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Stimido is a capsule that supports women's sexual activity. When libido decreases, the desire for sex disappears, and this negatively affects personal life. Sexual desire in women can fortunately be restored, as long as the right methods are used. Is Stimido one of them? What does this supplement do, and who is recommended to use it?

Stimido has been withdrawn from sale by the manufacturer and has been replaced by a new improved formula called Femin Plus about which you will learn more on the manufacturer's website

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What is Stimido?

Stimido is a supplement for

A decline in a woman's libido means that she has no desire to have intimate intercourse with her partner, and sex does not provide her with pleasure. Short-term, periodic declines in libido are not unusual and do not yet have to signify more serious problems, nevertheless, when this condition persists longer, it is worth reacting. Although the decline in libido itself is not a disease and does not pose a health risk, it can have a very negative impact on daily life and, above all, on the relationship with a partner.

What can be done in such a situation? The recommended solution is Stimido, a supplement in capsule form that naturally supports female libido and improves the quality of sexual life. This is a supplement created on the basis of natural ingredients, so you absolutely do not need to be afraid of taking it. The composition of active substances in the pills acts as a stimulant, supports the functioning of the genitals and improves their blood circulation, so the sensations during sex are much stronger, which also encourages further intercourse.

Not only women have problems with sexual performance, this problem also affects men. On our site you can also buy safe pills for erectile enhancement in men.

Stimido reviews

"Things were going differently in my relationship, but I was generally happy. Unfortunately, things had been going badly in bed for some time, I felt less and less like getting close, even though my partner really tried. From a friend I learned about Stimido. It was supposed to help with my low libido and I was not disappointed, the pills really helped. After just a few days I was the one initiating sex, which of course helped our relationship a lot."

"My husband often complained that I was frigid in bed, and although I was strongly annoyed by these remarks, I had to admit he was right. I avoided sex, I didn't particularly enjoy it, I treated it more as an obligation. I began to fear that this could spoil our relationship completely, so I began to read a little about the female libido. That's how I came to Stimido. The pills convinced me with their composition, and I wasn't at all surprised that after just a couple of doses my approach to sex completely changed. I completely don't understand how I used to dislike it."

"At the beginning of our relationship, we hardly left our bed. After several years of living together, the temperature in our relationship cooled down a lot. Caressing my partner irritated me more than aroused me, I preferred to just sleep and even for simple cuddling I didn't feel much like it. I could see my partner was suffering because of this, so I started looking around for a solution. I ordered Stimido, because it didn't look like many of those suspicious aphrodisiacs containing no one knows what. Now sex is sensational."

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When to use supplements to boost female libido?

When should Simido tablets be used?

Libido is not constant throughout life. It changes with age and under the influence of various external factors. In women - unlike in men - libido is relatively low during adolescence, and reaches its apogee in adulthood, around age 35, and lasts until 45-50, after which it declines during menopause. But at and during this time, when libido is theoretically at its highest, there can be fluctuations in desire. Much depends on what point in the monthly cycle a woman is at - estrogen secreted at the time of ovulation greatly increases the desire for sex, followed by progesterone that desire decreases when it is after ovulation.

Libido can also decrease under the influence of such factors as sleeplessness, stress, insomnia, chronic illness, mood decline, low self-esteem, relationship troubles, appearance complexes, and routine in bed. Stimido was developed precisely for women who face such difficulties and very rarely feel the desire for intercourse, do not achieve orgasms during sex and do not feel an intimate connection with their partner.

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What are the effects of using Stimido?

Is it safe to use Stimido?

Stimido are safe to use

Many women are concerned about supplements for improving libido, but Stimido is a unique product. In its composition, everything is natural, and so selected to effectively and safely awaken desire, add energy and increase the desire for sex. Any adult woman can take this supplement, except during pregnancy and lactation. It is not a prescription supplement, and on the list of possible contraindications is an allergy to the ingredients, nevertheless there are substances in the capsules that are extremely rare for anyone to be allergic. Using it therefore poses no health risks, and the effectiveness of this supplement has been confirmed by studies.

It is also worth mentioning that these pills are not addictive, like many other libido enhancers. The pills can be taken without fear even for several months, and will not cause any harm to the body - Stimido does not raise blood pressure, does not damage the liver and is definitely better than hormonal drugs.

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What is in the composition of Stimido tablets?

  • L-arginine

It is an ingredient with stimulating properties, which adds vitality, improves physical condition, accelerates recovery after exercise and facilitates rest. Very improves circulation and has a positive effect on mood. It also acts as an aphrodisiac, increasing the desire for sex and improving sensitivity to tactile stimuli within the genitals.

  • Bitter orange fruit extract

It has antidepressant properties, puts you in a good mood, has a stimulating effect. It strongly affects the circulatory system by accelerating blood flow, it also increases the body's thermogenesis, making the sensations during sex much stronger.

Stimido has a natural composition
  • Brazilian ginseng root extract

A very powerful natural aphrodisiac. Improves blood oxygenation, so it increases not only libido, but also sexual performance. Increases sexual satisfaction As well as accelerates the recovery of the body.

  • Guarana seed extract

It provides large amounts of caffeine, which stimulates and increases the body's performance. Mitigates the effects of fatigue, reduces stress, improves mood. It greatly increases sexual desire. It also has warming properties and raises body temperature, which dilates blood vessels and maximizes the sensations of close-up sex.

  • Lovage root extract

Another very effective natural aphrodisiac. Increases oxygen synthesis and improves blood supply to the genitals. It contributes to increased libido, rapid arousal and stronger sensations.

  • Maca root extract

It quickly and effectively increases libido. It is very helpful in the fight against sexual frigidity. Increases blood supply to the genitals, improves sensitivity to touch, has a stimulating effect.

  • Vitamin E

Is responsible for proper blood circulation and the production of adequate amounts of sex hormones. Strengthens blood vessels. Is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cells from being damaged by excess free radicals.

  • Selenium and zinc

Two extremely important elements for sexual health. They regulate hormones, increase libido, and are very helpful in treating sexual disorders.

Why take Stimido?

Stimido gives quick results

Stimido is a supplement that provides a number of benefits to women experiencing a decline in libido. It not only regulates the secretion of hormones responsible for sexual desire, but also stimulates circulation and increases the pleasure that can be derived from sex. It can make a woman feel more confident, sexier, and thus more willing to initiate sexual intercourse. The product enhances erotic sensations, increases openness to experimentation in bed and makes it unnecessary to find excuses to avoid sex. Every woman who wants to feel beautiful and sexy should take care not only of intimate sensations but also of external appearance, for example, beautiful legs without varicose veins - helpful in this will be recommended by us Levicose gel.

How does Stimido work?

The purpose of the supplement is to increase female libido. However, this is not enough to fully enjoy sex, so Stimido goes even further. Thanks to the pills, sexual performance improves, the body has more energy and recovers better. It is also very important that during supplementation a woman's self-confidence increases, allowing her to enjoy intimate intercourse with her partner.

Stimido stimulates circulation, making the genitals better supplied with blood and consequently the pleasure experienced in sex is much greater. Stimido also has an effect on the central nervous system, which increases drive and desire.

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How to use Stimido?

Stimido is a supplement designed for daily use. It is very important to take the pills daily, in doses of two capsules per day. Each serving of the supplement should be sipped with plenty of water. The supplement must not replace a meal, and it is also inadvisable to increase the dosage on its own, which can have the opposite effect to that expected. Supplementation of the pills should be carried out for a minimum of one month - this is how long a single pack is sufficient. However, it is advisable to make the treatment last longer, which will ensure a long-term improvement in sex life.

What advantages does Stimido have?

Changes in sexuality are inevitable. Most often they are either organic or psychogenic in origin. A decline in desire is due to relationship problems, stress, exhaustion, poor self-esteem, monotony in the bedroom, among other things. Often, the decrease in libido is also due to diseases such as diabetes or depression, hormonal disorders and thyroid malfunction also have a big impact. But regardless, because it causes a decrease in libido, Stimido is able to help any woman complaining of a lack of sexual desire.

Stimido has many advantages

Stimido is ideal for women who have long complained about the libido disorders As well as lack of bed satisfaction. By using it, you can finally regain a successful sex life and improve your intimate relationship with your partner. Stimido has the advantage that it also affects the emotional and mental sphere, increasing resistance to stress, building higher self-confidence and improving mood. Stimido also improves blood supply to the genitals, so that during sex, tactile stimuli are better felt and orgasm can be achieved more easily.

Stimido tablet price

Stimido preview 1

Prices for Stimido pills vary depending on which package you order. One box of pills is enough for one month of treatment. Two boxes are cheaper - if you buy them at once during one order, but it will be even cheaper if you choose the largest package, which includes three packs of Stimido, and actually four, because it is the fourth one that is added by the manufacturer free of charge.

Where to order Stimido?

Stimido is a dietary supplement that can be purchased without a prescription. It is sold only online, and the safest way to order is through the manufacturer's website. The package with Stimido pills is either sent to your home address or placed in a designated parcel machine. The packaging does not reveal the contents of the package, and prepayment is not required - you can pay on delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions:

For whom is the Stimido supplement intended?

Stimido is designed for women who want to increase their libido and improve sexual performance.

How should the pills be used?

The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules a day, drinking plenty of water. Before using them, carefully read the package insert and do not exceed the recommended dose.

Is Stimido safe to use?

Yes, it's a safe product because it contains only natural substances such as L-carnitine, plant extracts and vitamins.

Is the product available at a pharmacy?

No, the capsules can only be ordered from the manufacturer's official website.

Can I pay for the ordered product on delivery?

Yes, this is possible within the country. 

Is it possible to ship pills overseas?

Yes, however, upfront payment is required when ordering.

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  1. Stimido is a supplement called viagra for women. These are pills with a very good effect, after use the desire for sex increases significantly, and the pleasure of sex is felt much better than before. Stimido stimulates, increases blood supply to the genitals, adds energy. This is a supplement with an exceptionally rich composition, so it works even in severe cases when other remedies fail, I have processed several of them and compared them and the best results were achieved just with Stimido

  2. Girls before you decide to buy anything it's worth learning a little more - I did some reading and did a little reserch on the subject and here's what I came up with - How to increase a woman's libido? Taking care of the right mood is certainly a good way to get the urge for sex, but sometimes such treatments are not enough. Pills for libido are then a very good solution, but you should pay attention to whether it is a product designed for women. The best preparations have in their composition ginger, ginseng, rosemary, capsaicin, vitamin C, vitamin B, L-arginine, so ingredients that improve blood circulation, have an exciting effect and help relax. In addition to pills, there are topical gels and creams, so that the genitals quickly become heavily circulated and more sensitive to touch. I wish you good luck and much love

  3. I've been using for a month and I think now it can only get better, the effects are there, mentally I already feel better too and I'm not worried about this problem, well and importantly my partner is walking around so much happier too 🙂

  4. I am very happy with this product, I have finally returned to the living, and probably the most happy is my husband, who also significantly felt the difference in our male-female relations

  5. Hey, so from experience tell me my dears whether this product additionally supports or rather prevents such problems as vaginal dryness, in my case it is an additional complication that causes me a lot of problems, I know that there are lubrificants and other means but nothing can replace nature

  6. Tereska, stimido works comprehensively, I'll tell you from my experience that such problems as low libido or vaginal dryness are overcome in a month, unless you have some additional problems then gynecologist first because your low libido may also be due to other reasons. Back on topic additionally you will gain a satisfied partner, better orgasms and overall satisfaction with life, which normally disappears when you are not sexually fulfilled

  7. I recommend if you suffer from lack of desire for sex and low libido, often this problem affects the partnership and this was also the case with me, you can say that these pills saved my marriage :)))


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