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Prostoxalen is a supplement in tablet form. It was produced for men who would like to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms resulting from an oversized prostate. It is a remedy with which you can improve your condition without the use of harmful, strong chemicals - the tablets are made entirely of natural ingredients. From our article you will learn how this supplement works and whether its effectiveness is as high as the manufacturer itself declares.

Prostoxalen Action?


Prostoxalen help with benign prostatic hyperplasia. They work quickly but do not have a negative effect on fertility. They act on the prostate, blocking further enlargement, so you can regain full sexual performance and no longer worry about the constantly recurring need to urinate.

Unpleasant symptoms result from the fact that the enlarged prostate gland narrows the opening of the urethra, therefore fulfilling physiological needs becomes more and more difficult. Prostoxalen improves the functioning of the genitourinary system, the bladder empties properly again, there is no need to go to the toilet every now and then.

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Is it safe to use Prostoxalen tablets? Side effects

No side effects have been found to occur while supplementing with Prostoxalen tablets if dosage is as recommended by the manufacturer. Prostoxalen has been found to be a completely safe dietary supplement that does not cause adverse reactions in the body. There are, however, plant ingredients that are rarely, but nevertheless, allergens for some people, so before the first dose, it is necessary to check what exactly is in the composition, and in case of allergy to stop taking this supplement.

What is the list of ingredients for Prostoxalen?

For male fertility, as well as for prostate function, zinc is the most important element, which is exactly what is found in Prostoxalen tablets. Zinc ensures proper levels of male hormones, stops prostate hypertrophy and ensures a strong erection. read home remedies for strong erections. The action of zinc is enhanced by two vitamins. The first is vitamin E, which is a very strong antioxidant, which means that it destroys free radicals responsible for cell degeneration and thus the development of dangerous diseases. Vitamin B6 is important for hormone management - it prevents disruptions in the production of hormones and ensures that the body maintains high levels of testosterone.

Lycopenewhich is found in tomatoes, is also a strong antioxidant, destroys dangerous free radicals and protects the prostate from cancerous changes. Willowwort stops the action of DHT, because of which prostate hypertrophy occurs. It improves patency of the urinary tract, relieves inflammation, removes bacteria from the urinary system. Nettle acts as a diuretic, improves urine flow and relieves symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate, it also has analgesic properties. Large-fruited cranberry is also a powerful natural diuretic. It is thanks to it that infections do not occur in the urinary system and prostate symptoms are less troublesome.

Sabal palm, on the other hand, has been known for centuries as a natural potency enhancer. The active ingredients in sabal palm also stop the conversion of testosterone to DHT, relieve pain and restore normal urinary function. At the end of the list of Prostoxalen ingredients are pumpkin seeds. They too inhibit the conversion of testosterone into DHT and on top of that, they also have anti-inflammatory properties.

In what cases does Prostoxalen help?

prostoxalen effects of useapteka

In old age it is difficult to avoid prostate problems, because a natural consequence of aging is a decrease in testosterone levels. Hormonal imbalance is reflected in the condition of prostate, which begins to enlarge, which has a very negative effect on the functioning of the urinary system. This is because the prostate decreases the lumen of the urethra, which means that fluid cannot flow freely through it - this can be seen by a weak stream of urine and the inability to empty the bladder completely.

A squeezed urethra often makes you feel the need to urinate, often several times in one hour, and at night you have to get up many times to go to the bathroom. Prostoxalen works as a solution for such ailments as:

  • constant pressure on the bladder
  • getting up at night to go to the toilet
  • pain during urination
  • burning in the urethra
  • erectile dysfunction

With Prostoxalen tablets, you can take care of the health of your prostate and avoid the unpleasant symptoms caused by prostate hypertrophy. In addition, Prostoxalen takes care of the quality of sexual life, because the ingredients in the tablets have a comprehensive effect, including problems with achieving a full erection.

Does Prostoxalen supplementation for prostate really help?

An overgrown prostate is not only a discomfort, but also a risk that the disease will get worse. Benign prostatic hyperplasia can still be controlled, and the changes can even be reversed, by implementing your doctor's recommendations and taking a supplement such as Prostoxalen. However, if prostate hypertrophy is left untreated, the lumen of the urinary tract will eventually close completely and natural urination will not be possible - resulting in very severe pain and catheterization procedure, and very often in such a condition infections occur to aggravate the painful symptoms.

Prostate hypertrophy in some cases even leads to cancer. Such complications can be avoided by using Prostoxalen, which stops further enlargement of the prostate gland and stabilizes the hormonal balance, in older women menopause occurs which also bothers women when it comes to bladder problems, great solutions for menopause symptoms are menosin tablets.

What are the effects of Prostoxalen tablets?

Prostoxalen is a safe and discreet treatment. The tablets do not harm you, even if you take them for several months in a row. The treatment is administered at home and just by keeping track of the doses recommended by the manufacturer, you will quickly notice a huge improvement. Prostoxalen makes an end to getting up at night, and when you leave the house, you don't have to worry at every turn about getting to the restroom on time. Prostoxalen improves urinationThere is no pain or burning and the risk of infection decreases significantly.

The manufacturer also mentions that Prostoxalen tablets restore full sexual performance. The composition includes plants that act not only as diuretics, but also as enhancers, so the it is easier to achieve an erection, testosterone is at a good level, and libido is increasing.

Prostoxalen opinions

"My prostate started failing last year. At first I downplayed it a bit and blamed it on general weakness, but when I had to get up to the bathroom several times every night, it started to bother me a lot. I also had urine leaks and I don't have to say how embarrassing this was for me. After taking Prostoxalen I felt better. The frequency of trips to the bathroom was reduced and the urinary urges stopped. Very great comfort was provided by this supplement and I will definitely recommend it to all my friends." Mariusz

"At a young age, people underestimate how important health is. I used to completely not understand these prostate problems, but now I know that it can turn life into a real nightmare. My symptoms ended after a few weeks, definitively, and now when I leave the house I don't wonder if there will be a toilet somewhere nearby." Wacek

"The doctor warned me that if I didn't do anything about my prostate hypertrophy, it would only get worse and all the symptoms I was experiencing now would get worse. This scared me and I saw my father dealing with it. I ordered Prostoxalen and it quickly helped me. The tablets proved to be effective even for my elderly dad, so by all means I rate this purchase as very successful." Norbert

For whom is the Prostoxalen supplement intended?

Prostoxalen tablets are for men who are at least 18 years old. It is safe for older men and those in poorer health, and according to the manufacturer, the tablets do not react with other medications taken at the same time. While Prostoxalen can be taken prophylactically as a prostate-strengthening supplement, it is most commonly taken by men who have already been diagnosed with prostate hypertrophy. Prostoxalen is most effective in these milder cases, and it is important to remember that the supplement is not a medication or a replacement for it - it should only be taken as a natural supplement to treatment.

How to use Prostoxalen?

prostoxalen for a healthy prostate

Regardless of the condition, only two capsules of Prostoxalen are taken daily. It is necessary to drink water so that the components are absorbed faster. The dosage must not be exceeded, but nothing prevents you from repeating the basic cycle to consolidate the good results. The minimum period of supplementation is 30 days and that is how long a single pack of Prostoxalen is sufficient for.

Where to order Prostoxalen?

The order form can be found on the manufacturer's website. Prostoxalen tablets cannot be purchased at a pharmacy. The shipment is discreetly packaged, delivered to the specified address or to a parcel machine. The order is processed within one working day.

Pharmacy AvailabilityNo

Prostoxalen Price


How much do the Prostoxalen tablets cost? - If you buy one pack of Prostoxalen, the price is 139 PLN plus shipping costs. A package of two packs can be purchased for 269 PLN, which means a saving of 3 percent. As much as 25 percent of savings can be achieved with the largest package - it costs 417 PLN and contains a total of four units, including one free of charge.

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  1. I used prostoxalen some time ago, the effects were quite satisfactory considering the state of my prostate and the problems I was experiencing related to this problem, if you suffer from frequent peeing or you are tired of peeing drop by drop I think you can safely try these pills

  2. What exactly is the composition of these pills, aren't there any substances to be careful with? I wouldn't want to take chemicals or anything that could affect other organs such as my liver, which I also have problems with

  3. Prostate problems are not to be taken lightly, as an experienced urologist I can tell you that hormonal disorders that occur in the male body around the age of 50 are responsible for prostate hypertrophy. Enlargement of prostate gland in itself is not very dangerous for health and even less for life of a man, but prostate hypertrophy usually causes other diseases of genitourinary system. Prostate hypertrophy does not immediately mean that cancer cells are developing in the prostate gland, as the enlarging and growing tissues are normal in structure. However, the growth of the prostate, or more specifically, the backed up urine in the bladder, can cause inflammation, until eventually the urine begins to back up into the kidneys, which will slowly damage them and eventually lead to complete failure. Therefore, it is worth taking care of your prostate gland

  4. My boyfriend was diagnosed with all sorts of prostate problems, despite his young age because he is only after 4o, as you can see there is no rule when who catches what when it comes to diseases, he is in the middle of treatment with these tablets for prostate what the effects will see after the treatment which, as he said will last 3 months, for now and it's been 3 weeks he no longer flies at night every now and then to the toilet, so I hope that this prostoxalen will help

  5. With the prostate is no joke, and prostate hypertrophy and its inflammation is the first step to more serious diseases such as prostate cancer, and here it is already a big problem

  6. I went through the problem of hypertrophied prostate, contact with the doctoreb and examinations are the basis to determine the health of your prostate gland and decide what the next steps of treatment will be, then you can include such products as prostoxalene

  7. I do not wish anyone the problem which is prostatitis, in this case the saying agrees that it is better to prevent than to cure, otherwise it is later the same growing problems with the prostate.

  8. I took it up right away for the problem as soon as the initial problems and discomfort with urination appeared I immediately had a private visit to the doctor, quick treatment, some pharmacology and the problem disappeared. There is nothing to sit around and wait for it to get worse and then prolong the problem or drag out treatment for months to come

  9. Exactly yes prostate examination is the basis, I can tell you something about it: prostate examinations are performed by a urologist. The first step of the prostate examination is a medical history. The doctor asks his patient what kind of ailments he is experiencing, how long they have been going on, whether the ailments started to worsen at a certain point, whether the patient is suffering from something else, and whether he is taking any medications. The basic examination of the prostate is the per rectum, or examination of the prostate with a finger through the rectum. This allows the doctor to determine whether the prostate is sufficiently smooth and elastic, and is the correct size. Often, a blood and urine analysis is also ordered at the follow-up examination. If the doctor notices worrisome changes during standard examinations, further tests are ordered. If cancer is suspected, either a thick-needle or fine-needle biopsy is performed. Using a needle, a slice of prostate tissue is taken, which is subjected to histopathological examination. On the basis of histopathological examination, it is determined whether cancer is developing in the prostate and at what stage, if any, it is. Another way to determine what stage of hypertrophy the prostate is in is through ultrasound. It is performed through the abdomen, and in some cases through the rectum. Often, a plasma PSA level determination is performed as a preventive test. PSA is a steroidal antigen that should be in the test sample in trace amounts. Unfortunately, the PSA level test does not always give reliable results, because the absence of PSA in the blood tested does not necessarily mean a healthy prostate, just as an elevated PSA level is not necessarily the result of a cancer developing in the prostate gland. An elevated PSA level can also be a sign of prostatitis. Another test is the sterile acid phosphatase enzyme test. With this test, it is possible to determine whether the cancer has invaded only the prostate or has metastasized to other organs. Since last-stage prostate cancer usually attacks the bones, scintigraphy is also performed. Prostate examinations are recommended to be performed prophylactically, beyond the age of 50, even if a man has not yet experienced any discomfort or discomfort when urinating or during sexual intercourse.

  10. Martin but you gave a beautiful lecture, some interesting information here you gave about which I did not know, however, I see that a few things may apply to me and as they say prevention is better than cure therefore I will buy myself prostoxalen

  11. In my case, prostatitis was manifested by the fact that several times I got up at night to pee, but the only thing that flew was a few drops, and the pressure on the bladder was such as if I had two liters of urine there. In addition to this, my libido dropped, my desire for sex, or rather my erection problem which was probably related to prostate problems. Prostoxalen solved both my problems

  12. I took these pills as described on the leaflet from the manufacturer, after a few weeks the swelling in the prostate area decreased, we are talking of course about the inflammation which here was the most troublesome, because it gave me severe pain symptoms which sometimes radiated all the way to my back, I got rid of all this which makes me very happy and prophylactically continue to take prostoxalen

  13. I didn't quite know what was going on I thought I had erection and potency problems however the problem was with my prostate which had a big impact on it, interestingly these pills quickly solved the problem without a urologist or sexologist.

  14. I had a hormonal disorder and for some time I was taking other drugs which, as it turned out, had a negative effect on the functioning of my prostate, for a long time it was not in a good condition and I got the typical symptoms when there is something wrong with it, in addition, I must admit that I did not take care of myself, which I decided to change, in addition I bought prostoxalen which was supposed to help me in my resolutions and in my case ended up with a happy end

  15. I can really recommend, because I did the test results after a few months of use and even the doctor noticed a significant improvement, in addition, all the stress of prostate hypertrophy has gone away from me a bit and everything is slowly returning to normal.


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