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YES Lashes is no ordinary mascara. As you can read on the manufacturer's website, it is a mascara with strengthening properties, which not only thickens and lengthens lashes, but also thoroughly nourishes them. Thanks to the mascara, you can enjoy a beautiful eye frame, and the results are much better than with other mascaras. What is the uniqueness of this mascara?

YESlashes - what is it?

YES Lashes mascara

YES Lashes is a mascara for eyelashes with a comprehensive effect

Regular mascara only darkens the lashes and makes them look thicker and longer. However, it does not change the condition of your eyelashes permanently, so after washing the product off your eyelashes are still weak and you still have to apply makeup to hide it. What's more, most mascaras, especially the cheap ones, damage the lashes, making them look worse and worse.

From the product description, it seems that the mascara is very different from other cosmetics of this type in this regard. YESlashes is a mascara, and at the same time a conditioner. Using this product, you can dispense with two separate cosmetics and use only one, which works comprehensively. In terms of action, it is an extremely effective product that provides the lashes with much more than just a pretty appearance - the mascara nourishes, moisturizes and strengthens the hair.

YES Lashes is highly pigmented, which gives the lashes a deep shade of black and makes them look very natural. They become longer and thicker, and after washing off the makeup, the lashes remain in good condition, do not fall out and do not crumble. Using it is extremely convenient thanks to a specially shaped brush, and once applied, the mascara stays on the lashes all day, does not clump and does not bounce on the eyelid.

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Product NameYES Lashes
Feedback ⭐️ Positive Comments
Where To Buy▶️ Official website of the manufacturer
Package size5 ml
Product pricePromotion on Manufacturer's website
Is it available in pharmacies or drugstores?❌ None

Why use YESlashes in particular?

What weakens eyelashes?

Eyelash loss is a natural process, just like the hair on your head. Old eyelashes are replaced by new ones, and the process of eyelash growth is a three-step process, and if it runs smoothly, the eye frame is thick and strong. Unfortunately, the hair follicles can become weakened, and then the eyelashes grow much slower and weaker, which of course reflects negatively on the facial appearance. Mascara can mask these defects, but the lashes are still in poor condition.

Weakening of eyelashes can have various causes. For example, hair may fall out during illness, infections of the eye, or as a result of taking certain medications. Stress has a negative effect on the condition of skin, hair and nails. Eyelashes will also be weak if the body does not get enough vitamins, as hair growth depends on trace elements.

YESlashes is a mascara with a nourishing effect. It strengthens eyelashes and makes them look attractive, and since it has a safe formula based on natural ingredients, you can use it long-term in place of regular drugstore cosmetics without worry. Also check out the hair care product called Hairstim.

What are the effects of using YES Lashes mascara?

YES Lashes sensational application results

Weak eyelashes are not just an aesthetic problem. Eyelashes are there to protect the eyes, because it is on them that dirt and dangerous microorganisms stay. Weak eyelashes are also poor protection, so you need to take proper care of them. A good solution is Ciliash conditionerThe conditioner is a product that strengthens eyelashes and protects them from the effects of weather conditions such as strong wind or frost. Conditioners, however, are usually colorless and therefore do not replace classic mascara and can only be used at night.

Hence the idea to add pigment to the conditioner. This is how YES Lashes works - it lengthens and darkens lashes, but also provides good conditioning properties. Eyelashes are protected and their appearance remains flawless.

This nurturing action is very important, because eyelashes are susceptible to damage all the time - they get damaged, for example, from rubbing the eyes or from improperly performed makeup removal. By using YESlashes, you can be sure of a positive effect on the appearance of your eyelashes.

It is also worth taking care of our skin and body shape using Celleasy Perfect Body Serum.

YES Lashes reviews

"I always used one brand of mascara, I was strongly attached to it. However, I received YESlashes as a gift, so I decided to use it as a trial. It was worth it. I thought the previous mascara provided excellent results, but after this mascara I couldn't get over how good my lashes could look."

"I've been using YES Lashes for a few months now. The lashes look beautiful, they are thick, shiny, elongated, and I don't even have to use an eyelash curler to curl them. After removing makeup, they are not weakened and dull, as they looked after other mascaras used before. I am very satisfied with the use of this mascara and it is definitely worth the price."

"The price of YESlashes put me off a bit, because you can easily buy cheaper mascaras at the drugstore. But you only need to apply it once to understand the difference. After the mascara, the eyelashes are perfectly inked, separated, really thick. I've never had such a good mascara."

Who is YESlashes mascara designed for?

Yes Lashes lengthens and thickens lashes

It is an innovative mascara, with a specially formulated formula that does not contain any dangerous or irritating ingredients. YES Lashes is ideal for women who have short and light-colored eyelashes, and it can also be used prophylactically, as a good mascara with nutritional properties, which will prevent the loss and crumbling of eyelashes. According to the manufacturer, the mascara can be used by people with sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.

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What is the effect of YES Lashes mascara?

The mascara has a rich, nourishing formula. Its nourishing ingredients promote eyelash growth and strengthen hair follicles. Eyelashes are perfectly nourished along their entire length, gain a special protective layer, are more resistant to breakage. Under the influence of YESlashes, eyelashes become thicker and longer, grow thicker and curl nicely.

YES Lashes mascara not only does not irritate the eyelids, but can even soothe smaller irritations on the eyelids. It takes good care of the entire lash line, strengthening the hairs from root to tip. The mascara also contains beneficial emollients that soften and moisturize the lashes, which gives them a nice shape and prevents premature loss.

How quickly do you see the results of using YES Lashes?

YESlashes mascara works from its first application. After the first mascara application, eyelashes become thicker, longer and better curled. You can also feel that they are well moisturized. The applicator distributes the mascara very precisely even on the finest hairs, and the mascara does not run off the lashes or leave dirty marks on the eyelids. Each successive application of the mascara reinforces this positive effect, and after a few weeks of use you can see that the lashes are in much better shape.

YES Lashes - positive reviews on the forum

How does YESlashes take care of eyelashes?

Eyelash care is often forgotten, considering it unimportant. More importance is given to the colored makeup itself, although this can often be the cause of damage to the structure of the eyelashes. With YES Lashes, you don't have to give up makeup, as it is a strengthening treatment that simultaneously darkens, lengthens and curls lashes. According to the manufacturer's declarations, the product will improve the condition of the eyelashes and nourish them, and visually provide an even better effect than regular mascara.

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What are the benefits of using YES Lashes mascara?

  • lashes are longer, thicker and curlier
  • make-up lasts for hours without any problems
  • lashes are well cared for and moisturized

How do you use YESlashes mascara?

As for the application of YESlashes itself, you use this mascara just like other mascaras. The application is possible thanks to a brush made of resilient, safe plastic, which perfectly adapts to the shape of the lashes and facilitates accurate application on the entire lashes. It's a good idea to start masking from the upper eyelid, then the mascara covers the shorter lower lashes, and finally you can still repeat the application on the upper eyelid. The mascara is a deep, elegant shade of black and suits all lashes.

YES Lashes mascara

YES Lashes spreads very well on the eyelashes, carefully separates and curls them. Even after many hours, no lumps of clumped mascara form on the lashes, and the lashes maintain a perfect appearance and add depth to the look.

Mascara is always applied on cleaned eyelashes - it's best to wash them with a special micellar liquid before application to remove dirt and greasy residue from other cosmetics. Mascara should be started from the base of the lashes, moving the applicator upward. In the evening, simply wash off the YES Lashes mascara with makeup remover, being careful not to rub the lashes too hard, which will unnecessarily damage them.

Is it safe to use YES Lashes?

YES Lashes does not irritate the eyelids and does not damage the lashes themselves either. It has a dermatologically tested safe composition. Using YESlashes has not been found to harm you in any way, even if you use the mascara daily, for many weeks.

What ingredients are in YESlashes?

YESlashes mascara uses a number of natural ingredients, the most important of which are marine algae and extracts from valuable aquatic plants. Bladderwrack and sea beet ensure that lashes remain well moisturized and protected from external factors, and prevent irritation and lash loss. The softening and moisturizing effect is due to carnauba wax and palmitic acid.

YES Lashes Price

How much does mascara cost?

YES Lashes Price

On the Manufacturer's website you can buy a single pack of YES Lashes mascara with a capacity of 5 ml, which is the standard size for this type of cosmetics. YESlashes mascara is very efficient, it will last a long time, but it is still worth getting a larger quantity, as it will give a noticeable price advantage. When ordering a larger number of packs at once, you also don't pay for the courier, as delivery is free with packages. When you buy three packs, a fourth mascara is added as a free gift.

Where can orders be placed?

YES Lashes mascara is not sold in popular drugstores, it can only be purchased online. According to the manufacturer, such distribution has made it possible to further reduce the price of the mascara, and there is greater control over the quality and authenticity of the cosmetic. When ordering YESlashes on the manufacturer's website, customers can be sure that they are purchasing genuine cosmetics, and not counterfeits.

Buying online is easy to do and literally takes a moment. After selecting which YESlashes package you want to buy, you need to fill out an order form with your personal information. The package is either shipped by courier or delivered to a parcel machine of your choice. Those who are concerned about paying in advance can choose the cash on delivery option. Orders are processed immediately, so a shipment from YES Lashes should be delivered within a few business days.

How quickly do you see the first effects of use?

With just one stroke of mascara, you can see the effect of naturally lengthened and thickened lashes.

Is YES Lashes mascara long-lasting?

The mascara is very long lasting, stays on the lashes all day, does not smudge or bounce on the eyelid.

Does mascara make my lashes stick together?

Specially designed brush precisely separates lashes, with high precision applies the black pigment on them without leaving lumps on the eyelashes.

Can YESlashes be purchased at a drugstore or pharmacy?

No, the original product can only be ordered from the manufacturer's website, where there are often various promotions, especially when buying more packages.

Is it possible to ship mascara abroad?

Yes, however the manufacturer requires payment to be made at the time of order.

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  1. My three cents about this conditioner and what I think about it.Extrordinary volume is a modern eyelash serum that extends the growth phase of natural hair. In addition, it strengthens the structure of the eyelashes and nourishes them, so that the eyelashes are no longer so brittle and can withstand makeup better.

    Extraordinary Volume is a conditioner that is very convenient to use, because you only need to apply a single dose of the serum once a day - the application looks exactly the same as with other eye cosmetics. During the treatment with the conditioner you can easily apply traditional makeup, it does not in any way weaken the effect of the product. I noticed the first results after about two weeks of use, but the treatment should be carried out for at least a month, and the best results will be after a full three months of regular use, that's how it was for me. After completing the main treatment, the conditioner can be used to strengthen the effect, for example, twice a week.

  2. Looking for a conditioner for me, I read that these extraordinary volume is the product most often recommended by experienced cosmetologists. It rebuilds damaged eyelashes and has a strengthening effect, and the active ingredients go exactly to the problem area. The product is applied on the lash line, and the ingredients reach the hair follicles immediately, stimulating them to grow. The second stage is the mascara - the conditioner is spread along the entire length of the lashes, nourishing them to the tips. The result is thicker, longer and strikingly curled eyelashes.

    With very weak eyelashes, it is worth using a serum instead of a regular conditioner, as the serum is a more intensive product and brings the desired results much faster. Importantly, however, the serum must be used daily, as only a regular supply of active ingredients will ensure proper growth of eyelashes.

  3. I have been using for a long time and for me it works sensationally, it strengthens and thickens the lashes, besides it thickens and gives a curling effect which I really like

  4. I have very light eyelashes, and Extraordinary Volume is really black which makes it so I don't have to apply two coats, even with light lashes, it works great for me, not to mention the other perks of this product 🙂


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