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SmooSkin is the right product to use when problems with skin imperfections arise. Scars and stretch marks disfigure the body, and the skin is not always able to regenerate itself enough to leave no trace of damage on its surface. A special serum can make these scars invisible and improve tissue regeneration to such an extent that it regains a smooth, uniform surface. How is this done?

What is SmooSkin?

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SmooSkin serum is characterized by its highly concentrated formula. It works quickly to rebuild and smooth the skin and protect it from stretch marks. It is very useful when there are scars on the skin after trauma, helps with scars after surgery, removes acne damage, very good at dealing with stretch marks, including those after pregnancy. In addition, SmooSkin evens out skin tone and eliminates disfiguring discoloration.

Who can use SmooSkin?

The manufacturer claims that SmooSkin helps with various types of scars and its strengthening effect protects the skin from cracking, which causes stretch marks. Due to its nourishing and moisturizing properties, SmooSkin is also useful as a preventive measure, for example during pregnancy or during intensive dieting, when the skin is prone to this type of structural damage. Both men and women can use SmooSkin.

How to use the SmooSkin serum?

SmooSkin is a quick and powerful serum. Its formula, however, is designed not to irritate the skin, so it can also be used for sensitive and delicate skin - SmooSkin has skin care effects. SmooSkin serum should be used daily, morning and evening, necessarily on washed and dried skin.

How to use smooskin serum

SmooSkin has a light, pleasant texture, is well absorbed and does not leave a sticky residue. It should be rubbed into the skin with gentle, circular movements, without vigorous rubbing or stretching. The application of SmooSkin should be combined with a massage - a massage stimulates the circulation and speeds up the absorption of the serum's nutrients. Other remedial measures can also be applied - the scars should not be exposed to sunlight and visits to a solarium are not recommended.

How does SmooSkin work?

When skin damage occurs, the body immediately begins to repair the damaged tissues. With greater damage, however, the skin does not recover perfectly, hence the scars, which have a slightly different texture and a darker shade. This can be avoided if you take proper care of your skin by providing it with nutrients and moisturizers, which is what SmooSkin serum does. It's best to use this serum on fresh scars because that's when the effects are best, but the manufacturer assures that SmooSkin also helps with older marks and stretch marks, although the treatment will probably have to take a little longer, when it comes to the face and changes like wrinkles, it's worth taking a look at creme eternelle who will take care of your face

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SmooSkin stimulates the production of connective tissue cells so that the skin at the site of damage fully recovers, the wound is evenly filled and the epidermis regains its natural smoothness. SmooSkin serum strengthens the connective tissue and makes collagen fibres Without such support, thickening and adhesions will appear in the area of the cicatrized wound, making the scar visible. SmooSkin not only speeds up the healing process, but also protects against inflammation, which can cause the skin to be inconsistent after fusion.

What ingredients are in the SmooSkin serum?

  1. Hydroxyprolisilane CN - This is an ingredient that activates the production of young collagen, which results in faster skin cell division. It combines silicon with hydroxyproline, regenerates the skin, improves the metabolism of its cells, has a firming effect, strengthens the structure of the connective tissue and increases its elasticity.
  2. Avocado Oil - Excellent firming and accelerates wound healing. It fills small defects in the epidermis, has a smoothing effect and evens out the shade of the skin. It has the ability to absorb UV rays, so it effectively acts as a protective agent for the skin.
  3. Coconut Oil - Strongly moisturizes, has antibacterial properties, prevents skin inflammation. Smoothes and softens the skin, which prevents the formation of adhesions where the skin heals. It is an effective antioxidant, so it slows down skin aging. It improves elasticity and prevents the formation of stretch marks.
  4. Shee butter - Another ingredient that moisturizes the skin very wellIt protects the epidermis against moisture loss and soothes irritations. It has regenerative properties and is ideal for sensitive skin.
  5. Centella Asiatica - Cleanses the skin, fights free radicals, soothes inflammation. Improves skin firmness and elasticity. Stimulates collagen and elastin production. Soothes the skin, smoothes its surface and prevents dryness.
  6. Onion Extract - Has strong whitening properties, making scars and stretch marks less visible. It also removes inflammation and nourishes the skin.

When does SmooSkin help?

SmooSkin is a serum for any adult who wants to get rid of stretch marks and scars. It doesn't matter if the scars are fresh or "souvenirs" from years ago, SmooSkin should handle either case. SmooSkin is effective on stretch marks that form during sudden weight fluctuations, adolescence or pregnancy. It is worth reaching for when the goal is to remove acne scars or surgical scars. Cuts, abrasions, skin damage after an accident - for such cases SmooSkin also helps.

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SmooSkin can be used during weight loss to avoid the stretch marks associated with rapid weight change. People who work out will also appreciate the properties of this serum - regardless of the effort, the skin will not tend to crack and will maintain an attractive, smooth surface.

How effective is SmooSkin?

SmooSkin works very quickly, and as you can read in the product description, the appearance of scars during such a treatment should be reduced by about half after about 8 to 12 weeks. The effectiveness of the product is influenced by regular use of SmooSkin - the serum needs to be used daily as the active ingredients are simply less effective and slower to take longer breaks. The progress of treatment with SmooSkin depends on the individual predisposition of the body, the size of the scars and their age.

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What are the opinions about SmooSkin serum?

"After the operation I was left with quite a large scar. I covered it up with clothes, but in the summer or when I wanted to go to the pool, it was visible, which bothered me a lot. I used various cosmetics and went for treatments, but the scar only lightened slightly and could still be easily felt with my fingers. SmooSkin was praised by many people and now I know why. I ordered the serum online, used it for a few weeks and my scar is practically no longer visible." Maryla

"My problem was acne scars. My skin was badly damaged, I managed to mask it a little with makeup, but after all, I can't always and everywhere paint. After smoothing treatments I only got an allergic reaction and my skin was very irritated. So I ordered SmooSkin and it really gave an improvement. My skin is much smoother, those smaller marks are completely gone." Eliza

"I had stretch marks even before pregnancy, but they were quite small, you could hardly see them. After pregnancy it got terribly worse, my stomach was full of wrinkles and nothing helped. I heard about SmooSkin from a friend. I use it regularly and the difference is colossal. My skin has tightened, it is smoother and there is almost no trace of stretch marks. Izabela

Can SmooSkin do any harm?

SmooSkin is a potent serum, but it is non-irritating and can be used on sensitive, problematic skin and fresh, just-healed scars. The ingredients are natural and safe, so there are no side effects, although if you are allergic to the ingredients, it is better to refrain from using this product.

Is SmooSkin the best solution for scars and stretch marks?

Scar is a skin lesion that forms after damage to the dermis. Small abrasions of the epidermis or subtle cracks in the top layer usually leave no trace, but when the deeper structure of the connective tissue is damaged, such as by a serious cut wound, the area where the skin has fused together will forever remain visible. Scars are characterized by being thicker than the surrounding skin and darker in color, which disfigures the appearance, especially if it's a scar in a visible area such as the face, neck or hands.

How a wound heals depends on your age and where the injury occurred. Wound healing is also strongly influenced by skin care - the idea is to moisturize the skin regularly and provide it with nutrients to create more new tissue fibers. In the case of scars or stretch marks, it is important to take action as soon as possible, because then you can influence the reconstruction of the tissue - removing old scars is a more complicated process.

SmooSkin is ideal for the treatment of damaged skin. The serum smoothes the skin's surface, improves its elasticity and moisturises it. Its high effectiveness is due to the fact that SmooSkin increases the production of new collagen fibres, which are key to the condition of the skin and its outward appearance. When used regularly, SmooSkin serum greatly reduces the appearance of scars, removes stretch marks and lightens scarred areas.

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Effects of SmooSkin:

  • Smoother, more supple skin
  • less visible scars and stretch marks
  • strengthening connective tissue
  • improved skin tone

Where can I buy SmooSkin?

SmooSkin is a serum that you can buy without a prescription. You can use this cosmetic together with other preparations for wound healing and stretch mark removal. Its purchase is possible only on the Internet - SmooSkin is not sold in popular drugstores or pharmacies. On the manufacturer's website you can place your order, and the package is prepared for shipment the same day, so after a very short time you can start your treatment.

SmooSkin is shipped in discreet packaging that does not reveal the contents. The package can be delivered by courier or it is placed in a parcel machine indicated by the customer. For orders within the country, it is possible to make payment only on delivery.

How Much Does SmooSkin Cost? What Price


You have to pay 149 zł for one pack of serum. If you order two packs of SmooSkin, you save 10 percent because this package is available for 269 zł instead of 298 zł. There is also a third order option, which is a three pack of SmooSkin - it costs 447 zł. This price includes an extra pack free of charge, which means that you get four SmooSkin products for the price of three.

Where to buy.▶️ Official website only
Availability at pharmaciesNot
Availability in stationary stores⛔️ None
Customer feedback⭐️ Positive
Experts' comments Recommended Product
Ingredients🌿100% natural
How to use?see instructions in article
Side effects❌ None

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  1. Great product, especially for fresh scars, if the color is still red you can see that it is a fresh scar, apply the serum every day for at least 3 weeks and you will see the difference, I even applied it twice a day and do not regret it

  2. Has anyone used this serum for fresh stretch marks after pregnancy ? In my case it is terribly visible and I feel bad about it, I would like to get rid of it as soon as possible, terribly praise these smooskin, however, you know so many of these products and do not know what to choose - write girls how any of them used - whether it helped you

  3. Two months I struggled with these stretch marks , good that they were still so to speak honestly fresh, so maybe it was easier to get rid of them, worse because I also have such a couple is to remove the old stretch marks that already look more like scars

  4. It's a good thing that we guys have tough skin and there are no such problems as stretch marks, although recently at the gym I saw a guy's skin even cracked and he had such long red lines on the skin I think that from this will be terrible scars or whatever to call these scars on the skin. Personally, I face scars after a motorcycle accident these are huge marks and for me such creams probably will not work, so far because fresh wounds I have dressings changed every other day, scabs are forming and just waiting for scars


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