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Bust is an important attribute of femininity. Many women have complexes about it - breasts are too small, sagging, not firm and shapeless. This negatively affects self-esteem, especially that the bust, unlike the abdomen or legs, cannot be simply modeled by exercises. Surgery is still considered the most effective method of breast enlargement, but the manufacturer Booups argues that large, firm breasts can be achieved much more safely.

Booups is a new generation serum, designed to shape and enlarge the breasts. This is a breakthrough method, because as the manufacturer informs, with this gel it is possible to enlarge breasts completely naturally, without the intervention of a surgeon and the use of artificial inserts. The effectiveness is rated very high, as shown by numerous reviews of satisfied customers. From our review, you will learn how the process works and for whom this is a recommended solution.

What is Booups and why should it be used?

booups cream

Booups is a gel that helps enlarge breasts naturally, without pain or side effects. The treatment can be done at home, without the supervision of a doctor, there are no complicated procedures or preparations based on strong, toxic ingredients. This is a very big advantage over surgery, which requires giving up sex and physical activity for many weeks, is painful and expensive.

Treatment with Booups serum does not involve so many health and financial consequences. It can be started at any time and, apart from pregnancy or a very serious chronic illness, there are no contraindications to the use of the product - silicone insoles cannot be implanted in every woman, and in the case of Booups gel, age, bust size or health status does not matter.

What is the composition of Booups serum ?

The composition of Booups gel is natural, the formula is made up of substances of plant origin, safe for health and tested for effectiveness. They work very quickly, because in Booups they are used in high doses. Applied daily to the skin, the active ingredients lead to the filling of lipid cells with fatty acids, resulting in a long-term increase in bust size. These ingredients are:

  • Vesperula - This ingredient has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, protects the skin from infection and damage, in addition, very effectively soothes irritation. It slows down the skin aging process, stimulates the regeneration of damaged cells, reinforces collagen fibers and elastin. It is very good for the appearance, shape and firmness of the bust.
  • Divine Grass Extract - This is a plant that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, as a result of which the bust regains firmness, lifts and gains volume. This ingredient soothes the skin, smooths it, removes scars, cellulite and stretch marks. It contains a lot of antioxidants and has rejuvenating properties. It effectively thickens the skin.
  • Argan Oil - Deeply moisturizes the skin, tightens and smooths it. Helps retain moisture in cells, so skin ages more slowly and does not become saggy. Soothes irritated skin. Provides important vitamins, improves skin elasticity and activates its regeneration.
  • Centella Asiatica - Very good for the condition of the skin, improves its firmness, thickens the tissue, helps remove cellulite. It strengthens capillaries and improves circulation, which improves the absorption of nutrients by skin cells. It prevents skin dryness and flabbiness, has a protective effect, soothes irritation. It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Coconut oil - Improves skin elasticity, has an astringent effect, prevents irritation. It is a strong antioxidant, protects the skin from aging and loss of elasticity. It stimulates skin regeneration, smoothes and nourishes it, provides a natural, uniform color.

How does Booups work?

Chest booups

Booups active ingredients work from the first time the gel is applied to the skin. These are the ingredients that shape, lift and enlarge the bust. The formula strongly slows skin aging and sagging, and accelerates biological cell renewal, which is essential for increasing skin elasticity and improving skin appearance. The bio-ingredients contained in breast enhancement serum work at the molecular level, so it is an extremely effective method for rejuvenating and thickening skin tissue.

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The next stage of Booups action is to add fatty tissue in specific areas, making the bust bigger. Gel stimulates collagen production and elastin, the fibres responsible for the elasticity of the skin, removes toxins and free radicals from the cells. Booups active formula also affects blood circulation - this not only provides better oxygenation and nourishment of cells, but also increases breast sensitivity and intensifies sexual experience.

Booups action is focused on the breasts, but you can also use this gel to firm the buttocks. Here the serum works very similarly, that is, it improves elasticity and increases the use of fatty acids, removes cellulite and stretch marks, smooths and lubricates the skin.

What are the effects of Booups serum?

  1. supplying missing nutrients responsible for bust growth
  2. Increased collagen production by up to 87 percent
  3. Protection against free radicals that cause skin aging
  4. More efficient accumulation of lipids in fat cells, which increases breast volume

What reviews does Booups have ?

"My breasts were always very small. I envied my friends who had big breasts, but I could only mask my deficiencies with push-ups. I tried many different things, I went for massages, took some pills, applied firming cosmetics, but to no avail, as the cup was A, so it remained A after all these efforts. It wasn't until I started using Booups that my bust got bigger, and a lot bigger. After a few weeks I was already a C, and my friends refused to believe me that this effect was without surgery." Bogna

"My breasts were small and saggy to boot. I was reluctant to show myself naked to my boyfriend, and though he wouldn't say anything about it, I could see the way he looked at girls more generously endowed by nature. I was almost ready to go for surgery, but I discovered Booups . After two weeks my breasts had lifted and firmed, and after a month I was two cup sizes larger. Now I am really proud of my body." Kasia

What is the effectiveness of Booups ?

When NimBooups hit the market, it underwent very rigorous quality and safety testing. A large group of women of all ages were invited to participate, including postpartum and menopausal women. Regardless of the initial appearance of the breasts, almost every test participant improved firmness and increased their size by at least one cup. These results were maintained even after discontinuing the gel.

Nearly one hundred percent of women confirmed that they noticed a change in breast firmness after the first application of the gel. Approximately 93 percent of the women agreed that their breasts lifted visibly after several applications of the gel. Just under 90 percent of the women also applied Booups to their buttocks, and it was confirmed that the cream had a firming effect on this part of the body, as well as removing cellulite and reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

How to use Booups serum ?

It is a gel for external use only. It is applied to the skin, in a small amount, and spread carefully, but without rubbing or stretching the skin. Booups can be applied not only to the breasts, but also to the buttocks if they also need firming and lifting. Serum for bigger breasts must be applied daily.

Does Breast Enlargement Serum have side effects?

Booups is a safe gel, with no allergens or synthetics to irritate the skin. It is suitable for daily application, but it is recommended to discontinue treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This product is not suitable for girls under 12 years old.

What are the benefits of using Booups ?

  • Busts can permanently enlarge by up to 3 sizes during one month
  • breasts become firmer and more lifted
  • more lipids are deposited in the bust cells, which has a positive effect on breast volume
  • Improved circulation and deep hydration of the skin
  • slowed skin aging process
  • several times greater production of collagen and elastin

Booups Price

booups serum price, where to buy

How much does Booups gel cost and how can I order it? The price of the serum is 149 PLN for one package. As part of a promotion, the manufacturer has decided to sell a specific batch of gel at a lower price, there are special packages that can be selected to meet your needs, you just need to quickly place your order on the official sales site.

Manufacturer Pagewww.Booups .com
User ReviewsPositive
Availability It's
Price149zł Package
PromotionsTime limited

Booups Manufacturer Website

After filling out a short form, a consultant will call you back with all the important information about the transaction, after which you just need to pay for the shipment and pick up the package. Booups should be delivered to the indicated address within a few days. The serum is not sold in drugstores, and there are usually only counterfeits available on sites like Amazon, eBay. It is also not possible to order original Booups cheaper than on the manufacturer's website.

What are Booups ?

This is a breast enhancement serum

Where to buy breast enhancement serum ?

Available only on the official website

Can I buy Booups at the Pharmacy?


Is the serum safe for health ?

Yes, natural composition, without any chemical additives

What are the ingredients in Booups ?

The composition is all-natural and you can find it in the description of our article or on the manufacturer's leaflet

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  1. I am going to buy a boob job for my wife. She is always complaining that I have small boobs, she used some pills but I have not seen any results. She tries to persuade me to have an operation but these prices are exaggerated, so much to pay for breast enlargement. I came across this cream, I am going to buy it for my wife as a gift, do you ladies have any opinions, does it work and is it really worth buying?

  2. It works great and is absorbed in a great way, the skin becomes more elastic and firm in the first weeks of use, the effects of enlargement are visible to the naked eye which satisfies me very much, I am currently in the middle of the whole process - 6 weeks, I bought a package for a 3 month treatment


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