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Rectin is a natural remedy that helps to get rid of hemorrhoids. It is a very embarrassing disease, but above all dangerous for your health, because if you do not undertake treatment in time, rectal varices will worsen increasing the discomfort of the patient. This preparation comes in the form of a convenient cream that you only need to use as recommended by the manufacturerYou will notice a big improvement after a short time. In our article you will find out for whom it is suitable and how it works.

What is Rectin?

Hemorrhoids can already be counted among the diseases of civilization. They are an exceptionally embarrassing disease, although it affects a considerable part of adult population. Hemorrhoids, or bleeding nodules formed in anus, make normal functioning difficult and disturb even during rest. They are formed when the veins of hemorrhoids dilate - then painful swellings around the anus, strongly reddened, make normal defecation difficult.


It is impossible to pinpoint just one cause of hemorrhoidal disease, as it usually consists of several different factors. Those most commonly cited are physical inactivity, irregular bowel movements, increased abdominal pressure, abdominal fatness, improper diet with fiber deficiencies, and genetic predisposition. According to the information provided by the manufacturer, Rectin is able to help with hemorrhoids regardless of what caused them, and the treatment brings the desired results very quickly.

For what symptoms is Rectin worth taking?

Hemorrhoids is a disease that is really very hard to miss. The first ailment that usually accompanies it is rectal itching, which is mild at first but gets more intense with time. During the disease the skin and mucous membrane of the anus are also damaged, which causes pain and inflammation, which by scratching the itchy skin only increases.

Hemorrhoids are associated with damage to blood vessels, so another common symptom is rectal bleeding, which increases during bowel movements. The bowel movement itself is very problematic, it hurts and is often accompanied by constipation. When the disease is already very serious, the nodules fall out and require surgical intervention. To prevent this from happening it is enough to use Rectin, which helps with all the symptoms of this disease and works great as a natural preventive measure, preventing further development of hemorrhoids.

Rectin cream effects


How quickly do I see results of Rectin treatment? The product is very effective and efficient. According to the information provided by the manufacturer, the symptoms can completely disappear after about two or three days if the disease was at the initial stage of development. For more serious conditions it is advisable to take Rectin longer until the symptoms disappear completely, which should happen after a few weeks of treatment at the most.

How does Rectin work?

Treatment of hemorrhoids The treatment depends on how advanced the disease is. Most often patients are advised to follow a special diet that provides enough fibre and drink plenty of water to improve digestion. The diet has a good effect on metabolism, regulates and facilitates bowel movement, which alleviates hemorrhoids and speeds up healing. Warm soaks using herbal infusions are also helpful as they reduce pain and speed up healing of hemorrhoids.

problems with hemorrhoids

An important part of the treatment for hemorrhoids is Rectin ointment. It has a mild consistency, thanks to which it soothes irritation of the anus and accelerates regeneration of damaged tissues. It alleviates inflammation and stops further development of varices. What is important, Rectin acts on the cause of hemorrhoidal disease, unlike many preparations that act only halfway. Rectin does not focus only on those vessels which are located in the area of rectum. Active ingredients of Rectin cream act comprehensively, restoring proper blood flow, because it is the excess of blood in weakened vessels that causes growth of anal varices.

Rectin protects against excessive filling of veins with blood and improves circulation. At the same time, it reduces anal varices and prevents blood from flowing into the area again and distending the blood vessels.

How to use Rectin?

Rectin is for external use. It is an ointment, with natural ingredients, designed to lubricate the affected area. It may only be applied as recommended in the leaflet that comes with the product. Rectin is intended for daily use, but the cream should not be applied to severely damaged skin with fresh, bleeding wounds, as this could fuel existing inflammation.

To the treatment with Rectin ointment it is worth to add even healthier diet with more vegetables and fruits, so as to provide valuable fiber to the body. It is also worth to increase your physical activity, because sedentary lifestyle strongly contributes to anal varices development and causes increasingly stronger inflammation. Another recommendation is to drink more water to prevent the mucous membranes from drying out.

What is the composition of Rectin?

Rectin is composed entirely of natural ingredients. They are safe for health, in highly concentrated doses, but chosen in such a way that they do not harm your health. Ingredients used in the formula of Rectin have proven effectiveness, which gives very good therapeutic effects, even in such a serious ailment as hemorrhoids. Complex formula of Rectin cream stops the disease progression and alleviates the symptoms and its effects are highly appreciated also by people who have been trying to cure their hemorrhoids for a long time.

What are the effects of Rectin?

Rectin completely eliminates the pain that accompanies hemorrhoidal disease. It strengthens blood vessels and regulates blood flow in anal nodules, which makes blood stop collecting in excessive amounts, causing varices. Rectin removes foci of inflammation, soothes mucosal irritation, stops mucus secretion and protects against complications. It also speeds up regeneration, so you can quickly return to full form and no longer feel the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

Why use Rectin?

According to statistics, up to one in five people may have a problem with hemorrhoids. However, it does not have to be a serious disease if you react in time. Therapy with Rectin gives very good results, especially if you react quickly at the first symptoms. Lack of treatment has serious consequences - it can lead to dangerous intestinal bleeding, rupture of nodes and development of cancer, and then you can not do without surgery and tedious hospital treatment. The use of ointments gives very good results, but the treatment should be started early enough, as soon as the symptoms such as pain, anal itching, problems with defecation begin to bother.

Rectin cream reviews

What are the opinions about Rectin? What is written in the forums, what information can be found on the Internet

"I am a driver, so hemorrhoids in my industry are almost an occupational disease. I searched for a long time for an effective remedy for my problems and finally came across Rectin, which was the only one that helped effectively." Michael

"I spent loads of money on various remedies but they did nothing, the relief was only for a while. Rectin quickly relieved the symptoms, now I have no discomfort when sitting or using the toilet." Patrycja

Rectin Price


What is the price of Rectin Ointment? One tube costs 338 zł, but this is the old price. Currently, the manufacturer is running a promotional campaign, thanks to which Rectin can be bought for 169 zł, but as you can read on the website, the offer of 50 percent discount applies only to a certain number of preparations.

Where to buy, order Rectin cream? Pharmacy, manufacturer's website

Rectin ointment cannot be bought in a pharmacy, but it can be ordered online without any problems. The ordering process is very simple and safe for the customer, and all the important information can be found on the manufacturer's website, because this is where it is recommended to shop. You should also be very careful about counterfeits and that is why it is advised against ordering from other stores.


Is Rectin a prescription?

Varicose veins of the anus can be cured as far as possible, and it is so, that the changes will regress completely, but the treatment has to be undertaken quickly enough. The problem is that many people are ashamed to go to the doctor with such an ailment as hemorrhoids, which is a big mistake, because then they allow further growth of anal varices. Thanks to Rectin, however, a visit to the doctor is not necessary, because the ointment is available without a prescription, for everyone who wants to start treatment.

Is ointment for anal varices effective?

Rectin has helped a lot of people with hemorrhoids, as evidenced by the many entries of satisfied customers. This is also confirmed by studies conducted by the manufacturer, which show that the ointment can remove anal varices and restore proper circulation, in addition without any side effects. The treatment gives a long-lasting improvement and does not focus only on temporary masking of discomfort. Rectin eliminates the causes of rectal vein enlargement and it is enough to continue the treatment to maintain the improvement permanently.

Does Rectin cause side effects?

The ingredients in Rectin ointment are safe for your health, they do not affect your circulatory system or damage your liver. They are also not irritating to the skin, which is very important with hemorrhoid ointments. Rectin does not destroy the mucous membrane and does not cause any other side effects, however, it is not recommended to use it if you are allergic to the ingredients and during pregnancy - you can start the treatment right after you stop breastfeeding.

How to use hemorrhoid cream ?

Rectin is easy to use, just read the instructions that come with the product. If you have a serious health condition, it is still worth consulting a doctor, but if the disease is not yet very advanced and the use of Rectin ointment does not cause any adverse reactions, you can carry out the treatment yourself at home.

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  1. Hemorrhoids have been bothering me for a long time, even you have no idea what an annoying and uncomfortable problem it is, so I advise you to deal with it as you are in the early stages, because underestimating this problem can have really unpleasant consequences, and I speak from the perspective of my own experience

  2. Oh these are my thoughts when it comes to this troublesome subject. Hemorrhoids are a very unpleasant affliction. Fortunately, today there are many ways to alleviate their symptoms. In addition to medications available in pharmacies, you can also help yourself by using home methods. There are quite a lot of them, and most importantly, many of them are simply recommended by specialists. So this proves that they are indeed helpful. Also on the Internet you can find a whole lot of ready-made solutions for hemorrhoid problems. However, it should be made clear that in a definite number of cases home remedies used in the fight against hemorrhoids can only help to alleviate the symptoms. A complete cure is unlikely to be hoped for. However, they will certainly be helpful, especially in the early stages, when you can deal with the problem on your own. Importantly, using natural solutions in the process is not only effective, but also permanent. Many people even have no recurrence of the disease. Home remedies for hemorrhoids are therefore extremely popular and often used by people struggling with this problem. Hemorrhoids home treatment: The most common methods include, first of all, soaks. Especially recommended are those using only water. However, it is important that it be warm. You can also use mild anti-inflammatory agents or increasingly popular oils, such as lavender or lemon, to prepare them. Many people also use various decoctions to relieve pain and unpleasantness. Above all, however, remember to take care of the hygiene of intimate parts, especially after going to the toilet. Diet itself is also important. Above all, it is food rich in fiber that counts, which helps in easier excretion of feces, thus eliminating the main cause of hemorrhoids. There are other ways, but it would be long to write here the most important thing is to visit a doctor who will make an accurate diagnosis


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