Eyelashes - How to effectively lengthen them eyelashes, how to care, what eyelash cosmetics to use?

Who wouldn't want to have beautiful, long eyelashes? However, it's not so easy to achieve, and there are few people who naturally have long, thick eyelashes. Makeup is a solution only for the short term, because after washing it off, the eyelashes are still as they were, and after poor-quality cosmetics, the hairs may even weaken even more. So are there effective methods to improve the condition of eyelashes?

Caution with allergens

Eyelashes, just like skin, can react allergically to the presence of certain substances. Both when it comes to cosmetics for washing and removing makeup, as well as preparations for mascaraing eyelashes, the basic rule is to carefully check the composition of the product you buy. And the price of the cosmetic is not so important here, because expensive mascara or conditioner may have a lot of aggressive chemicals in its composition, which is not good for the eyelashes at all, and may additionally irritate the skin of the eyelids.

Particularly those with allergies should pay attention to the composition, and if even minor allergic reactions occur after applying a cosmetic, you need to put off the product immediately and look for a safer alternative. Irritating allergens not only give unpleasant symptoms, but also make the eyelashes grow weaker and there is damage to the hair follicles. Inflammation and damage to eyelashes can also be caused by eye drops.

Is it safe to use eyelash conditioners?

Eyelash conditioner

Ciliash conditioner dedicated specifically to eyelashes is often the best solution for those with severely thinning, weak and brittle eyelashes. Eyelash conditioner is available over-the-counter, and anyone can start using it at any time, following the manufacturer's instructions exactly, of course. Again, the composition is important - there should not be too many chemical compounds in the conditioner, and the more natural the formula of the product, the better. Strongly concentrated substances that promote eyelash growth should only be in safe, small amounts.

Too strong active ingredients are not good for eyelashes, as they often cause such side effects as irritation, inflammation on the eyelid, swelling of the eyelids, itching of the eyes. It would always be a good idea to consult a doctor to help choose the right product to care for and strengthen the eyelashes. A big problem with weak eyelashes, which does not disappear despite the measures taken, may indicate the development of some kind of disease, so it is also for this reason to see a doctor.

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What are the reasons for weakening eyelashes?

Weak eyelashes can simply be genetically predetermined, and age also does its part - in older women the problem of falling out eyelashes is usually even worse, because the body is already getting weaker, it regenerates less well, and menopause and the hormonal disorders resulting from it add to the problem. A diet poor in vitamins and minerals is also often a problem, because if eyelashes don't get enough nutrients, they simply won't have the building blocks to regenerate and stimulate hair follicles. A good diet is also important for hormonal balance, because such disorders result in, among other things, just weak, falling out eyelashes.

What else can cause harm? Using the wrong cosmetics, both when it comes to too strong, aggressive formulation and mismatching preparations to one's skin type. The wrong cosmetics violate the structure of the hair, can cause inflammation and even severely damage the hair follicles, which is very difficult to rebuild later. Eyelashes will also fall out and become brittle if makeup removal is too intense, improperly carried out, and in general, strong rubbing of the eyelids has a bad effect on the eyelashes, so it is worth unlearning this habit.

Another thing that causes damage to eyelashes is artificial eyelash extensions. Artificial eyelash attachment procedures are an extremely harmful practice, as irritating adhesives are used during such procedures, which harm the roots and the hairs growing out of them. Frequent eyelash touch-up procedures, as well as the daily use of an eyelash curler, will not improve the appearance of the hair, so it is advisable to give it up, or go for such procedures only on major occasions. It is also a big mistake to leave makeup on overnight, because the eyelashes can not then rest and regenerate well, so you should always thoroughly wash off all cosmetics, as much as possible you can instead apply special nourishing preparations for the night.

What to keep in mind during daily eyelash care?

  1. use only safe cosmetics for painting eyelashes
  2. always wash off mascara before bedtime
  3. use gentle, dedicated products to wash your eyelashes
  4. Introduce into the diet ingredients rich in iron, zinc, protein, vitamins, fatty acids
  5. use only proven eyelash conditioners
  6. limit the attachment of false eyelashes and the use of an eyelash curler
  7. don't use other people's mascaras and conditioners
Natural eyelash care

Is it worth supplementing with biotin?

Biotin is otherwise known as vitamin B7. Its deficiency can be noticed quite quickly, because then apathy appears, weakness, infections are more frequent, and, above all, it reflects negatively on the appearance of hair, skin and nails. Biotin is therefore of great importance for eyelashes, which without this ingredient will not grow strong and long, but on the contrary, they will begin to fall out, become brittle and dry.

Biotin can be found in various foods, such as tomatoes, brown rice, seafood, egg yolk, almonds. There are also supplements with biotin, highly recommended for weak hair, because biotin is very well absorbed, so such treatment really gives the desired results. Biotin will help not only for eyelashes, but also for hair and nails, it is also useful for to remove various skin imperfections.

The right mascara

Mascara is not always dangerous for eyelashes, especially since more and more quality cosmetics are appearing on the market, and they do not necessarily have to be the most expensive products. Check out the recommended mascara. There are even mascaras now that contain nutrients, so they not only darken and curl lashes nicely, but can really contribute to better growth and optimal hydration.

How to choose the right mascara for your eyelashes

However, regardless of quality, if you have weak eyelashes, you should avoid waterproof mascara. Such mascara stays on the eyelashes for a long time, does not run off, does not lose its properties even in the rain or a visit to the pool, but unfortunately, as a result, it is terribly hard to wash off, which is what causes damage to the eyelashes. With waterproof mascara, it's difficult to avoid rubbing your eyelashes harder and using strong cosmetics, so it's better to give up on it and choose a regular mascara, because it's safer for your eyelashes to touch up your makeup several times a day than to ruin your eyelashes with intensive makeup removal.

Regular brushing of the eyelashes, necessarily with a clean, dry brush, can also have a stimulating effect on the eyelashes. Brushing should be done for a few minutes, you can also add to this a gentle massage of the eyelid skin, which stimulates circulation. However, you will have to wait even a few months for the effects.

What are some home remedies for stronger eyelashes?

For the care of eyelashes are suitable not only these special preparations, but also others natural substances, known for their regenerative properties. Such an ingredient is olive oil, ideal not only for cooking, but also for body care - the oil can be applied daily to the eyelid line and gently to the eyelashes themselves, which will moisturize them well, soothe irritation and provide valuable antioxidants. Other ingredients that will help strengthen eyelashes are:

  • Vitamin E oil

Moisturizes well, strengthens, stimulates growth of eyelashes, moreover, stimulates regenerative processes.

  • Coconut oil

It moisturizes brilliantly, is very gentle even for sensitive skin, softens the hair, prevents the loss of protein in the hair, has a strengthening effect.

  • Castor oil

Great for moisturizing eyelashes and protecting them from crumbling, helps thicken the lash line, highlights their color, strengthens hair follicles.

Eyelashes to strengthen them are recommended oils
  • Shea butter

Deeply moisturizes and provides a light protective layer on the lash line, promotes the production of collagen, thickens eyelashes and makes them grow longer, in addition to being a very powerful antioxidant.

  • Green tea

It contains a lot of antioxidants, and free radicals are a big threat to hair, also has a strengthening and rejuvenating effect.

  • Vaseline

It moisturizes and lubricates, takes care of the good condition of both the eyelashes themselves and the eyelid skin, prevents inflammation and irritation in the eye area.

Preparations of this type can be applied with fingers, but it will be more convenient to use special brushes or small brushes for application. When doing so, it is important to keep hygiene in mind, because a dirty applicator will spread bacteria and irritate the thin skin of the eyelids - the best are disposable eyelash brushes, with which you can apply both the lighter oils and slightly heavier butters to the eyelid line.

It is also possible to make an eyelash nourishing mask from these ingredients. You can leave the mask overnight, and to prevent the ingredients from running off, a blindfold will come in handy. In the morning, all you need to do is wash off the remains of the mask, and apply a conditioner or mascara with nourishing ingredients to the cleaned lashes. If the mask irritates your eyes, change the composition.

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