the body and the entire infected nail plate may be lost.

What are the effects of Promicil cream?

Promicil promises to fight ringworm at every stage. It is a richly formulated cream that instantly penetrates the skin and starts the healing process in all its layers. Even after the first use, some of the symptoms are relieved, and the longer the treatment lasts, the better the results.

Promicil has a natural composition

However, the cream removes not only the symptoms, but also the cause of ringworm - the fungal spores. It destroys them very effectively and forms a protective barrier on the skin, which prevents fungi from growing and spreading on it. Promicil thus has both a curative and preventive effect, so it will be useful for people who are particularly vulnerable to the development of this disease.

How does Promicil work?

Promicil contains several highly effective active substances that reach the inflammation focus immediately after application of the cream. They destroy the structure of the fungus and inhibit its further multiplication. They remove all unnecessary microorganisms from the body and reduce the unpleasant symptoms of fungal infection. No trace is left after the disease, but the effect of the product does not end there at all.

The next step is to provide optimal protection for the feet. The cream's ingredients create an environment that is unfriendly to fungi, so they no longer have good conditions for growth. Promicil also accelerates the healing of wounds and cracks on the skin of the foot and rebuild damaged nail plate. Using the cream as a preventive measure extends this protective period and prevents reinfection.

What are the ingredients of Promicil cream?

  • Glycerin

Strongly moisturizes, improves the appearance of the skin, ensures its proper regeneration. Has an antiseptic effect, which accelerates the removal of infections and fungal spores. Takes care of the good condition of the nails.

  • Urea

It moisturizes very well and at the same time reduces foot perspiration. Soothes irritation and helps remove the source of foot infections. It has antibacterial properties. Softens and removes keratinized skin, restores its elasticity and smooth surface. Rebuilds damage to the nail plate.

  • Magnesium sulfate

Effectively eliminates fungal spores and prevents the spread of infection. Soothes irritation, removes redness. Prevents recurrence of ringworm.

  • Calendula flower extract

Stimulates skin cell regeneration, accelerates wound healing, has a toning and soothing effect. Helps rebuild the protective barrier on the skin of the feet. It has anti-inflammatory properties.

Promicil has calendula extract in its composition
  • Castor oil

Soothes irritation, removes symptoms of ringworm, has a soothing effect. Has a strong antibacterial effect. Rebuilds the damaged nail plate. Moisturizes and stimulates skin regeneration.

  • Tea tree leaf oil

Very effective natural remedy for foot fungus. It kills not only fungi, but also bacteria and viruses. Increases immunity, reduces foot odor and reduces sweating. Removes symptoms such as burning and itching.

Is Promicil an effective formulation for ringworm?

The effect of Promicil has been clinically confirmed. In 2019, the cream was thoroughly tested at the Institute of Dermatology on a group of 550 people diagnosed with foot and nail fungus. In more than 95 percent of people it was possible to eliminate unpleasant symptoms already during the first cycle, and after a longer treatment one hundred percent of the tested patients were cured of tinea pedis.

The cream's formula is the work of experienced scientists who wanted to create a cream that combines the achievements of modern medicine with natural methods of treatment. Promicil has proven to be extremely effective in action, and although it is not prescription, it is recommended by a great many doctors.

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How to use Promicil cream?

Promicil is a cream for lubricating the skin of the feet. Before application, the skin should be thoroughly washed and dried. The cream should be thoroughly applied to the entire surface of the feet, including between the toes, where the ringworm It usually develops the strongest. The cream has a pleasant consistency and is quickly absorbed, does not leave greasy spots, and has a neutral fragrance. Application of the cream should be repeated daily until the entire tube is used up.

Are there contraindications to using Promicil cream?

Due to its natural formula, Promicil cream is completely safe and allowed to be used even for children. This is a product that will be useful for the whole family, with a comprehensive effect, with which you can quickly cure ringworm and prevent recurrence.

Promicil Price

Promicil is on promotion -50%

Where can Promicil be purchased? What is its price? Promicil has not made it to pharmacies and is only sold online. Orders are accepted on the manufacturer's website, 24 hours a day. What does it look like in practice? On the product's website there is a form, into which you need to enter your name and phone number. A consultant calls back to the customer who has sent in his application, and during the conversation he explains the details of the order, receives the shipping data and answers any questions about the product and its delivery.

The package is discreetly wrapped, without revealing the contents. It is delivered by a courier to the given address. It is not necessary to make an upfront payment and you can safely settle your payment by picking up the package. You pay $378 for one pack of the cream, but the manufacturer often lowers its prices, and one such promotional action is now underway. Thanks to it, it is possible to buy Promicil for half the price, or PLN 189. However, the promotion is limited in time.

Questions and answers

What is Promicil used for?

The cream is designed to treat tinea pedis. With its help, you can remove inflammation, reduce peeling skin and reduce foot sweating.

Can anyone use Promicil?

Yes, it is a product suitable for all people who would like to get rid of ringworm in a natural way.

Does Promicil cause side effects?

Promicil is a safe product, with natural ingredients, which does not cause any adverse reactions in the body.

Is Promicil on prescription?

Promicil is a natural cream that can be ordered without a prescription.

How quickly does Promicil produce results?

Improvement can be noticed after the first uses. For a complete cure of ringworm, it is necessary to complete at least one cycle.

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