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Supreme Skin is a face primer from Elever Cosmetics that helps mask any skin imperfections. It is the perfect complement to your daily makeup and makes your face look prettier, more radiant and natural. It can be purchased at a promotional price on the manufacturer's website. The foundation is suitable for all skin types, because due to its composition it does not cause any irritation. What else gives its use, what are the opinions, comments on the forum and why is it better than other products of this type?

Women's opinions⭐ Positive
Product compositionNatural
Effects⭐ Effective action, Product recommended by female users
PriceCheck here
Availability at a drugstore or pharmacyNo
Possibility of shipping abroadYes
PerformanceOne pack lasts for 2 months
ColorsIt has 5 colors

Supreme Skin Price

Supreme Skin is available in several shades, packaging, manufacturer's website

How much does Supreme Skin face primer cost?

The primer is available in several colors to match your complexion. When placing an order, all you have to do is check the right box showing the shade of foundation, and then you can already choose how many pieces of Supreme Skin you want to buy during one transaction. When shopping on the manufacturer's website, you can choose from three price packages. When ordering just one foundation, you pay extra for delivery costs.

By ordering two primers in one, we can take advantage of the promotion, the unit price per primer drops, plus there is no extra charge for shipping when ordering at least two primers. Free delivery also applies to the largest Supreme Skin package. This is the most financially viable option, as you pay for three primers, but end up getting four - the extra pack is added free of charge.

What is Supreme Skin?

The use of foundation helps to achieve a better looking complexion. Primer is designed to cover up blemishes, acne lesions, pimples and other imperfections. It can also be used to cover freckles or dark circles under the eyes. Primer usually has a beige, flesh-colored shade - due to the fact that the skin looks different, you should always adjust the color of the primer to your skin type. Primer is considered an indispensable part of makeup if the makeup is to look as natural as possible, but the problem is that not all cosmetics fulfill this task.

Many foundations quickly roll off, get into wrinkles, weigh down, and make the face look even worse, tired, gray and unnatural. A good foundation, on the other hand, will not only enhance beauty beautifully, but also protect the complexion from sunlight, extreme temperatures and air pollution.

Supreme Skin is a foundation that is a very versatile cosmetic and provides excellent skin coverage. It can be used both for everyday use and for special occasions when a strong, professionally applied makeup is needed. The foundation provides a striking satin sheen to the complexion, rejuvenates the skin And covers up any flaws. On top of that, it spreads well over the skin, so even after many hours the makeup looks perfect and does not give the impression of an artificial mask.

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What are the benefits of using Supreme Skin foundation?

After using the Supreme Skin face primer skin is perfectly smooth and you can put other color cosmetics on it. It has a pleasant texture and even during hot weather, in air conditioning or in unpleasant weather it retains its properties. It doesn't look artificial on the skin like cheap, flimsy foundations - it provides a good mattifying effect, but also exposes the skin's natural, healthy shine. Using it also helps regulate sebum secretion and provides proper UV protection - according to the manufacturer, the foundation has SPF 50+ sunscreen.

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Supreme Skin face primer smooths complexion

How does Supreme Skin work?

Oily skin is very troublesome when applying makeup, because due to excess sebum, the skin quickly begins to shine unsightly, and due to the disturbed oil balance, acne and blackheads easily develop on it. Supreme Skin copes with this problem, because it not only mattifies the complexion, but also restores proper sebum secretion and does not clog pores. The product is not a heavy foundation, so it can also be used on other skin types, with the same effect.

The formulation includes substances with soothing and regenerative properties, so the skin remains perfectly moisturized for hours, does not dry out and is not prone to irritation.

Do I get a sample of Elever Cosmetics Supreme Skin foundation ?

As of today, unfortunately, it is not possible to get a sample of this face primer, but as we can read on the offer page of this product, in the near future it is expected to introduce such an opportunity to test the primer before buying it

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Why does foundation look bad on the skin?

Choosing the right foundation is not a simple task, besides, many women don't even realize that a foundation - just like a moisturizer - must be matched to the skin. Supreme Skin is a universal product, so although it is recommended mainly for oily and combination skin, it will also cope with dry, sensitive and delicate skin. Once applied, the foundation does not set on the face, does not weigh down and does not roll off.

Importantly, however, the use of foundation should go hand in hand with proper facial skin care. Foundation should not be applied to unwashed skin, and it is also good to apply a proper skin care cream before makeup. Poor foundation appearance can also be due to insufficiently frequent exfoliation - the epidermis is constantly exfoliating, while if there are a lot of dead, unremoved cells on the complexion, they will worsen the properties of the foundation. Supreme Skin makes daily facial skin care very easy, and has such a convenient applicator that even inexperienced people should not find it difficult to spread the cosmetic properly over the complexion.

How to use Supreme Skin foundation?

Supreme Skin, due to its formula and consistency, covers very thoroughly, but if a single layer is not enough, just apply another layer and check the effect. The product is very efficient and already a thin single layer should have the desired effect. The amount of foundation applied simply needs to be adjusted according to the occasion and the rest of the colored cosmetics used for makeup. It also contains a strong sunscreen, so you don't need to put extra protection on your face.

Supreme Skin covers imperfections very thoroughly

How do I start applying Supreme Skin foundation?

  1. The first step should be a thorough cleansing of the skin - the face can be washed with a foam or wiped with a milk, then toned. A day cream or makeup base is applied to the cleansed skin.
  2. The second step is already applying the foundation itself. For this it will be most convenient to use a special sponge, a brush or simply your fingertips. The application of foundation starts from the center of the face, spreading it evenly towards the cheekbones. If a stronger coverage is desirable, you need to apply another layer and wait a while until the whole thing is well absorbed.
  3. The final step is to apply the remaining cosmetics.

There is 30 ml in one package, which should last for about two months of regular use. Supreme Skin can be applied even if you don't plan on going out with makeup, just to mask skin imperfections - you only need to give powder on top to fix the foundation.

Is Supreme Skin a safe cosmetic?

The formula of the foundation is safe for the skin. In the foundation there are only those ingredients that provide optimal coverage, but at the same time do not clog pores and do not irritate the skin. In Supreme Skin there are plant extracts that have a soothing effect, so women with sensitive and delicate skin can also reach for this foundation. It is also a cosmetic suitable for vegans.

Does the Supreme Skin face primer provide protection from the sun?

Sepreme Skin protects the complexion from the sun,

Using Supreme Skin has another important benefit - it protects the skin from the sun's harmful rays. These are what cause skin dryness and increase free radicals - the main causes of premature skin aging. The foundation provides UV protection at a very high level of SPF50+, which is higher than standard face creams. By using it, you can be out in the sun without risking burns or skin discoloration, and on occasionand your complexion will retain its youthful firmness longer.

What is in the composition of Supreme Skin?

The foundation is in direct contact with the skin, so its composition is of colossal importance. According to the manufacturer, Supreme Skin contains only tested, approved ingredients:

  • One of them is the vegan equivalent of collagen, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles, stimulates skin regeneration, evens out skin tone and prevents water loss from the epidermis.
  • Thanks to properly selected polymers, the foundation lasts a long time, does not drip, roll or weigh down despite many hours of wearing it on the skin.
  • Supreme Skin also has mattifying powders that absorb excess oil, which provides a nice shine to the complexion and protects against shine.
  • Another ingredient is vitamin E, one of the vitamins of youth - its main function in this cosmetic is to protect against free radicals and faster regeneration.
  • The last active ingredient is sodium hyaluronate, which provides deep skin hydration.

Who is Elever Cosmetics primer for?

Supreme Skin primer is designed for all people who want their skin to become smooth, silky and free of imperfections. Using it is especially recommended for women who have oily and combination skin, with a tendency to shine and acne lesions.

Supreme Skin foundation colors

Supreme Skin is available in several shades:

  • Porcelain
  • Ivory
  • Beige
  • Sand
  • Honey

You just need to match the shade of foundation to your skin, which should not be difficult.

What are the opinions about Supreme Skin?

"A lot of positive posts encouraged me to buy Supreme Skin. It's more expensive than the ones I used before, but well, maybe that's why it turned out to be much better than them. The first pleasant surprise was how easy it is to apply - it has the perfect consistency and even when you do it with your fingers, no streaks remain and the foundation is quickly absorbed. After several hours, the makeup still looks good, it doesn't collect in the corners of the eyes, and it doesn't give a heavy feeling. You can literally forget that you have it on your face. This is the first foundation I've really enjoyed using."

"I have been using foundation for a short time. I kept hearing that it was indispensable, only that after applying it I didn't look better at all. In the beginning, my complexion actually became smooth, but all I had to do was leave the house and after less than an hour the problems started. I tried it with Supreme Skin, and now I understand where the fad for primers comes from. The face looks natural, manages to hide pimples and red flushes. Even during hot weather it passed the test. I will use it regularly."

"My skin is acne-prone, and if I choose cosmetics incorrectly, the pimples only increase. And I have such a job that I have to paint myself. This time I decided not to save money and decided to buy Supreme Skin. I really liked it, because it is not heavy, and above all it does not irritate my skin. After a few weeks of use, I can even say that it has calmed down my complexion, because I have less and less acne, and my skin is not dry at all. Well, and I don't have to apply UV filters yet, because this foundation provides me with such protection."

Why use Supreme Skin foundation?

Supreme Skin is recommended for oily skin, effects of use

There are many myths about makeup, and one of them is that makeup damages the skin. In fact, this is not the case, although of course, a lot depends on the type of cosmetics used and general facial care. Makeup does not have to clog pores and interfere with skin breathing at all - a good foundation allows all physiological processes in the skin. The composition is tailored to the needs of oily and combination skin, so the foundation mattifies the skin, but does not dry or clog it. The foundation does not cause acne, because it is light, low comedogenic, without harmful substances that impede sebum production. Supreme Skin does not cause inflammation, rather it soothes it thanks to the presence of plant extracts with antibacterial properties.

It is also not true that colored makeup accelerates the formation of wrinkles. Using a good foundation can even delay this process. How? The skin ages not only by age itself, but also by external factors. It is harmed by a vitamin-poor diet, smoking, too little hydration.

However, what is most deadly for the skin is sunlight. It's UV rays They destroy collagen and cause more free radicals to form in the cells. That's why you need a protective barrier, and not only in summer, but also in winter, because although UV radiation is weaker then, it's still there. There is a high sunscreen in Supreme Skin, which provides optimal protection for the skin and thus skin is less prone to sagging, wrinkles and dryness. On top of that, it improves water binding in the skin, meaning it is properly moisturized throughout the day.

It is also important to absolutely wash off makeup before going to bed. Even when you have the best makeup products on your skin, your skin needs time to recover. In the evening, it is therefore necessary to thoroughly remove all makeup.

Where can you buy Supreme Skin?

Supreme Skin price, where to buy face primer

Supreme Skin is a unique cosmetic, and the manufacturer is keen to ensure that only safe, proven products with original formulas reach its customers. This is achievable through direct distribution, so Supreme Skin is not sold in drugstores, but only on the manufacturer's website. One should also be wary of any listings on sites like Ceneo, Allegro or Amazon, as it is rarely an original product and usually customers simply end up with fakes without any value.

Elever cosmetics foundation where to buy

Buying Supreme Skin online is not complicated, and the manufacturer's website offers a secure sales process that protects customer data. When ordering, you can pre-pay, either by card or online transfer, but there is also an option to pay on delivery, as long as the package is delivered within the country.

Delivery should not take more than 7 business days, although usually the package is at the addressee after just two days. The orderer has 14 days to return if the product does not meet his expectations. It is possible to send Supreme Skin abroad.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Supreme Skin used for?

Supreme Skin is a foundation that provides a smooth, silky complexion without visible imperfections. It improves the quality and appearance of everyday makeup.

Can foundation irritate the skin?

The formula is safe for the skin, free of allergens and pore-clogging ingredients. Even daily use of this foundation will not cause any skin problems. Due to its plant-based ingredients, Supreme Skin can be used by vegans.

Who can use Supreme Skin?

Supreme Skin is a very versatile foundation, useful for anyone who wants to achieve a smooth, satin-like complexion. It is especially recommended for women with oily and combination skin, as it perfectly mattifies the shining areas and prevents greasy marks.

Does Supreme Skin provide protection from the sun?

Unlike most primers, it provides UV protection. The foundation has the highest protection filter - SPF 50+.

Can it be purchased at a drugstore?

Supreme Skin is not sold in drugstores, it can only be ordered from the manufacturer's website.

Is the primer available in different colors?

Supreme Skin is produced in several different shades, so you can easily match the right foundation to your skin type.

Elever cosmetics foundation where to buy ?

The primer is only available on the manufacturer's website

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